Thoughts and the emotion behind the thought is the fuel energy of which Consciousness interacts with you, be very mindful of thoughts, and to feel how the thoughts feel within, don’t take my word for this, you test it, you must discover your thoughts and how it feels to that thought.

Before you emerged into the physical body, you already knew what was being created and what your part was in this creative process of you being in this body and living in this time. I am referring to the globalists creating an agenda that has been underway for many years, people have the tendency to call them evil, in our words you would be correct, but what it is, is thought and thoughts from all those in this global group agenda, their thoughts compounded and expanded until they brought forth their agenda to depopulate humanity in means that was brilliantly done but had many flaws, the flaw is they were and are in no means whatsoever connected to the spiritual aspect of consciousness, consciousness only works with the purest energy, and creates what is for the good of its creation of which is planet earth, and all its creative partners in all events.

You may ask why did God allow this to happen to humanity, the first flaw in this question is that there is no death, you come to explore, to grow, and you all had your so called missions in this creation, those who took the vaccine were all in fact here to bring an end to this evil so called agenda to an end, and for humanity to never cross this path again, so in fact you were all eager to take on this role and have this manifestation of which is unfolding to come to an end, and the only way to bring this down is through the vaccinated making their transition into non physical and then to come back into a more encouraging expanding place to start again.

The vaccinated without realising this spiritualised aspect of themselves, were not listening to what their consciousness was guiding them to do, but instead, they were listening to outside sources of which are in no way connected to consciousness, this being the Governments, the health ministers, and the media, and you paid the price to receive your freedom, and because your thoughts were focused upon freedom this is what you shall receive.

Humanity has very little understanding of this intelligence and how it works, your thoughts of freedom is not the freedom you thought it was to be, your thoughts have projected to this freedom, so much so that this is what you will and shall achieve. You get what you think about, and not in the way you were thinking, and why?

To think thoughts of freedom is to create in your imagination of the fun and feeling the emotion to this emotional feeling, but what most have done is saying ‘I can’t wait till we have freedom, I am over this’ or angry, worried and frustrated these emotions is not working with your inner consciousness but in the opposite of the very thing you want.

How to help the vaccinated in their transitions, because when it is realised, they had been all duped will have a humanity who are going to be very angry, you must overcome this anger, you will only make your transition that much more difficult, and why?

Consciousness knows the plan, and if you release the anger your transition will just flow in and out, and you can take another bounce at living life again.  

Always remember Consciousness/God adores its creation and would not harm what it has created, only people with different intentions with their thoughts commit harm, and those who you may call the light of love consciousness are working even more on a solution of the dark agenda, love and light always is far greater than the dark energy, and you were all part of this game to expand consciousness.

Wake up from the fear energy it is the lowest form of energy, the more you hold yourself in this energy field, the more it will build, and expand into more.

Thoughts and the emotion behind the thought is the fuel energy of which Consciousness interacts with you, be very mindful of thoughts, and to feel how the thoughts feel within, don’t take my word for this, you test it, you must discover your thoughts and how it feels to that thought.

When you say I am happy, and you feel happy acknowledge this feeling within, understand how it feels.

Now say I am angry or worried something of which is negative, feel the feeling within, understand how it feels.

Get to know your thoughts to your feeling emotion, this is how your internal energy communicates with you. This is the spiritualised part of you and in and around your total environment, everything in and around you have been already created and was all created by spiritualised thought, you are here to look beyond what has been created and focus upon creating new imaginative thoughts. These thoughts are collected by the spiritualised part of you who is the manifest-er of the ideas from the thoughts into a reality.

This is the process of consciousness, and your thoughts is the energy to those ideas, your thoughts are the energy fuel, the communicator to consciousness, and consciousness forms it into a realised form. How can consciousness do this? You will feel impulses, or a thought idea, or aha moment, this is consciousness feeding you a way forward to an idea you have been dreaming or imagining or have been asking for.  This is pretty amazing intel, and most everyone does not believe in it or listen to it.

The catastrophic separation from this intel is organised religion, to teach you are all individual god/consciousness will see these institutions fold. Religion has too much power and controls your thoughts and the narrative.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.

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