We are here to be more, and to be more is to open to new thought.

Most everyone keeps on perpetuating what is by the influence of habit, and by your invitation of the influence of habit you added this influence onto you.

Most everyone, without realising it you take on your parents, and other persons thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.

Did you know that those thoughts from others are normally so disconnected to the greater part of them, and you, but then you create them to be true, and then make them hereditary.

A belief is only a thought you keep thinking, if it feels good then you are in unison with your Inner Self, if you feel angst or not feeling good, it is you separating you from your Inner Self, your Inner Self is not following you on this belief thought.

Your body is a small percentage of you, the larger part of you is spiritualised energy, who is residing in your body and living and seeing through your eyes and thoughts, and its sole purpose is to expand its consciousness through you, you may give it whatever name that feels good to you. Inner self, Inner consciousness, Inner being, Source, Peter, John, Paul, Mary, Hey Dude, it does not matter because whatever you choose forms the communication to open between you and you, talk to it as you would to anyone, it loves acknowledgement. I do not profess to the word God because through the religious teachings they teach you separateness, you can never be separate for you are it.

To acknowledge a need for enhancement, or a change is wanted to be seeing your life could be, and should be different, take yourself to my website and to weigh and consider to new possibilities.  

For greater in-depth knowledge, my inspirational blog post is creating greater knowledge and awareness and expanding to new thought.


Vibrational frequency energy is the transference of energy from one object to another or converted into form, very much disbelieved unless they can see it or touch it. If conceivable and all the humans which populate this earth, were to realise they are all transmitting mechanisms, and have this powerful signal which is never detached from them, and is holding every desire you wish to become a reality, wouldn’t you really like to tap into this resourceful guidance system. Wouldn’t it be nicer to live in your desires – drive your desires – work in your desires – play in your desires – have the best relationships; Welcome! You have just made the best decision to broaden your perspective and the continuing motion forward in the stimulation of thought.

This is who you really are;

You are a vortex of energy residing in a physical house to expand your consciousness which is eternal. You were eager to play the dance and to remember your vortex of energy. This vortex of energy knows what you desire and when you want to leave this physical house and how. You knew you could tap into this stream of energy and create with your thoughts and emotions to communicate with your vortex, you knew you could imagine whatever you wanted to be and do, and you knew you could trust the process and your vortex of energy will orchestrate the event. You are the beholder of your thoughts. Look at your thoughts, and you will discover everything that you are living is created by you, and not by anyone else. These powerful thoughts are created by you, and to every thought there is an opposite, and with every thought is followed by an emotion. Makes you kind of want to think about what you are thinking about.

Clarity is lining up with something that is really clear and I like it, it makes me feel good. Clarity is in the transformation of the contrast into better feeling thoughts, not to avoid the negative thoughts but to transform and emphasis new better thoughts which makes me feel good. The Law of Attraction says; nothing comes without your attention to it, and nothing stays without your attention to it. You are bringing the reality in, of which is in your imagination of what you want, in other words reality does not exist, it is the thoughts that bring about the reality. Reality only exists if you keep on perpetuating it. Reality then becomes the wanted or unwanted desires.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination: Albert Einstein

A belief is only a thought you keep thinking, if it feels good than you are in alignment with your Inner Being, if you feel angst or not feeling good, it is you separating you from your Inner Being, your Inner Being is not following you on this belief thought. Simply co-creating at its best – all the abundance – all the wants – all the dreams – all the desires, are amassing in your vibrational escrow. It is simply the laws of the universe that make the desires become into beingness.