All of humanity who resides on earth has a mission, you as the human entity does not know the mission until you open to The Light, and then you will make the discovery or follow a projected path to this mission.

All humanity is reborn into another body to either relive out a karmic circumstance of which has never been cleaned out and keeps you in the 3rd dimension of earth, or you are part of the preparedness to take the earth to the 4th dimension, you are spiritual energy light workers who have been part of this overseeing of the awakening of the third dimension into the fourth dimension of Gaia. These light workers will flow effortlessly into the 4th dimension and become part of the growth and expansion of the universe.

When you were conceived and, in the womb, you were in full awareness of your mission, The Light or the Source of Consciousness, or as man calls God knows. As you are born you lose this awareness of the mission, and WHY? For you to become The Light you must be aware of all short comings of who you are and what you are holding onto, mainly past life karmic issues, and how you treat all living creatures as well as humanity, and Gaia mother earth.  

Gaia is raising its energy into the fourth dimension, in this dimension is where the energetic portals for the light workers become more profound, spiritual awareness becomes more, telepathic communication becomes expansive, connection to The Light is more powerful.

Those earthly humans who will reside in the third dimension are those who disbelieve, who are prolific reality observers, who harbour immense resentment, who have no respect for creatures or humanity, or Gaia, will keep coming back to this dimension until they soften their views and perceptions to a new form of eternal life.

 Humanity has been cleverly directed away from the very essence of who and what they are, religion is greatest perpetuator of teaching separateness, you cannot find what is outside of you of which is within you and God does not reside outside of you, YOU ARE ALL INDIVIDUAL GODS – THE SOURCE OF THE LIGHT. YOU ARE IT – YOU ARE IT. If only humanity realised that religion was created by the deep cult for the purpose of separating humanity from this powerful Light, to understand who and what you are read The Book of Enoch, Jesus refers to this book in all his teachings, this book was deliberately kept out of the bible, to deliberately undertake the takeover of humanity and to keep you from knowing the truth about who and what you all are. This is the third dimensional humans who follow this narrative, these persons need to believe in anything to become someone, without going within to seek the answers. If humanity believed in themselves, then what is occurring on earth could not and would not have been created.

Who are you in this dimensional ascension?

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