You are all Consciousness/Gods and have the power to create exorbitant things into experience. But you must love you and understand you first.

Have you questioned yourself, WHO ARE YOU?

Do you understand what you are, or what your intention is for this time of living your life?

Most everyone has no inkling, they listen to other persons telling them who they are, or should be, or to conform to the ways they were taught from their forefathers, without even considering a new and expansive viable alternative for you. You chose living your life to become aware of this powerhouse within, and you have a powerful intention to become more than what your forefathers became and created in their lifetime of which does not equate in this new expansive time right now.

I will say it again it was in their lifetime, not this lifetime, we have far exceeded from their lifetime of riding on donkeys and living with no electricity and running water, this list is endless, and yet those who cannot think for themselves still revolve around the past generations and believe those times were the great and only teachers, (the bible) The only reflection you can take from the past is that they had the freedom of very little interference of thought, as we have now with all the technology and media consistently bomb blasting you with thoughts that is perpetuated by what they want you to hear, and when you are bomb blasted enough you then take on that frequency and then become like them.

Did you know that your thoughts are the fuel the oxygen to an intelligence that resides within you, you may think you are human but you are no different from every living animal residing on this planet, the only difference is they are connected to this intelligence always and have no resistance with their intuitive sensory, this is the same sensory of intelligence of which the human population has also within them, but alas most of the human population dispute that this could be and believe in their forefathers spoke the truth, so it must be true, and it was written two thousand years ago by some of the few who knew you were all Gods or Consciousness connected to an infinite collective intelligence of which is unexplainable, and yet can be felt, or be the receiver of impulses, visions and thoughts, but this was all redirected by the many who held an economic vantage to relay and replay the crucifixion to fulfill their own objectives.

This economic vantage is still being played out today, and the sheep will follow this path, they like to be controlled, it makes them think they feel important, for those who think like this, and when the path is taken away, they are left destitute, because they have relied upon others to train and focus upon a false narrative thought instead of your own inner internal guidance.

Everything you learnt from your forefathers is so old and has no relevance now, but to only hold you where you are, and to keep on perpetuating the same old same old, and the population just becomes more confused. You must move on from these trapping.

These trappings are a matching vibration and have the proclivity of thoughts that keep on perpetuating, it is out of habit, without looking for a new awareness of truth that feels right for you, and not from what has been already created. 



To connect to this intelligence within you, is to feel the love of you, and to feel this love radiating in you and around you.

When you connect you will feel an energy within, a pulsation within, a feeling within, this is your energy acknowledging you, bask in it, feel it more, let go of thoughts and bask in the feeling, this feeling will become more, you will feel a glow within, you may receive thought impulses, or a vision, or thought words, it may happen soon or in time, just keep on building upon your acknowledgment of this inner you. This is you getting to know you.

This intelligence within you is creating what you want by your thoughts, by your emotions you have to the thought, by your zest for life, even when you cannot see past where you are right now, you must find the emotion of a dream and imagine this dream to be real, this is how you create the things to come to you, it is finely tuning yourself to this intelligence. The kicker is you have a positive thought or a negative thought with the emotion behind the thought is what is becoming. It is to choose wisely the thoughts and what you want to create for you.

It is to write or think in appreciation of where you are, it is to write or thank in advance to your intelligence for what you have been dreaming about, this makes it become real.

When you go to a restaurant you place your order, and you trust the goods will arrive just the way you expected it to be, meanwhile you are salivating the prospect of your meal, this is what you must do to create the things you want. Don’t sit their and say when is it coming, just salivate on what you are creating and it will come. The things you ask for with enough emphasis of a pure thought desire will become, it is trusting in the process.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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