Are you complete or looking for someone to complete you

Most are looking for love and focusing upon finding someone to complete them when completeness can only come from within.

The completeness in any relationship is being complete first, and then having someone who will ENHANCE your COMPLETENESS.

This is the environment which expansion creates more and will be an arena of bouncing more ideas and creating together.

Excerpted from the book ‘Conversations with Consciousness’

‘Why do we form relationships that become discorded’

Relationships which are discorded is the asking for an improved condition, and for those in these relationship conditions see the contrast and will have strong asking for a solution, they will have a strong asking for improvement, and the more they ask for improvement and believe in a solution the solution will come, it is all into what is being asked, and how you feel in the asking.

‘How do you find the right relationship’

Relationships are the process to discover what you really want in a relationship, every relationship is the building  platform which you discover what you want in a relationship which you place into your vibration of what you really desire for you, it is building into the imagination of what you really do want, you identify you really like this in that person, you really like that in that person, and you bring these about into a vibration and this is felt by us, and we work on delivering the person you have created, but if you look at what you don’t like in that person, or this person you will build up the very person that you do not want.

‘Then why do the humans always get the same’

When you focus upon what you do not like, you perpetuate that thought and that thought will become the dominate thought and this thought will be delivered to you, it is to change the thoughts to what you really do want only, and we mean only, If you were to look at that person who is looking for a better relationship, and consistently says I don’t want to meet a heavy drinker, they will meet a heavy drinker, because the ‘I don’t want’ is the dominate thought pattern.

‘What do you term as a perfect relationship’

Every relationship is perfect, the perfection is perfect when the identifying relationship makes the strong discovery of what they really want for them to have, or to become. How can you know or tell what you want if you have something of which you do not want?

This is the balancing act of deciphering the wanted and the unwanted.

‘How do you define love in a relationship’

The love word is such a convoluted word and comes in many differing emotions. Many say they love you, but it comes under what umbrella they have put up, it is the underlining emotion behind the word.

A word that is used to express can have many emotional meanings, if you take the word ‘F***’ can be expressed in a villainous way or can be expressed in an overwhelming incredible observation.

A word is only a word, the word only becomes more by what expressive emotion was extruded from the word.

Back to love in a relationship, most are looking for love and focusing upon finding someone to complete them, when completeness can only come from within. The completeness in any relationship is being complete and then having someone who will enhance your completeness, this is the environment which expansion creates more, and will be an arena of bouncing more ideas and creating together. 

‘Why do so many relationships not last’

When relationships who come together through loneliness, desperation, not sure what they want, or choosing someone because there was no other choice, or any connectedness through a disconnected mind thought, normally will find discontent, or the two parties come together in distortedness and may be happy residing in that place and make excuses it is just the way it is or made my bed and have to lie in it.

All of these scenarios are looking for love in all the wrong places.

The coming together may have been a joyous occasion, these spontaneous new beginnings are the focusing point for when some discontent occurs within relationships, those moments are there to rekindle the feeling place of how good it was when they were aligned and in the feeling of love and appreciation, but instead they rather focus upon the negative aspect that the relationship is leading too and build upon that.

This fleeting joyous newness in any relationship can become powerful in creating momentum of creating. Then they decide to live together and discover traits that did not sit well for them, these traits tend to become a negative thought, and then capitulate into an emotional response. These traits would be ignored by a tuned in human form who would look to the wonderful qualities that this relationship is.

The response to any relationship is how you are being within the relationship, it is what is dominate in your focus of thought, you have to weigh up is it important, do I need to add any more thought to this. If you are focusing on negative thoughts it is to look at the positive aspects of the person.

Every person that comes to you is you asking for clarification to a topic or a thought you are holding onto.

Every person is a teacher, they are there for you to open your eyes to look at it in new eyes, and in a new thought.

All that you come across is a reflection of how you are feeling. To make this discovery is to test the theory or to discover it for yourself, as words do not teach, only experiences shows you what, and how you are doing or experiencing.

If you start your day in an angry tone, then you will come across angry people, you will see angry situations, or be a part of them.

If you start your day frustrated then you will come across frustrated people, not only frustrated people but frustrating occurrences, things will be in your way, your timing is out to get to places.

If you start your day happy then you will come across happy people, and happy interaction in all that you do, and your timing is right, and things just unfold beautifully.

In effect every person and every situation are reflecting what you are outputting or telling the universe how you are feeling, and if you carry on that feeling the universe will deliver more to what you are outputting. Everything is attraction, the more you see and do will be delivered to you upon what you are outputting.

Identify your mood, this mood will tell you what you are receiving, it is as simple as a mood, you couldn’t get a better barometer than the mood barometer.

This mood barometer can be changed as quick as you can change your thoughts. Do you want more of what you are thinking, this is either in the positive or the negative mood, then keep on thinking it, the more you think it the more it becomes, be observant to what you are thinking, because it is those thoughts which have enough momentum behind them creates enough vibrational energies to that momentum which is felt by the universal energies, and we give you more of it.

This powerful vibrational energy exists, it is you feeling the emotions which is the indicator to what you are thinking and feeling. It is to put absolute faith and knowing that you are not only human but the greater part of you is the energy stream, you cannot see it, but you can feel it.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Black Crows

Taking a breather on a seat gathering my breath while walking up a hill, and thinking about this person I was to maybe form a relationship with, a black crow kept on flying around me, my first thought was an omen, but being of pureness I disregarded this thought, this was the first time I have ever encountered a black crow on my walk which places relevance onto the situation, the next day we went to a beach for the day, and out of the blue two black crows came down and stayed  with us, and all I could think was is this a good sign or bad. Then out of the blue my parents turned up for the week, and then a few other small things that curtailed us meeting up again, these are all the signs the universe is saying NO! Then I received in thought a song ‘True colours that’s why I love you’ I decided to end this relationship well as you can gather his true colours came into being. The moral of the story is, always trust your first intuitive thought, and take notice of the signs.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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Trust in something unseen, but it can be felt

Feel how you feel when you hatch a new thought desire feel how exciting this feels,

this is a new thought that your Inner Consciousness desires for you.

But what the human does is disallows this thought to flow,

and then doubts it,

this is when you are not up to speed with this desire that you have hatched,

it is for you to focus into more thoughts to that thought hatched desire.

You must expand this desire into your imagination,

until you become so in tune and familiar with this desire.

It is then and only then that the universe, collective consciousness brings this desire into manifestation.


This is the power of trust and faith.

Trust in something unknown is powerful and is the connection to your journey or life path.


Well! That is the kicker, whether to believe or not to believe, whether you want a more fulfilled life or not.


The only way to know is by you testing it, because no matter how many words are explained and in different formats only you will and can decipher what is being communicated to you.


Hold to a thought or solution or an idea or something to happen today or during the week, think about the thought, build upon the thought, imagine the thought, why do you want this thought idea, the why is the feeling you are having now, feel how the feeling feels to the idea, feel the emotions, you may receive body ripples, this means it is a good thought idea to come into focus, it normally means it is quite close to being a realised manifestation. Dream and imagine how it would feel to have what you want, relax in the feeling, enjoy and bask in this feeling, keep on creating without making the creative thoughts but allowing the thoughts to flow. Then let it go and be happy in your day and when the thoughts come to you think upon the thoughts again, let your thoughts be the Pollyanna the fantasiser of your thoughts and bask in the thoughts.

This is how you create; your inner consciousness enjoys basking steady joyful imaginative thoughts to your ideas, it does not want you to solve your problems, you ask, and inner consciousness solves the problems and finds solutions.


My grandson who is nearly eleven sees images and energy and he can hear words, he is really in tune until teachers, parents and life may disrupt this communication as dribble, he is lucky that his parents believe in this energy stream, and he has a Nana who keeps this flow alive within him.

I asked him ‘what does your inner consciousness say to you’, and he said he is at school and his inner being is wanting to do things or play, and he said ‘Hey mate I am at school let me work’ I was taken aback and with joy that he communicated with his inner intelligence and with a jovial attitude.

Young ones are fully in tune until earthly persons who have no idea of this connection will take this connection away from them.


When in the flow you can see and sense performers in a zone this is their inner consciousness flowing through them and basking in this glow, most of the time the performers have no idea what it is, but they feel alive and a deep love flowing through. The same for writers’ words suddenly flow and before they know it, a chapter has been written; this is yet again the inner consciousness flowing the words to them without them even realising it unless they fully understand the inner consciousness within.

Look at athletes you can tell which ones are in the flow and the ones who are not in the flow, those in the flow are excelling, and the ones who are not are angry blaming others.

Collective consciousness is gazillions of energies from performers of past lives and existing lives who are all eager to write, sing, run and perform through you, and when you are truly connected you light up like a switch board and these collective energies will tap into your stream of energy and help in your creation.


I am a prolific swimmer this is my form of exercise and I love it, but what I love to do is I talk to my inner consciousness and say ‘Okay now you can swim and I will flow with you,’ I quieten my thoughts and let go and then I feel this energy swimming and sometimes I feel a giggle inside, the joy my inner consciousness is having and before you know it I have completed my set of swims I do. It can be as simple of cleaning the house or some sort of job and enjoying the moment and you will complete your task without any negative feeling, this is being in the flow.

You must test it for yourself.

Always remember your inner consciousness resides within you and sees and feels through your eyes and communicates in endless ways.

Consciousness is everywhere and will communicate in any form

One of my visions

Albert Einstein was my first clear vision I had clairvoyantly or seen through the third eye of my Inner Being, recently I had been drawn too and seeing his face in pictures and articles, and then on the television it was all about the discovery of his theory. During the night I woke up and thoughts came through that I had to write down, and in the dark because I did not want to break the connection.

‘You are bringing the reality in, of which is in your imagination of what you want, in other words reality does not exist, it is the thoughts that bring about the reality. Reality only exists if you keep on perpetuating it. Reality then becomes the wanted or unwanted desires.’

This is powerful download of communication.

Real life manifestation

While walking along the beach, I saw in the clouds a cloud formation of a Bichon, “Olly Hi!” I said – this is my dog in spirit – next minute two ladies were walking their Bichon along the beach, the Bichon came bounding towards me.

The ladies called out “Olly come” I knew then without a doubt the universe was Confirming my path. How many dogs cross your path with the identical name that is out of the ordinary, and more to the point a cloud formation of a Bichon.

I will add to each blog an anecdote of my experiences so you may find some form of connection and to trust and test it for yourself.

YOU ALL CAN DO THIS all you have to do is change your thoughts and then talk to this eternal friend within you who is waiting and willing and very eager to guide you, and when you do receive or feel a connection don’t hide it, rejuvenate with it because life then begins to be exciting, you can be and do anything once you trust and go with this flow.


You are a pulsating stream of energy, tap into it

Most everyone thinks intelligence is coming from the mind,

if you really think about it how can a mind think of a process to an idea or solution

Honestly where do you think these thought solutions come from, the mind does not have the capability or the capacity to create the solutions to genius intelligence.

The genius intelligence is coming from allowing the quiet mind to receive the thought from an unseen energy who has all the solutions and answers to be received by the receiver if they are tuned into this masterful intelligence.


Have read, heard, or seen an article that created a deep feeling within, maybe a feeling of enthusiasm or knowing.

This deep feeling is your inner consciousness letting you know this is a step into the direction of something for you.

It is not to doubt it, it is not for you to know how? your only job is to dream it, and to imagine it, and to feel how it would feel to have this inspired desire, the more you add unto it the more the energy builds upon to the idea through your imagination.

The minute you add doubt or yearning the energy recoils, it does not disappear but is in a holding pattern until you add and build more to the desire and trusting that it is becoming.

This is deliberately creating an idea in the imagination with the inner consciousness who is eager to live the creation first and knows every detail of it and when every detail is ready to pop you will receive the impulse to take the next step, and nothing would hold you back because you just know it is coming.


Example my daughter had a feeling which was so strong that one of her children was going to win the drawing competition for a family pass to the V8 motor race, she did not know which child. The time of the call was to be at 9am, right at that time she was busting for the toilet, and she knew so implicitly that she was going to receive the call, she took her phone to the toilet she just knew she had too, and then she received the call and in a Knick of time to pull her pants up!

This is this deep knowing, how do you think you receive this type of thought, this does not come to you via religious teachings of only being one god over all, it comes to you through your inner consciousness who is residing in your body as you, and has the big picture of everything, and knows the journey, it is the human part of which must quieten the mind to receive the inner thoughts to the idea. This is when your life and creating begins when you tune into this intelligence.

I have bought some raffle tickets years ago and I knew the prize was mine, and they were, it is to remember how you felt in the feeling and to recognise it for future feelings for the same outcome.

This emotional feeling is the direct route to your inner consciousness, and it is your advisor to the outcomes of what you are wanting or expecting, it is to reach and learn the emotional feelings and then you can achieve and have any desire you want.


You are energy first and foremost

You chose what you want to be and do before you were born

You chose what to experience in this lifetime

You chose your body and the conditions to experience expansion

You knew you could change or be and do what you want by your thoughts, and you knew you could do this.

You are eternal and when the shell is dead you will rise again to reinvent a new you

Each lifetime you choose is for the excitement of creating

Each lifetime you choose is to remember and to tap into your own intelligence of consciousness

It is only the human side that disbelieves and allows other persons to dictate and make laws on who and what is right and wrong, and what you can do or believe in. This all comes from persons who have no idea themselves or what inner consciousness is.

Religion is the largest perpetrator of teaching and misguiding the word god and you being separate from it, you are not separate from god because you are it.

You are all sons and daughters of this stream of energy, it is the sons and daughters who tap into this stream and believe in this stream shall create and expand to what they desire.  

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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