This is the time of the great reset of consciousness, and for humanity to identify and feel and trust this intelligence within, this intelligence speaks in endless formats, it is to release the prolific thoughts and to quieten the mind to receive a thought or a vision, or an idea, you are always being directed if you are aware of the feelings you are feeling.

It is time for everyone to WAKE UP we are entering into THE GREAT RESET of CONSCIOUSNESS.

I have this feeling within me everything is alright, and I feel absolutely happy, it is this feeling of which is being projected to me from my inner consciousness. My daughter and sister sometimes are overcome with this fear of what is happening in our unsettled time, and I keep on telling them I don’t feel it, you must trust that Consciousness has the plan and is working with some great people behind the scenes who are taking down the Cabal the monsters who created this planned demic.  

How to trust the plan? It is to look at what you want for humanity and for you and your family, it is looking at the outcome and not looking at where you are.

I know we are living in where we are, and we have responsibilities, and for some it is to let go of things and downsize, or grow a garden, shift and share with family just until this planned demic comes to an end, it will and is coming to an end, and why? Because I can feel it, I said to my daughter I want to run down the street singing in joy, and why? I have projected my thoughts to the outcome, and I know it is already done.

IT IS DONE! We will have great celebration, and for those who thought they could change the course of humanity will come crashing down.

Back in October 2019 I had a powerful thought and vision that Trump won, I was shocked when he lost, and in February a large spider web and I was directed to look at the web it was very strong and then received the words ‘The corruption runs very deep’.

When the covid debacle started we were all in a very much unknown phase, and I was guilty of being indoctrinated by the mainstream media, until I started to question what is really going on, how can the media, youtube and facebook suddenly de-bunk leading scientists, and then I was told to use the search engine DuckDuckGo, and seeing the stark comparison of misinformation being projected to everyone through the mainstream channels, some of us have woken up and for many others are completely asleep at the wheel. Because of this prolific controlled behaviour upon humanity and in their sleep stage I went into action and started informing people to wake up, view this, read this, a lot started to wake up and a lot I am afraid you cannot help them their minds are completely indoctrinated.  

The depths of information were becoming prolific, and then the discovery of a select few who have an agenda to rule the world and de-populate and to create transhumanism of every living individual to be controlled by (AI) Artificial Intelligence technology through what is being injected into everyone. They are all hiding in plain sight, and now have blasé attitudes.

What is the Consciousness/God part in all of this and for humanity? To go into the history of this agenda dates back thousands of years of satanic rituals which came forth into the preceding years, until over a hundred years ago some individuals had power and control and their love for money became the root of all evil, money is not the root of all evil, but the love of it became too powerful, the corruption the sadistic rituals of which has been hiding in plain sight, they then formed the Free Masons the agenda was set, they infiltrated anyone who had sexual perversions by blackmail, they infiltrated them into high positions, and nobody was any the wiser, they deplore Spirituality or Christianity, as it is opposite to their occult movement. I came across a video series that sent me down a rabbit hole of the sheer disgust of our famous movie actors, singers, influencers, leaders, past presidents, queens, the pope, this list is endless. I have attached the link and you can digest this for yourself.

Consciousness/God part in all of this, how can it allow this to happen? People express about the many deaths, there is no death, once you depart you come back again to take another run at living life to expand your inner consciousness, and you were all part of this great plan, consciousness does not see death at all, your body dies but your energy line lives forever.

Why has consciousness not stopped what is occurring? This planned agenda has been building in a creation over a long time, and it needed the right people to fulfill its agenda that being the people in the World Economic Forum, they brought their agenda forward from 2030 time line to now because their biggest adversary was Trump, they needed to take him down, and the election was the place to do this, without them even realising that Trump is many steps ahead of them, he was privy to what they were going to do, I remember Trump saying ‘I can’t do anything, I have something bigger that needs to be dealt with.’  Where there is a destruction of consciousness, consciousness places key players who have the strength and ability to take down what is occurring.

This is the time of the great reset of consciousness, and for humanity to identify and feel and trust this intelligence within, this intelligence speaks in endless formats, it is to release the prolific thoughts and to quieten the mind to receive a thought or a vision, or an idea, you are always being directed if you are aware of the feelings you are feeling.

Consciousness will never defile its creation, only man does this.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought, and mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.

The Fall of the Cabal

Well documented research into the paedophile perpetrators all linked to the Satanic Cabal who orchestrated the virus to install panic and fear to inject the world with Artificial Intelligence Patent US20120265001AI; Composite magnetic nanoparticle drug delivery system. Parasitic eggs, Graphene, and human fetal cells, all redacted from FDA doc, would you believe only 38 Cabal monsters want to control every living human being by the Vaxx and 5G technology. They control the corrupt government officials, judges, Royalties, the Pope, Movie actors and police chiefs, who are complicit in genocide to hide their sickening misdeeds and are involved in these satanic rituals.

How it became Part 1 to 18

Part 1 to 10 Current time what is happening now, and Ten gives you the hope and belief the outcome is assured. Don’t discount it trust it and have complete faith it is becoming.


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