Most people have an inkling they will reincarnate but have completely distorted view and ideas to it.

Reincarnation terminology is the rebirth of a soul into another body and then taken further into distorted versions of what it can be, mainly through religious terminology.

Most people have an inkling they will reincarnate but have completely distorted ideas to it. Some think they will come back as an animal, sorry to discredit this, you are a human frequency of energy and are vibrating at a different frequency, you will never come back as an animal. An animal reincarnates back into its animal frequency as you do into a human frequency. Many think they will come back as the same person, meaning look the same and have the same thought mind.

If I were to tell you that you are a pulsating frequency of energy, and that this switch is always turned on, you can never separate from it, when your body dies your energy forms back into energy and pulsates itself to recreate into another human form to express itself in living in life. This is where religion has completely misguided and distorted what God is, and more so in pertaining to Jesus who will rise again, he has re-emerged thousands of times and completely in new human forms, to expand its consciousness.  This energy does not see evil the devil or heaven and hell, it just feels life and feels expansion of thought created by you.

There is no such thing as karma from a past life, when you have outlived your life mainly through not expanding thought, is when the life in the body depletes. Your inner energy life stream is expansion and what it has lived in a body is past tense your energy is only creating new creations and does not live out old creations, that is old news, it only creates new news.

Why people say karma is because people talk about old news and then recreate the old news again, because they have nothing better to think and talk about but negative thoughts. Then they say it must be a past life, NO you keep on reinventing the wheel just the same as hereditary illnesses.

To understand this energy is to feel your emotions, when you think negatively you will feel an offness within the body and if you are not feeling it or understanding the negative feeling it will get bigger and will eventually break out in the body into an illness, you cannot keep on thinking negative thoughts because your inner energy or inner consciousness is deflecting those thoughts back to you to change those thoughts. When you feel happy and appreciative and satisfied where you are, and enthusiasm for life your inner energy compounds this to feel even better and things start to move for you to what you want to live and experience.

Then you may ask why babies and children experience illnesses. There are numerous ways illnesses are projected to the infant, one being without you even giving due consideration to how your thoughts create and atmospheric emotional energy, this frequency of thought begins to take form and with enough emotional thought it can be projected into the fetus, child or persons, that you speak about it and keep on perpetuating it, until it takes form into a realised matter. Your life stream is also wanting to feel itself through situations to understand and feel more to the ailment and can project a frequency to expand consciousness, not only for the child but also for the family structure involved to focus upon what they are creating in thought with their own inner consciousness. Things do happen to not only you but also for others, after all it is a collective consciousness and you are not alone, when breakouts occur or illnesses, they are for you to refocus where you are directing your energy too.

When some parents lose a child to a circumstance of which could lead to more children losing to the same scenario, it then becomes a focus of the parents to take a leading role to create better outcomes for many other human inner consciousness, the child made the sacrifice so the parents could grow and expand upon, because if had not been for this child’s sacrifice many others would have gone the same way.

Sacrifice is not a good word because in energy laws it was just in and out and that was fun and then onto the next experience. There is no such thing as death, just emergence and re-emergence.

Those persons you mourn about have already re-emerged back into another human form to take another run at living life in a body.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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