We live in two worlds that being the inner and the outer, and it is consistently working in parallel with us.

Most persons use their personalities to guide them and forge ahead and make many mistakes, but through determination they may succeed. This is going about it the hard and long way to a dream.

The real way to a dream, is to dream it, is to build in the imagination of how it would be, how it would feel, to add more to the dream and to change and alter pieces of the dream.

Now you are thinking this is nuts, believe me, this dream building is felt by your inner intelligence who is the builder of your desired dream, your dream is built in the imagination first, it grows and when it is ready for you, it then explodes into a revelation, or a thought, or a knowing, or an inner voice, or a vision, the way it is produced is endless.

What stalls a dream is giving up, no sticker ability, doubt, persistent negative thoughts, not trusting in universal consciousness who is the keeper and builder of all desires.

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