666, Number 13, and the Swastika

We have been manipulated to believe that the number13 is unlucky making great examples of Friday the 13th being black, and hotel structures not having room 13, now why is this?

Did you know 13 is God Consciousness there are 12 primary universal complex stargates and the God Consciousness is in the higher dimensions of the thirteenth being the entire universal solar system.

The same goes for 666 which is a carbon atom, it has 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons. This is the base atomic structure of our elemental body on the earth. Which means human bodies are mutating to evolve beyond the base 666 carbon atom to embody a higher frequency plasma of light.

The swastika dates to the neolithic civilization, and is found throughout ancient and modern India, in Central Asia, Tibet, China, Japan, and also in all parts of the New World. It is depicted turning in either direction, as it was in many cultures, and it related to the sun, the solar swastika representing the eternal round of seasons. It is the universal cosmic natural law symbol.

All these symbolism’s were generated to create FEAR and negative connotations in humanity, and unless you look outside the narrative you find these very symbols are the building blocks for humanity to connect to the inner spiritual energy of consciousness.  

This all stems from the dark agenda to take humanity away from your Christ consciousness, and to do this required humanity to be in FEAR with these numbers and symbols. Whereas they are our DNA to the divine, and instead you were taught to fear the divine. Very clever manipulation to mind control an agenda.

Do your own research on these symbols.

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