I give thought to Consciousness and reflect how consciousness plays in this game, because it is a game, and the game is you die and you are reborn again, not as the same person, but don in a new body with new intentions

I am sharing an interesting experience I had with a gentleman who is a counsellor teacher and teachers at a university. I was sharing experiences about how consciousness interacts with all of us if we are aware of the subtle messages that we receive from this intelligence. Through our communication he began to reflect, and was open to perceiving a new thought, and then I was somewhat taken aback when he thought I was some form of cult, this is a counsellors interpretation of God or Consciousness, it is the perceiver of the thought meaning thought and things we have a pretty messed up society if his interpretation of me to help people to become aware of something greater of which is in everyone. I then reflected back on the terminology of cults, cults are predominately the trained focus of people to think like them and do as they do, then to take this further you could call governments, education, religion, the military are all forms of cults, you are to conform to their ways and this is the way it is done and if you don’t you then become a misfit because you do not fit in their mind control structure, but for a select few who could see how these structures hinder the very growth of them took upon themselves a way forward and became very successful, and even in their success they are still targeted in every way possible to discredit them. Those who discredit are in no way connected to the God Consciousness because this part of Consciousness sees everyone as pure divine beings, and those who discredits or pushes against anyone will have an emotion of which is boomeranged back to them, but for the most part these persons have lost the feeling emotion of consciousness and will keep on going in the same mindset, until such stage consciousness will create a remedy for this and for those the remedy is not a miracle remedy but some form of illness, accident the list is endless.   

So here I am talking about the beauty and wonderment of how powerful this connection is if you are aware of it, and then I reflected back to a previous conversation where I asked why he took the vaccine what was your reason to do this, and he described how the military and the government looked after him, and he has no one to look after him (woe is me!) and they are looking after me so he took the vaccine, this type of scenario is someone not believing in themselves but believing in an establishment whom has its own agenda, instead of believing in oneself, and how powerful you are, and you have this powerful intelligence who knows everything and what your body requires. I felt as soon as he said the word, he knew it was a wrong word because he had a difficulty expressing the word cult, if you are consciously aware you would have felt the offness of what you are saying.  

For me I am sitting on the fence and observing not the mainstream media this news is perpetuating fear into people who are suffering from the Stockholm syndrome, but I gather information from informative people who were successful doctors with many years practice to now become misfits of practice and frauds for not conforming to the bureaucracy of hidden agendas.

I give thought to Consciousness and reflect how consciousness plays in this game, because it is a game, and the game is you die and you are reborn again, not as the same person, but don in a new body with new intentions, that being you observe you see the injustices, and are keen to come back to rectify or create a way forward. If there is no death and if you can conceive this part of you, that being eternal, then if this is some form of cool aid experiment then you are part of the game in and out and will have projected a powerful intention into a future event. It may sound distressing too many to think as death as horrific, your human body dies but the energy within expanded consciousness and consciousness is collaborating collectively with a powerful intelligence of which most persons cannot begin to understand or even bring their thoughts to the fact that you have this intelligence within you, and this intelligence knows the circumstances of your departure and what you can do in a future event.

In this lifetime of living in the reality is to gather and observe what you want to live, and to connect to this hidden aspect of you, who is eager to participate with you in your life, and wants to create with your thoughts to the things you want, and to raise your awareness to your thoughts, and to modify your thoughts to converting a negative thought into an all wellness thought, this is your purpose of life to be aware of how your thoughts interact within your mind.            

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.

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