The timing is allowing the gap of time to be drawn closer in time, This gap can be fulfilled in a day or in time, It is in trimming your timeline, it is what you are outputting for the universe to feel, and how magnified your vibrational energy is.

Timing is only ever to do with what you are doing in the in between times to what to do next. This is called the gap in time. Most have no understanding that you create in thought to what you want to live out, meaning the things you want for you to enjoy.

If you are frustrated the gap is extended and could extend into another lifetime. If you take an action to make it happen on the most part, it is the hard way to it when there is an easier way and then in a lot of cases it falls short and does not work out or you are disillusioned and give up.

You cannot push against consciousness, because consciousness knows what you are ready for, and will give you a thought or an inspiration, or a vision to take that next step.

Your part is to stay focused.

Your part is to enjoy all that you have, even when you want it to be different, it is being satisfied with what you have, it is appreciating what you have. This is letting your inner consciousness know you are happy and are allowing new expansion of thought to begin to be realised, it is saying I am happy and expanding upon to a new revealing expansion, because what has already been created is readying itself to take thought beyond into a new arena.

Consciousness part in the process

Most everyone discredits that you are of two parts and that is you are spiritualised energy within the human form. Consciousness of which is you, works collectively with other consciousness either living or not living to create and muster the thoughts you are creating into a realised form, meaning bringing it into a reality, in most cases even better than what you think it was going to be.

Some realised forms can be manifested quickly or in time, it all depends upon where your thoughts, words and actions are playing out to the event.

You must trust you are so much more than what you have been told.

For me I can feel motion forward, and I am greatly inspired to write I love being a spiritual advisor, I love creating a new way to and of thought and how thoughts create. Writing for me flows and it is filling my gap in time to be in one with my inner consciousness, I have become intuitively sensitive to thought and feelings, and the feeling behind the thought. If my thought deviates, I have become very aware and refocus my thought to better thoughts, this is working collectively with the larger part of me, and this is where all the good stuff flows. I also know my coaching will grow and evolve into another arena of teaching, and I can feel the energy flowing to this, I don’t know when, or where, or how, I just know it is evolving.

It is trusting in what you are creating in your imaginative thoughts to what you want and how it would feel to be where you would like to be, it is growing that feeling within and then it compounds to become more.

What is happening in the time gap, and the timing of all the conceivable elements of collective consciousness working on what you have put into your imaginative files of thoughts, and these imaginative thought files have been in the pipeline for many years and have been accumulating for you to line up with your own thoughts and feelings, and importantly how you are maintaining this gap with how satisfied you are being.

But most persons can’t maintain this gap, they begin to doubt, they lose faith and then this desire recedes, until it gathers more thought to it again.

The most important element is not to speak to others, because they have no idea what is in your imaginative vibration and will want you to become like their thoughts of doubt, and these persons can certainly create a doubtful atmosphere, you are not here to create doubt but to believe in something that is not revealed yet.

Keep your ideas to yourself until you are fully in tune with your ideas.

The trick is to feel good now!

This is not a trick; the trick is not to keep you where you are, but to allow the appreciation of who you truly are to be felt by all the co-operative components of the universe to deliver in perfect timing your alignment into your beingness with what you have asked for.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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