You are not born intelligent or with a High IQ, but you are born with this intelligence who is playing out with what it wants to create for itself through the human form.

Gifted children or persons most everyone holds them in such awe, or gifted miracle children, did you know you are eternal, and live out in many lifetimes. When a child who has these attributes of high intelligence has within them an intelligence of its own consciousness who the child is very receptive to receiving the answer or the process.

You are not born intelligent or of a high IQ, but you are born with this intelligence who is playing out with what it wants to create for itself through the human form. Your body is the house the temple for this intelligence, and your thoughts already created long before you were born what it wanted to create.

In a lot of instances, the child derails itself because they have not come up to speed with its own inner consciousness. Meaning, they lose the connection of expanding with their own inner consciousness who has expanded further, and the child or person has not kept up with the expansion.

This occurs with young movie actors or singers, they have expanded to become more and yet in the meantime they collapsed in the gap, and the gap is only not keeping up with you, with you, or better still are you keeping up with your inner consciousness.

An extremely fine line but you all can do this, it is in the quiet times when nothing is happening is the time to look at life and appreciate where you are and what is becoming, the more you do this the quicker it will become, but if you hold onto frustration and asking where is it, and why is it not happening, or trying to make, or take an action it will just stay in the background, until you line up with it again. You must feel good always in the process to where or what you want to become, and just know it is all becoming.

The inner consciousness wants to express itself through you, without you realising it you chose to re-emerge into a human form to define what you want, and most of all to reconnect to this inner intelligence of which is your eternal life stream, and then to flow your attention to what you want and to most importantly to flow with this life stream, and when you do you create miracles or what people want to call as gifts, they are not gifts they are just connected to their inner consciousness and are in unison with it.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.

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