666, Number 13, and the Swastika

We have been manipulated to believe that the number13 is unlucky making great examples of Friday the 13th being black, and hotel structures not having room 13, now why is this?

Did you know 13 is God Consciousness there are 12 primary universal complex stargates and the God Consciousness is in the higher dimensions of the thirteenth being the entire universal solar system.

The same goes for 666 which is a carbon atom, it has 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons. This is the base atomic structure of our elemental body on the earth. Which means human bodies are mutating to evolve beyond the base 666 carbon atom to embody a higher frequency plasma of light.

The swastika dates to the neolithic civilization, and is found throughout ancient and modern India, in Central Asia, Tibet, China, Japan, and also in all parts of the New World. It is depicted turning in either direction, as it was in many cultures, and it related to the sun, the solar swastika representing the eternal round of seasons. It is the universal cosmic natural law symbol.

All these symbolism’s were generated to create FEAR and negative connotations in humanity, and unless you look outside the narrative you find these very symbols are the building blocks for humanity to connect to the inner spiritual energy of consciousness.  

This all stems from the dark agenda to take humanity away from your Christ consciousness, and to do this required humanity to be in FEAR with these numbers and symbols. Whereas they are our DNA to the divine, and instead you were taught to fear the divine. Very clever manipulation to mind control an agenda.

Do your own research on these symbols.



All of humanity who resides on earth has a mission, you as the human entity does not know the mission until you open to The Light, and then you will make the discovery or follow a projected path to this mission.

All humanity is reborn into another body to either relive out a karmic circumstance of which has never been cleaned out and keeps you in the 3rd dimension of earth, or you are part of the preparedness to take the earth to the 4th dimension, you are spiritual energy light workers who have been part of this overseeing of the awakening of the third dimension into the fourth dimension of Gaia. These light workers will flow effortlessly into the 4th dimension and become part of the growth and expansion of the universe.

When you were conceived and, in the womb, you were in full awareness of your mission, The Light or the Source of Consciousness, or as man calls God knows. As you are born you lose this awareness of the mission, and WHY? For you to become The Light you must be aware of all short comings of who you are and what you are holding onto, mainly past life karmic issues, and how you treat all living creatures as well as humanity, and Gaia mother earth.  

Gaia is raising its energy into the fourth dimension, in this dimension is where the energetic portals for the light workers become more profound, spiritual awareness becomes more, telepathic communication becomes expansive, connection to The Light is more powerful.

Those earthly humans who will reside in the third dimension are those who disbelieve, who are prolific reality observers, who harbour immense resentment, who have no respect for creatures or humanity, or Gaia, will keep coming back to this dimension until they soften their views and perceptions to a new form of eternal life.

 Humanity has been cleverly directed away from the very essence of who and what they are, religion is greatest perpetuator of teaching separateness, you cannot find what is outside of you of which is within you and God does not reside outside of you, YOU ARE ALL INDIVIDUAL GODS – THE SOURCE OF THE LIGHT. YOU ARE IT – YOU ARE IT. If only humanity realised that religion was created by the deep cult for the purpose of separating humanity from this powerful Light, to understand who and what you are read The Book of Enoch, Jesus refers to this book in all his teachings, this book was deliberately kept out of the bible, to deliberately undertake the takeover of humanity and to keep you from knowing the truth about who and what you all are. This is the third dimensional humans who follow this narrative, these persons need to believe in anything to become someone, without going within to seek the answers. If humanity believed in themselves, then what is occurring on earth could not and would not have been created.

Who are you in this dimensional ascension?


Your CELL-U-LAR SYSTEM this internal CELL-PHONE is calling YOU

A powerful vision was projected to me. I saw earth and it was a hologram with many layers and I saw myself and this person (who is the holder of the earth binary codes) holding an extension of light balancing and rebalancing the earth matrix of holograms taking earth from 3D to 4D, there are 144,000 original fractals who are part of this process to evolve earth to higher dimensions, I can’t explain how I know only through this deep inner knowing that I am part of the 144,000 fractals, and through the visions of my past life origination of earth from caveman to the giants who roamed the earth, it is the feeling of this all knowing, it takes going within to understand fully who and what we are.

At the same time of this projected vision, I saw humanity, and had a clear understanding of the roles each person plays in this alignment of Gaia. Without the human aspect even realising the importance of the said mission they undertook before they were born to play in this movie to bring earth to a higher dimension, all of humanity as a collective is an integral part of the balancing act, we all created this to waken humanity, there is no death, you all have a mission, and that is to go within and discover your CELL-U-LAR SYSTEM this internal CELL-PHONE is calling you, you must connect to this broadband frequency.

Space is coming in and you are going out, you must meet in synchronicity and not in division. STOP LOOKING OUTSIDE OF YOU, you will never find it. Your CELL-U-LAR SYSTEM is connected to a powerful light, your body is the created human matter, your internal of you, is an electromagnetic pulsating energy computer, reboot your system and shut down reality, stop observing, what you are observing is past tense, and can only become future tense if you keep on observing it. Defrag and reboot.  


Those who have great disbelief (they will stay in 3D) are in fact awakening the ones who have a slight belief.

Those who have a slight belief are awakening the awakened.

Those who are aware awakened are jumping timelines of doubt and disbelief or creating reality confusion from strong projections they think they know and can create the distortion of the earth axis.

Those who are awakened understand the process of the collective and focus not only on the self but for the whole collective of humanity, Gaia and the universal collective planetary system.

The only way to tell when you observe reality, or a voice, is to feel it within, if it resonates then you have found a piece of the puzzle, this does not mean they have all the puzzle pieces, it is up to you to gather the puzzle pieces to form your own feelings within.


Those who depart this earth from their human body will reincarnate to the new earth if they have cleaned out all past trauma or karmic issues, if not they will come back to the 3D earth to live out their past karmic holdings upon themselves, and those who have cleaned out past karmic issues have come onto this earth to awaken humanity and then gracefully leave earth to evolve into the 4D dimension of earth.

You are all part of the movie, and death is connection to 5D then to rebirth and start over again on the next mission, and each CELL-U-LAR SYSTEM was and is eager to return and play in the matrix movie again. All those who have departed from this earth have done so to awaken the ones who reside on this earth, because if they had not departed you would never have realised you have all been played upon by the dark agenda and you all would not have realised there is a powerful light or as man refers to as God.



We all must thank the dark agenda, for if they were not creating what they are projecting for humanity, the light and the truth would not be revealed.

Once you open to a new way of connecting to a higher intelligence this intelligence knows when you are ready for more information. These light beings can only become more involved with you when you are ready for it.

Our bodies are energetic holograms created into a dense form, to the human minds they will dispute this and some emphatically.

We are all computerised circuitries connected to a motherboard, our thoughts are the formula and the light of the circuit, we control the direction of the current passing through electrical diode chakras, and the current flows in a forward direction. When the thoughts flow in reverse of the light direction it becomes blocked. You have one key function to flow, and that is forward thoughts without negativity.

We must evolve to this new understanding. I was part of the spiritual movement of knowledge, this to me is the beginning of old news, I have completely evolved and have this complete knowing who and what we all are, and when you get it, it is incredible how manipulated and blinded humanity is, and most of humanity can only perceive the world at the frequency they are at.

Your circuit is connected to the motherboard, this motherboard is part of the entire solar system, within this solar system are solar systems belonging to different species all working at keeping the solar system working relative to each solar system.

Humans have the most profound element to this entire network, and that is the vast emotions it contains, humanity has abused its emotions to take upon the dark side instead of bringing the light in and expressing the light. This was the deliberate act by the dark agenda to reverse the love and light from the humans to manipulate and corrupt the human minds, and what is on their agenda for humanity is not where you want to be.

These energies are observable when you raise your vibration. My daughter and I would see energies, they look like a mirage, but it is shimmering and pulsating, it looks like a person, but you can see through it. Your hologram is identifiable with the past and the present and can be manipulated into any time realm you wish, this technology the med beds are already in use on earth and will be installed throughout earth to recalibrate the bodies. 

I will illustrate over and over again, imagine light, feel love, laugh, be happy, breathe down into the stomach with deep breaths, all of this lightens the human energy and raises the gamma frequency to be in line with this intelligence. YOU MUST TRUST THE PROCESS AND BELIEVE IN SOMETHING GREATER TO COME.



 Suzanne is an Intuitive Pendulum/Dowser/Diviner, I use the pendulum, this pendulum creates the movement with the questions asked.


We all have intuitive abilities, this intuitive essence of all of humanity is the eternal spiritual part of ALL, it exists within and around all of us.

We are ALL energies and connected to all things that being ALL NATURE.

HUMANS are NATURE. The pendulum works with the connection of your words and thoughts and with my inner energy who is the connection in this process.

How can connection occur when we are in different parts of the world?

Everything is connected to ALL, we come from one stream of energy known as universal vibrational frequencies which is forever pulsating. The only reason there is no connection, is the disbelief in this stream. Apply for a session @