The American Elections

Trust the Process

After posting on the 24th October how I received the vision of the Presidential elections and who had won, I was very discouraged with the outcome of it to what I received in my vision, all I receive in thought is TRUST THE PROCESS. Because what you receive is already done, we just have to catch up with it.

Just the same as what we are living right this second has already been created, it is getting your head around the process of consciousness, consciousness creates first and has all the players and the outcomes, and for my vision it is already created.

 The process is the same as a pregnant women, you don’t say at the initial stage of the sperm entering the egg I want it now, it has to gestate and become form, the same for the elections it was in the infancy and is becoming a form, I was just part of the process to receive the form vision and to trust in the process, and I feel good within that the form process will be.

For me it is teaching me to trust and to feel the feeling of trusting the process, as I myself have a lot of form eggs that I wish to have the gestation of them realised into a realized form.

Now I feel personally invested in this election, as I received the outcome, and I am focusing upon this feeling called the trust feeling.

If I were to observe from a consciousness focusing point of attraction, consciousness will attract what is good for the whole, and this brings me to my sister who is doing a Master’s degree, they as a team had to look at Trump and what he has done for America  the class could not fault him in any of his  presidential business they said he has done more good to the economy than any other president, apart from his over the top behaviour, at least he is certainly transparent and not dictated to in any way.

What is not nice is the Democrats using sly fraudulent processes as a means to win an election, when I look at all the influencers who were in support of the democratic procedure, must all have in there own vibrations some form of sly undertones because consciousness is attraction – attraction- you attract to you in some form the same vibrational frequency. It is called Law of Attraction the same as alcoholics attract alcoholics, gamblers attract gamblers, rich attract rich, poor attract poor and so on.

If you are not sure of what you are attracting look to your thoughts and then see what happens. If you wake up moody you will attract moody people or you will have a dysfunctional day and things keep happening.

If you wake up happy you will have created more happy in your day, and your day will flow.

If something happens look to your thoughts and see why did this happen, and most often you will identify where your thoughts were preceding the outcome.

I am mindful of my thoughts always, if I think a thought I always look to how did this thought come about and then release the thought, because it is a no relevance thought, it was a memory thought, memory thoughts is not expansion it holds you where you are.

You are here to observe what you want for you and focus upon feeling good about the thought, and day dream more, the day dream brings about dream and brings about the idea to receive the dream into a reality.

I am eagerly awaiting the outcome

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Presidential Election

A skillful man reads his dreams for self-knowledge, yet not the details but the quality.

: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Presidential Elections Vision from Inner Consciousness

I had a powerful vision

Trump (vision)

Presidential election (Thought)

Felt like he won. (Feeling)

I asked how and why? (In thought)

(In thought these words came through) That you push against becomes.

My next thought was actors and mind valley are all pushing against what they don’t want instead of looking to what they do want.

I woke up from this powerful thought vision and I am now keen to see this come through because I received it, and I have no idea why I should have been given this ( I am not American) But I am avid conscious focuser. I believe I received this to trust and keep focused and watch what happens.

In essence the very thing most are pushing against is powerful focusing upon bringing it about, this is all created by a frequency of thoughts which is vibrating and pulsating and gathering more, and now other countries are involved, this pushing against is now very powerful.

Instead all those thoughts and countries should be focusing upon what they do want and speaking about how good the other party is and what it could do for them and how wonderful they would be.

But the most mind sets are… we got to get rid of Trump… he is that, he is this, he is so on and so on……….

Without realising it the human mindsets are all creating by their thoughts and where their thoughts are focused upon.

It makes you kind off want to think about what you are thinking about.

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