Open yourselves to a new thought, and that is everything of which you have been told, has been already created by very misinformed thoughts, and this thought structure must evolve to a new mindset, then you will take back your own power.

Most live life for another and are fixated upon another for their happiness, when nothing is left but only you, all you have is you, so you is, all there is,   if this is the case you have every right to be selfish and be you, and find you. Then thoughts cannot be misplaced but observed into what is right for you, not for them, because you cannot live or think the thoughts for another.

Become sensitive to thought, most everyone has no idea how thoughts create, or even that the thoughts you think are the powerhouse to become more.

This powerhouse of accumulated thought grows, it grows to a beautiful unfolding or into a festering cesspit, and the end of the thought attracts similar cooperative persons on the same thought level.

That you think about you become, and that you think attracts, and there are lots of cooperative persons ready and willing to attract to your thoughts.

Thoughts become destructive it is being aware of your thoughts, and most everyone has no idea that the thoughts you think race everywhere.

You start with a thought and it led to this thought, and then that thought, and before you know it you are of and running and building a scenario of disproportionate scenarios in your mind, that was not even thought upon in the first place, you make up stories of which involves most of the time other persons, who have no idea or are part of your thoughts. Then they involve and drag others into those thoughts, now it has compounded, the story has expanded in either direction of positive thought or negative thoughts.

Mindfulness is being very mindful of your thoughts; it is consistently looking at the thoughts you are thinking, and if it is a no relevance thought to look at where did this thought come from, it could be you smelt or heard something, and it brought up a memory. It is then to acknowledge the thought and release it, don’t make it important unless you want to dredge up the past, the past is a has been, it does not create future growth, but will hold you where you are.

Now is the time for the great reset. This pandemic in most respects has been the time of the awakening, and the awakening is to monitor the way you think, the way you view things, the way of doing and being. It is the time of quietening the mind and connecting to you, because when you tune into you, then you will be guided to solutions or inspired thoughts.

Those who have come to utilise their inner resources are flowing and growing, you can see they have this energy flow, and everything just seems to work out for them, for those of them who know about inner consciousness work with it and receive from it, and some of them have no idea about this energy flow within but are living in a satisfied life and appreciate where they are and going, they have an enthusiasm and zest for life. They have a dream or a desire for what they are creating. They are in the most part not living in any absence of where they are going, they know it is building and do not see any doubt to the outcome.

For those who have not utilised the above scenario are looking at what is and rehashing consistently to what is. WHAT IS – IS THE PAST AND NO GROWTH. Reset your mind, think less, think less on finding an outcome, think less on taking an action to an outcome unless it is inspired, the inspiration is coming from your inner consciousness who knows what is next for you, but this inner consciousness cannot give you anything if you are in the constant asking or if your mind is off and running in numerous tangents of which has no relevance to what could be.

You may receive a thought, a vision, or an idea this is your project, it is for you to build to the idea of it, don’t yearn about it or ask why it is not happening, because that is why it is not happening.

Put more thought to it, work towards it, there is always a gap in time it is being mindful in the gap, it is getting to connect to your inner self more, close the gap between you and you. This gap closes the project to come closer and into full view.

Observing conditions keeps you in the receptive mode, of the condition,

and observing conditions from other people’s vibrations

Will become a condition,

If you want it, then keep on observing it.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

My grandson said he saw his future event.

I asked him ‘what did you see’, he said he saw himself traveling and working with animals, and then he said after that he saw himself as an engineer. Now how can an eleven-year-old come up with this and seeing it in his inner vision, if only you all realised this inner consciousness gives an inspired vision or a dream, and it is up to you to work towards that vision and not give up. Focus – Believe – Trust.

My thought form and vision

I was at a conference about twenty years ago and I was listening to the speaker, I had no interest in the speaker, but I was overcome with this emotion ‘I was going to speak, don’t know what about but I am going to speak,’ This was a projected thought form to come into my future.

Then about ten years ago I received a powerful vision, I am on a stage speaking to literally thousands of people. This is a vision of which is a done deal it is already created, and it is up to me to come up to speed with this vision. This is filling in the gap, but most persons lose interest through inpatients.

I happened to be in the company of an English psychic who brought through the energy of my grand dad, she said ‘I have this powerful energy here and he is saying his name is Peter, he is saying you are going to speak, my dear, but you have to know how you are going to speak.’  My grand dads name was Pieter.

All these orchestrated messages became very significant for me to keep focused, more so when I was filling the void with negative thoughts and living without joy. I had to make the transition from this energy of thought as it was not serving me at all. I was given a copied DVD about law of attraction about ten years ago, this was my introduction into studying the universal energy of Abraham flowing thoughts through Esther Hicks and putting the laws into motion and feeling every emotion. The internet became my university of the universal teachings. I have never been into airy fairy spiritualism very much into the study of the universal laws and then feeling the laws and living the laws. I always felt there was something more than what was and is being told and taught by religion, it never sat right with me.

Open yourselves to a new thought, and that is everything of which you have been told, has been already created by very misinformed thoughts, and this thought structure must evolve to a new mindset, then you will take back your own power.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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