You must feel the feelings within you because your emotions are your indicator to this intelligence. 

The right teachers arrive in perfect timing to what you are wanting to know.

We all come to gather knowledge to where we are standing.

To take a quantum leap into the unknown can be too soon for many, because most persons are not ready for this experience as they hold very distorted beliefs, and most of these beliefs have no relevance or hold any form of truth, those thoughts were created by many other thoughts and gathered into such momentum that they made it their own truth, without even considering another viable option in a new truth, it just makes it easier for you to believe in old truths, because you have become lazy in your own thoughts to gather new knowledge, or a new truth.

If I told you, you are all Gods you would vehemently refuse this, because you are told God is out there in a church or on a throne, or just a made-up story. Religion is very good in keeping you from the truth, to tell you, you are God would see all these institutions disintegrate, and they like to place fear in your heart instead of the wonder of who you all really are.

If you were to completely stop the thoughts of what was created by institutions, media, and bogus manipulations from those who have no understanding of what Consciousness or God is. You will all discover this powerful you within you, because of the perpetuation of a belief of which was created by man’s thoughts you have all removed yourselves from what is internally within you, there comes a point in time you begin to seek the meaning of life and who are we?

This is when you will slowly make your way around teachers who start to resonate a feeling within you for you to begin to understand, and then to start feeling the feelings within you, this is when you are now tuning into the Consciousness/God within you.

You are all spiritualised pulsating energies and were very excited to live life in a human body to experience the living of life, and to expand your inner consciousness. Your body is the house or the temple for your pulsating energy, and expressly waits for you to tune into this energy, and then the fun begins because it wants to co-create with you to the things you want.

You must feel the feelings within you because your emotions are your indicator to this intelligence. 

To clarify, when you listen to someone or read even this article, what are your thoughts? How does your emotions feel? If you felt you put up some resistance, the resistance is not coming from within it is only coming from you placing the resistance to it. The resistant feeling is your inner consciousness does not see it that way so it is for you to change your belief of thoughts, to change that belief of thought only takes a few words and you will feel a difference within, to ‘I will be open and read or listen, and if I feel a resonance within in, it could be a new opening experience, I will ponder and feel how it feels within.’ The only way to tell what is right, is to feel the feelings within, and with you not thinking what you think it is, because your thoughts are fickle most of the time, you gather thoughts from every direction without even considering how the thought feels.

We have many informative teachers who have gathered their own inner knowledge of connection to Consciousness, and with each individual’s knowledge opens and awareness to something that feels right because you will feel it within you, and when your awareness expands you will have a hunger for more knowledge. Because you have taken your thought from kindergarten to the university level, this is how we expand our thoughts into a knowing. You just know.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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