This universe is vast and kept hidden from humanity

Before you donned the human body you are in, you were all eager to live a life in this body and be part of the collective to take consciousness to greater expansion.

Do you realise to be a human is being royal, so many collective universal ET’s from the twelve planetary systems wanted to be in line for this expansion of earth, the chances of living in a human body is the same as winning the lottery, be proud you made it and that you are part of the collective consciousness taking this earth to greater dimensions.

Did you know what happens on earth effects the other twelve solar systems you are all so important in holding and taking the collective energy into a higher dimension, and you are also raising your inner consciousness to a greater dimension.

What does this mean for your part of this process? without you even being aware, or you may be aware of your existence, your inner consciousness is raising its vibration so that you maybe be more telepathic, receive more visions, hear more, be able to receive more direct communication or information, to the The Source of All That Is, or as man wants to call it God, the resistance in calling it God always means you are looking outside of yourself instead of going within of which is where this energy resides, you are ALL THE SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS, and never separated from it.

Be proud you are part of this collective movement because you did want it and you did put yourself in line with this exciting process of raising your awareness and in turn teaching others.

The most important part is everything you have been ever told by religion, education, governments, parents, peers, and believed in and thought you knew was right has all been one big total fabrication of lies.

It is time to retrain and rethink on every topic, as the misconstrued topics you hold onto is what is keeping you from becoming part of the expansion of the collective, and you do not want to lag and stay behind in the lower dimensions.

Wake up you are all so much more than what you think you are, you are all powerful energies which can create powerful movement into anything you want, it all starts with a thought – believe in the thought – grow the thought – feel into the thought – have massive faith – given a vision or a thought believe it, you were given the guidance – then it will be yours.

When you receive a thought consider what or how it is meant to mean for you, no matter how strange it maybe, you are being given something to take further into thought, either to release to move on or to become more into something you may want. Today I was given a thought from these people I knew in NZ it was a strange thought to have, until I realised what it was projecting information on an idea to place into my dream building of what I want for me to come about, this is how inner consciousness works bits of information along the way to create what you desire, you must become aware of the subtle thoughts and how it interacts with you, instead of flailing around lost.

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