Message Received from my inner intelligence, everything is in place, let us watch the movie.

We all receive messages everyday in many forms, without most of the population even realising that these messages are downloaded from your inner you of which is consciousness/god for you to listen or see or hear the subtle inspired message.For three days I was receiving a song, couldn’t quite catch it only the words ‘Gorky Park’ I Ducked it (NO longer google) and I was totally blown away everyone ‘The wind of change’ is upon us just trust it is all becoming. By the Scorpions.

Then I received another song instantly after ‘The wind of change’ I kept on getting ‘One tonna mirror’ Believe me I always thought it was this word, and I Ducked it and found the song it was ‘Guantanamera’ and refers to the location Guantanamo Bay and the military prison camp. This is how messages can come to you and if you listen you will receive the answer and the solution.

Hang in their everyone the wind of change is coming and prison for the corrupt.

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