We all must thank the dark agenda, for if they were not creating what they are projecting for humanity, the light and the truth would not be revealed.

Once you open to a new way of connecting to a higher intelligence this intelligence knows when you are ready for more information. These light beings can only become more involved with you when you are ready for it.

Our bodies are energetic holograms created into a dense form, to the human minds they will dispute this and some emphatically.

We are all computerised circuitries connected to a motherboard, our thoughts are the formula and the light of the circuit, we control the direction of the current passing through electrical diode chakras, and the current flows in a forward direction. When the thoughts flow in reverse of the light direction it becomes blocked. You have one key function to flow, and that is forward thoughts without negativity.

We must evolve to this new understanding. I was part of the spiritual movement of knowledge, this to me is the beginning of old news, I have completely evolved and have this complete knowing who and what we all are, and when you get it, it is incredible how manipulated and blinded humanity is, and most of humanity can only perceive the world at the frequency they are at.

Your circuit is connected to the motherboard, this motherboard is part of the entire solar system, within this solar system are solar systems belonging to different species all working at keeping the solar system working relative to each solar system.

Humans have the most profound element to this entire network, and that is the vast emotions it contains, humanity has abused its emotions to take upon the dark side instead of bringing the light in and expressing the light. This was the deliberate act by the dark agenda to reverse the love and light from the humans to manipulate and corrupt the human minds, and what is on their agenda for humanity is not where you want to be.

These energies are observable when you raise your vibration. My daughter and I would see energies, they look like a mirage, but it is shimmering and pulsating, it looks like a person, but you can see through it. Your hologram is identifiable with the past and the present and can be manipulated into any time realm you wish, this technology the med beds are already in use on earth and will be installed throughout earth to recalibrate the bodies. 

I will illustrate over and over again, imagine light, feel love, laugh, be happy, breathe down into the stomach with deep breaths, all of this lightens the human energy and raises the gamma frequency to be in line with this intelligence. YOU MUST TRUST THE PROCESS AND BELIEVE IN SOMETHING GREATER TO COME.

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