The mediocre minds follow the pack and then they make the pack belief of thoughts a truth, without even considering a viable alternative to a thought of truth, it is much simpler to follow the pack, and those who stand outside the pack become the societies misfits. 

We have evolved in technology and yet those who think they know still want to teach the old ways as the way to growth.

I look at my daughter an incredible artist and has the ability within her and yet they say you must go to school to advance your art, you must discover how the old artist did it you must see the brush strokes you must – you must – you must, how completely ludicrous to study something old when you are new and have far out achieved the old, and yet they hold the old in such awe without giving any credence to the new.

Most of the times the teachers want it done their way, instead of you creating in your way. It is the same scenario coming from peers, media and social networks they want you all to be the same and think the same as them, and if you do not conform to those thoughts you are disenfranchised. Did you know you are all-powerful creators and have your own inner intelligence feeding you information on what, where, and how, for the next and the next, and if you would only acknowledge and tune into this intelligence you will outperform the mediocre intellect of which is running rampant. 

The mediocre minds follow the pack and then they make the pack belief of thoughts a truth, without even considering a viable alternative to a thought of truth, it is much simpler to follow the pack, and those who stand outside the pack become the societies misfits.  

This brings me to the bible, it has exploited many generations into the old thoughts of which was created by man in those times, of which has no relevance now, we have evolved into massive expansion in technology, vehicles, housing, electricity, planes, just everything you can see of which was not even thought about in those times when they rode on donkeys, and yet this religious preaching is still creating massive destruction to all its pack, the destruction is creating and re-creating the human minds as powerless to tap into Consciousness/God, because you don’t have that power only God has this power and all the relevant names described in the bible had it. It has been over two thousand years and they are still trying to decipher the text; the text is so old and has no relevance in this day and age. We have completely evolved.

This is the most ridiculous notion of thought that has ever been created and those who follow this notion cannot see past this perpetuated belief of those thoughts, the pulpit consistently goes over past events to justify a form of preaching a sermon. The followers are so indoctrinated into this belief, that they cannot see past those events and yet these followers can describe what was in the bible is happening now, the seas will open the ground will rumble the coming is coming, God will have vengeance. What utter balderdash!


And never separate from it.


The thoughts and beliefs you think, creates your reality, it is being very mindful of the thoughts you are creating. Your thoughts are the energy charge to this Consciousness/God, and this pulsating energy will boomerang your thoughts of old and negative right back at you, and you will feel it to your core, but most people cannot feel emotions, and have no understanding of the feeling emotions they are having. Consciousness only excepts and resides in pure positive forward thoughts, and when you receive a not so nice feeling is only from Consciousness not excepting your thought, and giving you feed back to change that thought process. This is how illnesses are created, you keep on thinking that thought you will receive more rejection from Consciousness on that topic or thought.

Everything is co-creating and expanding this life stream of Consciousness, and the powerful laws of the universe are always interacting with these laws.

Thought processes of wanted and unwanted, is pointing you to your attraction. You cannot think a thought without thinking the opposite of that thought the thought of the wanted and unwanted is what is directing you to that thought. This is the Law of Want Attraction.

To be a conscious deliberate creator is being aware of the emotions, is aware of the responses, is aware of the choices, is willing to feel good with the responses. The default effect is the absence of the willingness of feeling a viable alternative; it is a pre-set choice that will be used if no choice is created, it becomes action oriented and most of the times these decisions do not play out to your advantage. This is the Law of Attraction.

Negative emotion is the most practiced emotion it feels normal to most everyone, it is to recognise this negative emotion and clean it up. Think and feel, until you feel and think, this is allowing the thinking to come through after the feeling. This is being truly aligned with your Inner Consciousness. This is the Law of Feeling Emotions Attraction.

What holds you back from the momentum, is how allowing are you.

How willing are you to trust that this vibration exists?

What is it going to take for you to be swept up with this momentum of vibrational energies? This is the Law of Alignment Attraction.

Harmonize with these laws and begin to notice the change within you and around you. You can all do this, just trust, and believe.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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