We have been manipulated for many years.

You must wake up

Through the history and evolution of humans you will come to realise the different species that exist, not only on this planet but in other solar systems, and you will discover the different species and their agendas for the human race, and how the mainstream religion was created by the dark agenda and is in no way or form spiritual but a satanic religion. Many will now categorically dispute this, just read on, you will be completely shocked about the lies upon lies and mistruths you have been converted to believe in.  

Open your thoughts to a new thought and don’t become ignorant to a new thought, those who vehemently disagree and cannot see other aspects of themselves will stay in the third dimension, this becomes a cause and effect from not opening the mind to an intelligence. The third-dimension humans see this as conspiracies, whereas for those who encourage to connect and see a new theory, and without prejudice will discover wonderment.  

One cannot prove that something doesn’t exist.

One can only prove that something does exist

…Dr Stefan Lanka.

I would say a large percent of the world’s population, would deny the existence of new knowledge but prefer to stay with the narrative of what they have been told by peers, religion, teachers, parents, governments, media and cannot see past this information, and then we have those who want to understand and are sitting on the fence and need proof, they need to see it to believe it, and for more in tune people they have attained this inner knowing, inner visions, inner insights and know there is a lot more to discover and has never been told.

We are not and have never been alone in this solar system. This dark agenda has made the hidden to become known about UFO’s, Extra-terrestrials, Reptilians, hidden agendas of Antarctica, and so much more.

I knew about Draconian and Reptilians coming from David Icke and like so many other persons I thought he had lost the plot, until I discovered he was speaking the truth, and yet I could see in some people they had reptilian tendencies, so I don’t know why I doubted David Icke. He knew many years before what was to occur, it just took a few years for this to come about.

These beings are us and we are them, we are part of consciousness and had expressed to be here in this time trial to bring about the earth change of which is occurring, these intelligent beings are of very light density whereas the human is a heavy density. They are our future selves; we must evolve to become the light density. Our DNA and earth are very important to the collective whole, our DNA is what recreates creation, our emotions create a frequency and is the liquid gold for the creator, creator requires these emotions for expansion, the intergalactic beings do not have emotions, touch, sensuality, taste, or feelings, they receive it all from you.

The good emotions are what they receive in their energetic field, and the not so good emotions they send back to you for you to change that emotion.

The bible was adapted from the book of Enoch

The book of Enoch was written 3,000 years BC, and explains the stars, the chariots coming from clouds, and the prophecies for the outcome for the reptilians, of which they destroyed this book and recreated a version adapted for themselves called the bible. The book of Enoch was preserved and put into hiding to re-emerge and now to be discovered what has been hidden all these years. 

Throughout ancient history rituals and sacrifices were undertaken on humans, they had no respect for their own creations, humans in the eyes of the reptilians were just food. As the years grew so did their unrelatable energy to any species, to overthrow the human population and to take control of this planet, they began instigating a technology to control humans.

They created belief systems to divert man away from connecting to this intergalactic intelligence, they created the education, the bible and the prophecies, the pharmaceuticals the land sprays, the air pollutant sprays, to altering our DNA to desensitise the pineal gland, through pharmaceutical manipulation. They created movies to enhance their systems, they created projections and timelines of future events in the Simpsons, for the unsuspecting humans to believe in these prophecies. This was all carefully categorised in timelines in their cult organisation the Free Masons, and the humans fell into their traps and became part of this cultism and satanic rituals.  We see this occurring on our planet now thorough the cabal whose DNA is reptilian, and this dates right back and before the Hitler era, they have been instigating their technology of using humans as fodder for their satanic rituals. The worlds governments were carefully manipulated with intel into every organisation, they blackmailed and paid off and killed those who interfered, and the Vatican is the head of the mafia and the satanic rituals.   

Hollywood has grown on the reptilian agenda, most of the movies are all adapted in satanic rituals and draconian principals, they own and create the mind control movies, and the humans fell into this dark horror scenes to create fear, the fear agenda is what enhances the reptilians they thrive on this fear from what the humans project out, to project and enhance love the reptilians deplore the love energy. Keep on sending love they will never win with the love energy.

The ground we stand on without even realising it is filled with mass underground tunnels connecting countries and filled with human slaves and children, and also houses the reptilians, it sounds like some futuristic movie the sad reality it is not futuristic but very real, and we as people on earth have been totally blind and corrupted by the narrative, and any who spoke out were labelled, right at this moment the secret military and in conjunction with galactic federation are closing all these so called D.u.m.b underground tunnels. The horrors these people have lived in, and for the most part of the population who are totally self-obsessed self-absorbed and totally blinded to the narrative and to any real form of truth.

The galactic federation

The galactic federation has been observing us for a very long time, and have been aware of what is happening, they would have helped us earlier, but could not interfere until the human population became aware and reactivated the heart space and the connection of light consciousness to who and what we and they are.

We as humans became the galactic family of the Syrians, Orions, Pleiadians, Andromedans, reptilians, and we the humans are the genetic makeup from twenty-two races. What happens on earth influences other star systems they are part of the lineage of humans on earth, we are the new earth called Humans, and we are only just reawakening our hearts to have contact with these star families.

The Human DNA is important for the ET’s and the star planets as they become to know themselves through us as the human species has all the emotions and sensations of life whereas, the ETs are a frequency, and devour our sensations, to feel emotions. 

The galactic family do not refer to a God, but to light, light is the powerhouse, the light comes from the heart the heart is of all creation. The high intelligence speaks of circuitry and mother boards, this tells me we are in a matrix of a powerful computer system, and our circuit is part of this system, and the light is the power source and the connection to this mother board, the star ET’s want us to connect mindfully the mind and heart opens the doors by thought.

Each human individual is a light Consciousness who conceives a path through the will of the Divine, and this will of the Divine is your future self, you are here living in your future self’s past, who is the director of your future and knows the path and direction for you to take. The distorted perception of humans is they create a path through the will of others who are dictating to them what they should be doing.

This is soon to change, we as humans are to create an environment free of hindrances created by parents, peers, governments and education to be who we want to be in joy and creativity and have freedom from financial worries, the galactic federation has monetary survival for the creator to create, this financial remuneration was always deliberately kept from the human population by the reptilians, as a means to control humans.

Enjoy what is coming, it is time for the truth to be revealed so humanity can move on and become consciously more aware.

In the meantime, out in the galactic realm the planetary systems have eradicated the reptilians from mars, and now mass underground reptilian tunnels are being eradicated on earth by the military, once this has taken place and the dark agenda no longer exists on this earth and in the universe, will see a complete change to what is known as life, and your part in becoming more enlightened in freedom and joy. The intergalactic federation will make themselves known and will integrate themselves onto our earth and enhance life on earth with new technologies and free technologies, hospitals will no longer exist they will be replaced with inner knowledge of wellness, and technologies of med beds, education will change, the old system will no longer exist, and a new system where one does what the heart desires and grows in the area of that desire. No longer children will be taught the old dogma of which is full of mistruths to convert and pervert the mind. Old age will not exist when the time is ready to travel to new outer limits the heart will know when the heart stops its beats. Wonderful changes will occur soon, dream of what you desire to be and do set forth your intentions the galactic federation is picking up your thoughts and will endeavour to help you for your goals to be achieved.


Links to open your mind to a new truth, there is endless information of which is withheld, all being revealed. Trump, Russia, China, North Korea in total 30 countries all know and are partaking in the clean-up, of the dark agenda.

Aliens and Clones

We are human fodder

This is the testimony of a Shaman who joined combat with the US soldiers and the forces of the Earth-Extra-terrestrial Alliance, as part of the clearing of the Deep Underground Military Bases. This man fought in the depth under Montauk and found himself face to face with creatures beyond frightening, but he encountered the soldiers as well from the contingents of the Galactic Federation. All begun when an elegant metallic Pleiadean scout ship physically landed behind his house. After the pilot made contact with him, this man embraced his duty at heart. His story is breathtaking, about his contact of the ET’s and Uluru

Alex Collier, a UFO contactee since the age of eight, speaks openly and candidly to a small crowd of about twenty people on Easter Day, 1995. Collier shares the Andromedan ETs’ perspective about a great many things, including the pyramid structure of regressive ETs that control the highest levels of the shadow government of the United States. Collier says that the human ETs from Andromeda warn of an upcoming abuse of power by the National Security Agency (NSA) now evidenced by Patriot Acts 1 and 2, passed by a witless Congress, which not only upends our Constitution and constitutional form of government but also makes Congress themselves irrelevant. This is Collier’s representation of the Andromedan perspective about the leaders of the United States, the banks, and the very fragile state of our environment, our basic freedoms and our human rights and concerns the collaboration between the secret government agencies and authoritarian leaders, who are collaborating for profit and power with a malevolent ET confederation, led by reptilian humanoid ETs.

Search for further information Megan Rose, Elena Danaan, Bashar, Alexander Quinn, Marina Seren, Dr Michael Salla,

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