You are not limited in your thoughts when you calm the mind and then feel the answer.

Your soul is the spiritualised energy part of you, and this soul resides in your body as you, everything you do or are doing is felt by this spiritualised energy, when you laugh it laughs with you, when you contemplate it contemplates with you, when you love it loves with you.

When you fear it does not fear with you, when you are angry it does not anger with you. These forms of emotions do not reside within this spiritualised energy part of you, and never joins you, this is the human part, this is why you feel these emotions. When you feel these emotions, Stop and say to yourself, my inner spiritualised energy the inner consciousness does not see it this way, and if you can change that direction of thought process you will feel the shift within, this is how you can tell if your thoughts are in unison or not with this intelligence.

It is for you to test your thoughts and what the emotions are telling you to those thoughts.

It is the most powerful guidance tool you have within you, when you have a decision to make, or not sure which way to go, calm your mind and feel how the thought feels within, to going with the thought decision or not, and you will feel an energy inside giving you the indication to what feels best or not.

Just understand the emotional energy first, and when you can identify your emotions then you can be and do anything.

Even when your energy feels low, with just a few thought words you can raise your energy, you can talk your energy back into unison with your inner consciousness.

Just try it, it just may surprise you. 

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought, and mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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