I have always believed in Trump and Putin, and the chess game of the century is being performed until the ultimate checkmate

I put love and light towards Trump and Putin to raise their frequency, as they are strategically working for the good of humanity and taking down the dark energy people.

I have always believed in them, and the chess game of the century is being performed until the ultimate checkmate, when I envision them, I receive a glowing golden light around them and then a third person keeps on coming in and this is the China leader with the same golden light, so I believe they are all working together, pretty awesome.

I believe major things are about to happen, and we as light workers to ground ourselves for this intergalactic process of which has already occurred, and the final piece to the chess game is the dark people to be eradicate.

I feel extremely wonderful things are about to occur maybe March or April, lots of changes, new systems, the old education of misinformed writings will be replaced with the truth, and all the lies and deceptions from organised religion, and the take down of the governments. You will discover who and what you are, you will meet the outer dimensions who will be living and sharing with us, you will be meeting your creators of you. We have not ever been the only life force on this earth, they live among us already, to procreate and raise the human frequency.

A large proportion of the population live and perceive the world at the frequency they are at, these persons will always perceive the reality of governments, media, religion as the mainstay of information, and they cannot be helped. Unless they open up to a new reality it is best to leave them in their own perception of reality, to try to help them will only lower your frequency, and you cannot do this to your vibration.

A second vision I received was in a deep HD vision of Lady Diana in her wedding gown, the colour was her gown, and I was directed to follow her arm down to her fingers and stopped at a vivid blue ring, this was the only colour to the vision. Not sure what it meant, apart from Diana comes from a high indigo colour and my grandson said my colour around me is purple which is indigo, I am of the same vibration, or was the vision telling me the royal family is going down, as I was directed down her arm?

Some say she is still alive; we will just have to wait and see.

I am starting to receive a lot of powerful third eye visions, this tells me a frequency change has occurred around the planet, very exciting times for those who are light workers.

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