The truth is and has been revealed and none of them can hide from what they have done for years.

What interesting times we are having right now, a lot of information on so many topics of which has been hiding in plain sight and all being revealed, the revealing of agendas, corruptions, lies, and the things we were taught have all been lies and misinformation, secrets hidden about other dimensions, and those who reveal are shut down. The non-trusting in governments, and big pharma, the world epidemics, diseases, pandemics all being created by a select few to take over the world and own your inner energy, the highest spiritual self you have within, and for what? to hide what is known by many, and to subject them to demoralisation as fake idiots. The desperation to hide the very existence of who and what we are and then to pervert the cause of humanity makes them very concerned individuals and corporations, losing control of us.

The so called jab, how will this play out within the body, and what was the spiritual journey and outcome from this event, if we are, and we are spiritualised energies residing in a human body to expand consciousness, when your body dies your energy lives on and is then re-born into another body, this is a given, if this understanding is understood then you were in the game for the truth to be revealed of the said agenda of which is happening.

You must realise this so-called agenda has been in play for a great many years, this energy was being perpetuated globally in plain sight, it just took the unawake to wake up and come up to speed with what is happening. They cannot annihilate the spiritual energy; the body dies but the energy lives on.


It has now become apparent to re-connect and become aware of the spiritual aspect of everyone.

Religion’s misinformation is unfolding.

The Vatican is the mafia. Stop donating to this organisation.

The actors you aspire too, the royals, the Vatican, the past Presidents, famous singers, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Sorus, Gates are all in collaboration with the free masons, the cabal, who are into de-population, cannibalism, paedophiles, and so much more, it is the most disturbing images and information being revealed and becoming known.

Through this so called planned demic the truth has come out and so openly spoken about and nothing is hidden, and then there are those who have known this disturbing information and have been working on taking this corrupt organisation down.

Now the truth is and has been revealed and none of them can hide from what they have done for years.


We will all have a new earth a new awakening, awaken this spiritual self and create an energy so powerful to bring about the new change. Did you know the more you think and feel to a wonderful thought the greater this energy is, you do not need guns or anger to fight the corruption, all you need is pure thoughts this compounds so greatly and overcomes the darker energy.

When you awaken to this energy within it creates a light of which glows, this glow is seen by universal consciousness, the more people awaken and glow the quicker universal consciousness comes through, these universal energies are waiting for the world population lights to light up, they can only help us if we light up.

To understand this energy within test it, try being pure in thought and project this out, you will feel a pulsation or a glow within, this is you connecting with you, the more you do this the more it compounds, you are what man calls god, you are god, and never separate from it, it is only your thoughts and what you have been taught that separates you from you.

Everyone, send love and laugh and feel joy to those perpetrators. Believe me this is the fastest way to take their power away, and this is where consciousness creates the path of overcoming the darkness.

Always remember darkness attracts darkness.

Love attracts love.


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