Success is utilizing the energy of consciousness which transmits the thoughts. Align with this consciousness. This is you, and will lead you to the next and the next.

Have you felt a feeling to do something or go that way and it felt powerful?

Have you received inner eye visions?

Have you heard a voice?

Have you felt goose bumps?

Have you felt pulsations in your body?

Have you had powerful dreams?

Have you felt powerful excitement?

Have you felt powerful urges?

Have you felt powerful knowing?

Have you felt negative emotions?

Have you felt happy emotions?

Where on earth do you think these feelings come from?

YOU cannot suddenly feel or know these feelings it must come from somewhere!

Why are some people very smart, rich, and intelligent, they have learnt to focus upon there greater and larger part of themselves, they were not born lucky they were very powerful focusers.

Did you gather from the above that something greater is part of you and resides within you as you and is guiding you every millisecond along your lifetime while living in your body.

First and foremost, you are an energy, and this energy is forever pulsating within you IT DOES NOT DIE, IT IS ETERNAL, when your body dies your energy takes on another human form to expand its knowing further.

Your job while residing in this body is to look at what you want to live, be and do, and enjoy, and then to focus upon the very essence of feeling it into your beingness. You do this by focusing upon your thoughts of what you DO WANT, and NOT of what you do NOT WANT.


Where your thoughts go, so do you, you will attract more to that thought, if you like your thought then look to more of that thought, and you will feel it in your emotions, if it feels good you are in the flow of your inner consciousness the energy within, if the thought produces a negative emotion it is your inner consciousness the energy within not looking or going with that thought and is the indicator to change that thought.

Pretty awesome guidance system. Think a thought and test your inner consciousness to how what you are thinking and what your energy within is thinking to that thought. This is why you have in built emotions.

Focus and feel Consciousness

It is up to you to focus and feel the emotions, these emotions are the indicators to how in tune you are with you, and with your Inner Consciousness who does not leave you, it is always there; it is only you in the physical reality who chooses to ignore Consciousness.

Feeling is feeling how you feel in every given moment of time, if you feel good you are connected to the greater part of you. If you feel angry – worried – fearful – you are far removed from your inner consciousness this is why you feel this feeling, it is your inner consciousness looking at what you are looking at differently, change your thoughts to a new thought and you will feel the shift within you.


What you have been taught and guided too for centuries is completely misguided, this misguidance comes to you by what the peers and mainly religion teaching you separateness. There is a Source (god) of which is YOU, there is no Source (god) condemning or disciplining you or creating a hell and a heaven, YOU do this to yourself.

I do not have an affinity to the word god as it is a religious perspective, and it teaches separateness you are not separate for you are it.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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There is no such thing as No!

No! is Yes! bring to me the very thing I do not want or do want.

The more you push against or you say No! the more it becomes.                        

When you focus or talk against anything it becomes more, because your attention to the subject makes it More.                                                                                   

Draw your attention or focus only to the outcome, of what you desire.

Your thoughts emit a frequency this frequency then becomes a collection of vibrating pulsating projection to the very thing of which you either want or do not want.

This frequency is Consciousness, very much disbelieved by most, if you can feel emotions this is consciousness directing you to how it feels to your thoughts, and to what you are thinking to those thoughts. How can you tell?

When you feel negative – angry – fear – frustrated etc this is your inner consciousness saying we do not see it that way and is looking to the positive aspect of your thoughts, when you feel negative say to yourself my inner consciousness does not see it this way, and if you can change your thoughts to it is always working out for me or there is a solution to this you will feel this inside of you.

You all must feel this energy inside of you and test it and identify your thoughts to the emotional feelings you are having, and when you do you will begin to tap into this resourceful intelligence who is willing to direct you to the next outcome and so on.

You are all so much more than what you have been taught or think you are.

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

: Buddha

Suzanne Massee; Creative Thinker and Writer @


Presidential Election

A skillful man reads his dreams for self-knowledge, yet not the details but the quality.

: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Presidential Elections Vision from Inner Consciousness

I had a powerful vision

Trump (vision)

Presidential election (Thought)

Felt like he won. (Feeling)

I asked how and why? (In thought)

(In thought these words came through) That you push against becomes.

My next thought was actors and mind valley are all pushing against what they don’t want instead of looking to what they do want.

I woke up from this powerful thought vision and I am now keen to see this come through because I received it, and I have no idea why I should have been given this ( I am not American) But I am avid conscious focuser. I believe I received this to trust and keep focused and watch what happens.

In essence the very thing most are pushing against is powerful focusing upon bringing it about, this is all created by a frequency of thoughts which is vibrating and pulsating and gathering more, and now other countries are involved, this pushing against is now very powerful.

Instead all those thoughts and countries should be focusing upon what they do want and speaking about how good the other party is and what it could do for them and how wonderful they would be.

But the most mind sets are… we got to get rid of Trump… he is that, he is this, he is so on and so on……….

Without realising it the human mindsets are all creating by their thoughts and where their thoughts are focused upon.

It makes you kind off want to think about what you are thinking about.

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