Humans are destructive and judge by sight

Humans are destructive and judge by sight, instead of going within and feeling through the heart.

Humans judge by – colour – race – sex – personality – rich – poor without realising all these unbecoming traits is coming from sight, and not a single consideration is coming from the heart.

You all come from the same place, it is called the LIGHT this light is pure energy of love it is the expander of life, what distorts this light of life is the consistent misinformation of who and what you all really are.

Humans want to call it God, through religious distortion they preach God is outside of you, this can never be as you are all individual Gods, or better still you are all powerful LIGHTS connected to this powerful stream of energy. The God word appeared to have become a word from the 6th century adapted or created by scholars, whereas the Galactic Universal realm never speak of a God, but of a LIGHT, and it is this all-powerful energy.

Through the human’s destructive sight, they create blockages in this stream of light which makes the powerful journey to the light not an easy route, for those who perceive the light work harder to clean up the sighted human mess.

All those you speak ill of, or attack, or ridicule, or create acts of violence to another, are all in the same LIGHT stream, we are ALL ONE when you destroy another you are in turn destroying you.

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