Thoughts convert to a frequency forever pulsating and attracting to your thoughts

Mindfulness is focus

Mindfulness is empowerment

Focus and empower yourself in mindfulness.

I feel at ease and joy as I write I know my words will encourage mindfulness and empowering those who are ready to take thought beyond, and to encourage focus into what direction your thoughts are taking you to.

You think a thought then the thought thinks, your inner being is guided by your thinking thoughts, you must be aware of your thoughts and how you are thinking the thoughts, your emotions are the indicator to how your thoughts are thinking, or where your thoughts are taking you too.

When the thought thinks you feel an emotion, if you feel good it also means your inner being or inner consciousness also likes the thought and produces a good feeling.

When your thought creates and emotion of not feeling good means your inner being or inner consciousness is not joining you on that thought topic this is why you feel the negative emotion. It is the indicator to change that thought to look at it better.

Mindfulness is always looking to your thoughts and how the thought feels, and to be aware when you feel the emotions to the topic and whether to build upon the good feeling or to re-direct to another thought.

Very simple powerful guidance system, but most persons have absolutely no idea of thoughts and emotions or even that you are two parts working together as one, if you connect to the greater part of you, you have absolute guidance to what to do next.

My connection

I was always aware of something greater, but not really understanding or knowing what it was until I started to ask for Help, in 2007 after my near-death experience, I started to read a lot of metaphysical books I became a sponge to understand more, this was when I received clear visions, voices, feelings on the skin and even astral travel, when you have a strong asking and are open to a new approach to who you really are, infinite intelligence will provide the way for more awareness.

Even though you may have awareness and be in tune, the mindfulness is the only empowerment, it is releasing your thoughts, and this is not an easy feat because you are thinking mechanisms forever thinking, it is to understand which thoughts to enhance and which thoughts to leave alone.

Why should we enhance thoughts? The enhancement to a thought of which you would like to be and do or become, becomes more, and is built upon into a realised thing for you to enjoy BUT NOT BY YOU your inner consciousness builds the thing into matter a realised form first, and will inspire you to take the action.

You are the enhancer, the day dreamer, the imaginer, the focuser, feeling happy, focusing on good intentions, good feeling emotions, and appreciating life. This is what brings about your dreams. THIS ATTRACTS – THIS ATTRACTS – THIS BECOMES MORE.

But most people can’t do this, their minds are in, got to take action, got to do, how to do, when will it happen, how to get the things wanted, life’s a struggle, they have what I want, why can’t I have that as well, should I rob a bank, NONE OF THIS CREATES – BUT CREATES MORE OF THE SAME. And when you read this paragraph how did your emotions feel?

The influence on any subject that being health and well-being, relationships, money, environmental occurrences around planet earth, all these occurrences bring about emotional manifestation which you feel, they become more, the more you put thought to it, or speak it, the more it is.

Take attention to what is naturally flowing to you, not what is observationally flowing around you.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Playboy symbol

While having lunch at work, quietly waiting I saw the playboy symbol vibrating in front of me on the wall, “Why are you giving me this sign” not knowing why, on my way home the newsman on the radio said “Madge Simpsons from the Simpsons was going to be on the front cover of the playboy magazine” Well! I cracked up laughing, talk about keeping my faith up!

Police cars

In my third eye vision I was given two police car lights. On my way to work on a Sunday at 6.30am running late, I remembered this vision and thought I had better take notice of this, as I had received a speeding ticket before, and I was given a message of which meant nothing to me at that time.  

I was given a spiritualist name ‘Uri Geller; from overseas, he is renowned for his ability on radio waves, trying to decipher why I was given this name. I was targeted by a speed camera, now I know, radio waves! And what it meant. So, this time I decided to be aware, just as I was approaching the last stretch of road to work and thinking well it must have been a different meaning, low and behold! Two police cars pulled out of a side street just before work.

Yesterday 14th January 2021

I was putting the rubbish into the bin and I received a feeling, about sealing the bag because people may get into the bag, placed the recycle bin and the rubbish bins on the road and never gave it any thought until the next morning, biking down the road for my swim, I happened to see someone with a plastic bag going through all the neighbours recycle bins and doing their shopping! I received the thought feeling about the rubbish, but it was for the recycle bin, we all receive these feelings trust it, it is providing a thought for you to decipher, and know of something greater than you is making contact or trying to communicate with you. YOU ALL CAN DO THIS


Where are you on the scale

The emotions are the life force

It is the emotional barometer to all behaviours

It is to discover how it feels to the emotions you are having.

When emotions are running rampant it is no easy feat to turn the thoughts to a new and better thought

Inner consciousness is always encouraging a new thought, and

It can only give a new thought when the human side changes its own thought to a better feeling thought.

Everything you are living around you is by your mood, if you are angry you will gravitate to angry people, if you are happy you will gravitate to happy people it is all attraction, and you will draw the circumstances and events to you. Emotions are the barometer and indicator of your thought pattern.

Often bandied around, and never really focused upon, the emotional barometer. This emotional barometer is the foretelling of what you are doing in any given moment of time.

But before you can understand this emotional guidance vibration, you have to understand there is two aspects of you, and this is often been denied, or how you have been taught, or coming from the religious perspective of teaching the separateness of who you really are, or you just think it is just mumbo jumbo.

The two aspects are you are a vibration which is the larger part of you, and you chose to live in the physical body, and that is you chose the body, and the place, and the time to live in, to expand your vibrational part of you. You can never separate you from you, as your vibrational energy just keeps on being.

Your job is to identify the emotions you are feeling and to change the thought to those emotions to a better feeling emotion, once you choose to feel a better feeling emotion, and acknowledge the better feeling within, your vibrational energy stream will give you indicators, where to look, or who to call, or how to bring a solution.

This energy stream will support you when you have found the emotions to the subjects you hold resistance too, a resistant subject is a prevalent thought that makes you feel opposite to who you really are meant to feel, and who you are meant to feel is joy, appreciation, satisfaction and everything is working out for you, if you trust everything is working out, and your larger part of you is working it out for you, and is bringing your desires to you.

This is where most of you will say Oh Yeah what a lot of crap!

Then I say to you; how many of you have had a thought of a person and then suddenly the phone rang, how many of you have found yourselves in the right place at the right time, how many of you have heard a voice speak to you, how many of you seen inner eye visions, how many of you thought of something that you could not possibly have known the subject, how many of you have seen energy out of the corner of your eye, this list goes on and on, this is who you are, where do you think this all comes from!!!!

Consciousness is the Source of all thought, it is a collection of infinitesimal intelligence of pulsating vibrational frequencies of thought, its electrical charge is beyond any meaning to a human person.

This consciousness becomes more expansive in knowing, when it resides within a human body, it creates expansion via your thoughts, and more so by your deliberate intention to create something into a reality.

Your thoughts and actions create, now where and how do they create, they are created by your thoughts, the more you add unto the thought the more it will become.

Consciousness resides in the glowing projection of your thoughts, it is enjoyed by this vast pulsating complex of collective consciousness, it has all the players in place before you even see the evidence of the thoughts you have created or are creating.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Warner Brothers Symbol

My first ever vision that really sent me into a spin, I was given a Warner Brothers symbol before I could say the word Warner Brothers a name came to me so strong with the same initials W B, in the morning I kept on saying, I know that name, where do I know that name, I went to my index card folder and found the name, not knowing why I was given that name, this happened on the 12th of June 2007.  On the 18th the phone rang I answered, and he said this is W B, I near had kittens, and was completely blown away. This person has never phoned me before.

Registered letter and post office key

One night I said to spirit world, leave me alone I want to sleep; a word came through very strong ‘Registered Letter’.  The next day in my post office box was a registered letter card, I near flipped.




Consciousness always works towards, for the betterment and the good of the country and the world.

When one has this in its heart, consciousness works all its energies towards this cause.

Consciousness knows all the players, and what representation they play for the good of all, and where they are working in this process.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Lawyer invoice

May 2008 during the meditation I received these wonderful golden hands this intense feeling inside of me was so powerful, this hand came down and I saw my lady lawyer and her law office team in the telephone book advertising ad, this golden hand came down and pulled her out, the message was loud and clear “It is in God’s hands” This was so powerful I felt this intense wonderful glow. Reason for this vision was the next day a letter arrived with her putting me before the debt agency; here I go again defending the reasons for why this account was in-dispute. I put her into the law society for such misrepresentation, as some of the lawyers did say I was totally shafted.

What was amazing was the vision, and to trust that it was, and is, as relayed to me at that time in God’s hands, do your paperwork and just trust, and it did disappear into the universe’s hands.

I have far evolved from the terminology of what and who is God, we are all individual consciousnesses of Gods expressing ourselves for expansion.

TRUST THE PROCESS this is my interpretation of my prophesied vision  I believe this Presidential election is not over.

I blogged about my vision, of which was very powerful, and when the senator count occurred, I was devastated because I received this vision how could it be so wrong, I debated whether to take down my posts, this was how disappointed I was with consciousness.

I spoke to collective consciousness give me a sign what to do about my posts, and I would like an answer the next day.

My sister rings me the next day and she knew I was feeling down about my vision, she said ‘Suzanne Trump WON, he won in all respects, he won the people, and he was not fraudulent, in effect he did win.’

That didn’t help me, for what I was given he actually did win.

Then she said I receive emails from this person who belongs to an organization and it said Trump has taken the military plane and it diverted from one destination to the military base.

I suddenly knew what was happening and what is about to happen, he has a plan, I got my sign, I asked I received.

I am invested in this election because I received the vision, and you must trust the outcome.

Trump has the  Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election Issued on: September 12, 2018

 After posting on the 24th October how I received the vision of the Presidential elections and who had won, I was very discouraged with the outcome of it to what I received in my vision, all I receive in thought is TRUST THE PROCESS. Because what you receive is already done, we just have to catch up with it.

Just the same as what we are living right this second has already been created, it is getting your head around the process of consciousness, consciousness creates first and has all the players and the outcomes, and for my vision, it is already created.

The process is the same as a pregnant woman, you don’t say at the initial stage of the sperm entering the egg I want it now, it has to gestate and become form, the same for the elections it was in the infancy and is becoming a form, I was just part of the process to receive the form vision and to trust in the process, and I feel good within that the form process will be.

For me it is teaching me to trust and to feel the feeling of trusting the process, as I myself have a lot of form eggs that I wish to have the gestation of them realized into a realized form.

This is when many lose the faith and are discouraged when it did not or does not come about.

You must trust the process, you were given the thought the vision, it is yours, but you must align your thoughts to pure positive thoughts for it to become, and then you must feel how it felt when you received the idea or the thought, or when you are projecting the pure positive thoughts.

When I received the vision and thought, it felt within my chest and throat area a pulsating knowing, hard to explain but it felt like knowing and I felt it breathed through me. I had no doubt until the election was lost, then I went down the doubting track until I was told TRUST THE PROCESS, talk about a short but long journey to the outcome.

This is the same for you all, you must trust what you know to anything wanted by you, and mostly how did you feel in the knowing you know.

Most importantly you are all energies fully charged and working in unison with your inner consciousness, you amplify with your thoughts and feelings to any outcome, whether to the positive or the negative outcome.

You cannot place a positive thought and then add a negative thought at the end, the two do not go together, then it will become what was the most dominate thought, which was the end thought.

Focus -Focus on what you are projecting.

Those who are positive in thought and feelings are more influential with the energies of consciousness than those who harbor negative thoughts and feelings, and the more positive the thought, then the power of this energy is compounded and becomes more. This is what creates things into a realized matter.


Are you complete or looking for someone to complete you

Most are looking for love and focusing upon finding someone to complete them when completeness can only come from within.

The completeness in any relationship is being complete first, and then having someone who will ENHANCE your COMPLETENESS.

This is the environment which expansion creates more and will be an arena of bouncing more ideas and creating together.

Excerpted from the book ‘Conversations with Consciousness’

‘Why do we form relationships that become discorded’

Relationships which are discorded is the asking for an improved condition, and for those in these relationship conditions see the contrast and will have strong asking for a solution, they will have a strong asking for improvement, and the more they ask for improvement and believe in a solution the solution will come, it is all into what is being asked, and how you feel in the asking.

‘How do you find the right relationship’

Relationships are the process to discover what you really want in a relationship, every relationship is the building  platform which you discover what you want in a relationship which you place into your vibration of what you really desire for you, it is building into the imagination of what you really do want, you identify you really like this in that person, you really like that in that person, and you bring these about into a vibration and this is felt by us, and we work on delivering the person you have created, but if you look at what you don’t like in that person, or this person you will build up the very person that you do not want.

‘Then why do the humans always get the same’

When you focus upon what you do not like, you perpetuate that thought and that thought will become the dominate thought and this thought will be delivered to you, it is to change the thoughts to what you really do want only, and we mean only, If you were to look at that person who is looking for a better relationship, and consistently says I don’t want to meet a heavy drinker, they will meet a heavy drinker, because the ‘I don’t want’ is the dominate thought pattern.

‘What do you term as a perfect relationship’

Every relationship is perfect, the perfection is perfect when the identifying relationship makes the strong discovery of what they really want for them to have, or to become. How can you know or tell what you want if you have something of which you do not want?

This is the balancing act of deciphering the wanted and the unwanted.

‘How do you define love in a relationship’

The love word is such a convoluted word and comes in many differing emotions. Many say they love you, but it comes under what umbrella they have put up, it is the underlining emotion behind the word.

A word that is used to express can have many emotional meanings, if you take the word ‘F***’ can be expressed in a villainous way or can be expressed in an overwhelming incredible observation.

A word is only a word, the word only becomes more by what expressive emotion was extruded from the word.

Back to love in a relationship, most are looking for love and focusing upon finding someone to complete them, when completeness can only come from within. The completeness in any relationship is being complete and then having someone who will enhance your completeness, this is the environment which expansion creates more, and will be an arena of bouncing more ideas and creating together. 

‘Why do so many relationships not last’

When relationships who come together through loneliness, desperation, not sure what they want, or choosing someone because there was no other choice, or any connectedness through a disconnected mind thought, normally will find discontent, or the two parties come together in distortedness and may be happy residing in that place and make excuses it is just the way it is or made my bed and have to lie in it.

All of these scenarios are looking for love in all the wrong places.

The coming together may have been a joyous occasion, these spontaneous new beginnings are the focusing point for when some discontent occurs within relationships, those moments are there to rekindle the feeling place of how good it was when they were aligned and in the feeling of love and appreciation, but instead they rather focus upon the negative aspect that the relationship is leading too and build upon that.

This fleeting joyous newness in any relationship can become powerful in creating momentum of creating. Then they decide to live together and discover traits that did not sit well for them, these traits tend to become a negative thought, and then capitulate into an emotional response. These traits would be ignored by a tuned in human form who would look to the wonderful qualities that this relationship is.

The response to any relationship is how you are being within the relationship, it is what is dominate in your focus of thought, you have to weigh up is it important, do I need to add any more thought to this. If you are focusing on negative thoughts it is to look at the positive aspects of the person.

Every person that comes to you is you asking for clarification to a topic or a thought you are holding onto.

Every person is a teacher, they are there for you to open your eyes to look at it in new eyes, and in a new thought.

All that you come across is a reflection of how you are feeling. To make this discovery is to test the theory or to discover it for yourself, as words do not teach, only experiences shows you what, and how you are doing or experiencing.

If you start your day in an angry tone, then you will come across angry people, you will see angry situations, or be a part of them.

If you start your day frustrated then you will come across frustrated people, not only frustrated people but frustrating occurrences, things will be in your way, your timing is out to get to places.

If you start your day happy then you will come across happy people, and happy interaction in all that you do, and your timing is right, and things just unfold beautifully.

In effect every person and every situation are reflecting what you are outputting or telling the universe how you are feeling, and if you carry on that feeling the universe will deliver more to what you are outputting. Everything is attraction, the more you see and do will be delivered to you upon what you are outputting.

Identify your mood, this mood will tell you what you are receiving, it is as simple as a mood, you couldn’t get a better barometer than the mood barometer.

This mood barometer can be changed as quick as you can change your thoughts. Do you want more of what you are thinking, this is either in the positive or the negative mood, then keep on thinking it, the more you think it the more it becomes, be observant to what you are thinking, because it is those thoughts which have enough momentum behind them creates enough vibrational energies to that momentum which is felt by the universal energies, and we give you more of it.

This powerful vibrational energy exists, it is you feeling the emotions which is the indicator to what you are thinking and feeling. It is to put absolute faith and knowing that you are not only human but the greater part of you is the energy stream, you cannot see it, but you can feel it.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Black Crows

Taking a breather on a seat gathering my breath while walking up a hill, and thinking about this person I was to maybe form a relationship with, a black crow kept on flying around me, my first thought was an omen, but being of pureness I disregarded this thought, this was the first time I have ever encountered a black crow on my walk which places relevance onto the situation, the next day we went to a beach for the day, and out of the blue two black crows came down and stayed  with us, and all I could think was is this a good sign or bad. Then out of the blue my parents turned up for the week, and then a few other small things that curtailed us meeting up again, these are all the signs the universe is saying NO! Then I received in thought a song ‘True colours that’s why I love you’ I decided to end this relationship well as you can gather his true colours came into being. The moral of the story is, always trust your first intuitive thought, and take notice of the signs.


You are so much more, than what you think you are

Genius is focusing and giving enough attention to a subject, and when

enough attention is focused upon a feeling to a subject it then becomes an

energy frequency which is felt by your inner consciousness.

Excerpted from the book ‘Conversations with Consciousness’

‘This means we all can have all that we want by our own thoughts’

If the physical human forms realised that the human body, is only the house for its eternal inner consciousness, it’s mission while residing in the physical body matter is to communicate and receive from this intelligence consciousness. This intelligence created the body into matter by thought, and the sole purpose of this inner consciousness is to create thought into matter of which it chooses to expand its vibrational energy into more expansion.

‘So, in effect this intelligence is using the human bodies for its own benefit’ 

Yes and No, this masterful vibrational energy is evolving and expanding its vortex of energy, and the only way to expand itself is through the emotions and thoughts coming from the physical body, how can this vortex of energy understand and become more if it has nothing to play with, its mission is to have the human form realise and attune itself to itself, and then creation is fun when you reach this place, your imagined desires will become a reality.

It takes a powerful focusing human thought, to ignore the reality it is observing, and to focus upon an imagined dream, the imagined dream is not real in their eyes and is given very little thought to it becoming a reality, they prefer to only focus upon what they are observing and hearing, without realising what is being observed has already been created and is old news.

The human body believes in only the body as being real because they can see it and touch it, this human body is the house which holds the mind and the spirit the inner consciousness, the inner consciousness created the body through thought into a realised matter into a manifestation, this part of the realised desire has been created, it is old reality formed, it now focuses through the mind upon forming new focusing ideas, the new ideas are then formed into a fantasized imagination, the inner consciousness is now residing within this fantasized imagination and in the emotions it is feeling through the human mind and body, the mind part of the human form is forming in the mind how it would feel to be in the imagined idea, and when it thinks about the idea it builds an emotional vibration of which is being enjoyed by the inner consciousness.

The inner consciousness state of mind is always in a state of being, it is only interested and experiences itself more from what it is being and what you are being with whatever you are doing, the inner consciousness does not require action, it is the body, which is the action and doing, and the intentions and thoughts to how the human body feels when it is creating an action.

When you become more aware of your emotions, you will feel which is the best choice of thoughts and will then be guided to the next thought movement. Those who become intelligent know this, and have powerful focusing intentions, when they want answers, they allow the thought to think for them, this is creating at its best, this is what your inner consciousness’s intentions was for the mind body and spirit connection in alignment when it created you.

‘Why are some of us intelligent and others are not’

Intelligence in a physical human form is thought with little resistance, which is by going within the mind, and allowing thought to be received it can gain knowledge from the nonphysical which then becomes and converts to intelligence.

The human brains mind thinks intelligence is coming from the brain, if you really think about it how can a brain think of a process to an idea or solution if it has not uploaded information to the brain.

Honestly where do you think these thought solutions come from, the human form does not have the capability or the capacity to create the solutions to genius intelligence. The genius intelligence is coming from allowing the quiet mind to receive the thought from an unseen energy who has all the solutions and answers to be received by the receiver if they are tuned into this masterful intelligence.

Once enough momentum is created in thought to any subject it will build to more and this inner consciousness intelligence will guide you to where to be next or to receive a thought, it is up to the receiver to then take the action upon the thought.

Those who have little intelligence is coming from little momentum to any thought or desire or creating, for the most part those are looking at what is and re-creating and regurgitating what is without realising what is, is old news, you are all here to create what you choose to do while residing in the physical body.

A great example was Thomas Edison, he was in the bath relaxing in a quiet state but had given a lot of momentum of thought to an idea and wanted a solution, when he received a thought which became the eureka moment. This is how thoughts are received, and when you have given the idea enough creative thought it creates a momentum, and then stilling the mind, to be the receiver of the thought. This is genius intelligence.

The Greater part of you is already intelligent and is knowledgeable

The Greater part of you is experiencing itself through your eyes and through your emotions

And is knowing itself through these experiences

This is why you have in-built emotions

This is your powerful indicator to how you are doing in every moment

Feel this emotional guidance system and

Adjust your emotions to feel good

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

This is how thought form turns to matter

My daughter had a thought during the night about a movie, and she kept on thinking about this movie, and thought it would be nice to watch it again. The next day she was looking for a movie on Netflix when the first movie listed was of the very same movie she was thinking about the night before. Now you wonder how this can happen, this is infinite intelligence giving a thought that you will see, and you will relate to what you received, it is to trust in the process you are receiving thought form, trust in this process, and they will guide you to the next and the next. This is guidance and you all have this guidance. Focus and trust.