You must plugin into your inner consciousness and discover this in house knowledge, this intelligence is silently waiting for you to connect to it more, you are always connected without you realising it, unless you understand what your emotions are telling you.

We all have emotions and most of the world population has no idea where they come from, most think it comes from the heart or the brain, but how can the brain think emotions, most believe it comes from a part of the brain, or they believe in what they think it is, or how does the heart feel emotions, it is a pumping station, so where do you really think it comes from?

You have heard from me explaining that you are so much more than what you think you are but have never considered what the so much more is.

You observe animals and birds with their amazing intuitive knowing of occurrences to happen, how do you think this happens? Did you know you have this same capability and connection to this same power house, the only difference between you and the animals is they are always in a place of non-resistance a non-observing to problems only to solutions, whereas the humans mind are overactive with a lot of resistance, the animals are in pure connection to Consciousness or what people want to call God, of which is a pulsating energy of so much more than what you realise, but consistently discredit for fear of looking stupid to believe in mumbo jumbo. If I were to tell you mumbo jumbo is who you really are, you are spiritualised energy first and foremost, your body is only the house for this Consciousness.

Now you may be thinking what a load of rubbish, this is nuts. Consider the following.

Have you had a knowing that was so powerful and it happened?

Has the phone rung and it was the very person you were thinking about?

Have you had a dream that came into play?

Have you had inner eye visions?

Have you heard words in your mind?

Have you felt light feather feel on your body?

Have you felt a powerful energy lifting your body in a sleep state, it is called astral travel?

Have you had vivid dreams?

Do you see a light glow around people, animals, trees, it is called an aura, it is energy fields, of which is depicted around Jesus, you have the same energy field?

Do you see glowing light in your periphery vision either in blue or white?

Have you seen circular shape marks in your photos these are energy orbs?

This list is endless, you are, we are, everything is pulsating energies they reside in everything that you see, they feel through everything that you feel and do, they expand with the thoughts that you think, and they create from your thoughts with enough positive momentum of emotional thought to your ideas to become a thing for you to enjoy, or if you are creating unwanted thoughts you will receive an outcome of which will not be so good.

Now to emotions, your energy is pulsating and can feel to the degree of the thoughts you are manifesting, if the thought is positive you feel good you feel alive you feel eager and excited, you have enthusiasm you have creative power, if you feel not so good, or are speaking out of term about someone or something you will feel it in your body as not feeling good, and if you ignore this feeling it will get bigger until in the end it will break out into a manifestation in the body of which you really do not want.

Your inner consciousness absorbs good feeling thoughts.

Your inner consciousness does not absorb negative feeling thoughts and will boomerang it right back at you, therefore you do not feel good. You are depriving yourself by your thoughts.

Your emotions are your mood barometer and the indicator to what you are creating in our thoughts, and your emotions are telling you to change the thought or to enhance the thought. 

So, either you want to start believing in mumbo jumbo or keep bumming around and trying to make sense of who you really are, and coming to no conclusions, until you let go and go within.

You must plugin into your inner consciousness and discover this in house knowledge, this intelligence is silently waiting for you to connect to it more, you are always connected without you realising it, unless you understand what your emotions are telling you.

When you meet someone and you feel really good with this person, in you feeling good with this person is irrelevant, it is an excuse to line up your energy and you are using them to line up, but what most people do is believe this must be the one I am in love, or, it was only the reason for you to understand emotions, and it may be the one or not but in the meantime you recognise this emotion, and can re-create that feeling again.

I discovered when we were put into lockdown by the so called new covid strain, with only one infected person to lock down a whole city, and feeling the government and media going into hysteria frenzy, and my thoughts started to take form and run into the bureaucracy going mad on perpetuating what is I believe to be far from any truth. I started to not feel the feeling I usually am in, in my bed that night I gave thought to what I felt and thought my inner consciousness did not want me to go down that thought path, and then I started to say in thought, ‘All is well, I am pure positive energy, I quickly recognised to let go of that thought, I can feel the release of that feeling, I am feeling better now,’ and I did feel better.

Now why would inner consciousness want to release that thought, it is an issue of which we are all in, it is to realise consciousness is the solution organiser and they are on it, all it requires is for our thoughts to look to an outcome, that being everyone is free and happy and going about their day and traveling, and having fun, what you have done is placed your intentions to the outcome you want, and they as in consciousness is working on it, but if you were to keep giving it oxygen then it will keep on being what it is, because you are giving the universal powers mixed messages, and it does not require everyone to change that thought, it comes from those who hold powerful intentions to an outcome for it to change.

Consciousness is a willing pulsating energy waiting for you all to come up to speed with it, you must raise your awareness to meet Consciousness because Consciousness never lowers itself to meet you. Step up it is your time.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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