Everything you are living you invited it into your experience.

It is where you are most vibrating a frequency too, and your inner consciousness will show you more of what you are attracting to you, to either clean it up or to bring more to you on either end of the scale.

The dominant quest for psychologists’ or counsellors is enabling the clients to diagnosis the heart of an issue and recreating an awareness and then accepting the awareness and then taking action of which, all of this is counter intuitive and underpins consciousness, and why?

To make an awareness of a problem exacerbates the problem, consciousness is always forward looking, and to recreate a problem recreates that energy frequency to be reactivated, and then the holder of the problem feels it within and dredges up that old thought again and again and so on.

Without considering the awareness to a new thought, we tend to waste this new knowledge on the same old pursuits, and most of the time it is manipulating thought to come to more of the same thought, I know it is knit picking to finely tune awareness of thought and emotion.

To grow and expand thought is to see past the limiting beliefs and old thoughts. Technology has expanded immensely and yet we still hold onto such credence in the words of the holy bible, and many of the textbooks of which thought has far evolved from the conditions and the time it was written.

If I were to tell you all that you have been trained in is all completely bogus, because all that is in the textbooks comes from mans thoughts at that time they created it and has no relevance now for they are old thoughts and have not incorporated who and what you all are, and why they lose sight of themselves. It is not an easy feat for a counsellor to change that direction of that thought because this is what you are trained in. It takes a powerful focuser to change the direction of a perpetuated thought to a better feeling thought.

You are first and foremost a spiritualised energy frequency residing within the human body.

The heart of every contrasting issue is completely a disconnection from the spiritualised energy within, and if this truth were to be spoken about you would have fewer contrasting issues. Every issue was born out of a strong asking to refocus with inner consciousness, the more you focus upon the issue the more disconnection from the spiritualised part of you, and why? Consciousness does not join you on those issues, consciousness lived it and has moved on, and the humans mind they want to recreate and relive that old issue, because they have nothing better to do and want to live the drama of it because this is the frequency they know and have adapted too.

Every contrasting issue that arises is always born from a thought or thinking thought of which was created within them first.

It is not an easy reality to face when everything that comes to you is from a strong asking to clarify and to understand focus of thought, and that every minute thought begins a frequency and if that thought is thought upon long enough and then it begins to feel an emotion it then begins a vibration, and this vibration is now felt by inner consciousness to begin a process of manifesting.  

There are multiple ways to how things come to you, by holding upon a negative or positive thought, or by your own inner consciousness having an asking for an emotional break through to clarify upon for all parties involved, this list is endless, and this list can be reduced by the thoughts you are thinking, and not only thoughts you think but what you are observing in your environment by media or interaction from others, that you focus upon becomes a thought, wouldn’t it be nicer to focus upon good feeling thoughts to increase this momentum to become more, and the more you feel good the more consciousness will provide more of it.

It sounds like we are all puppets on a string and consciousness dictates for us, if only you knew that you dictate by your thoughts and then consciousness will surprise and delight you along the way to more goodness, but if you are not feeling good consciousness does not ride those thought patterns and this is why you feel incredibly negative in your thoughts, and if enough resistance is happening it will eventuate into a breakout of and illness of which you really do not want.

Most people completely disbelieve in this airy-fairy stuff and if you were to work on this principal you most likely will be sent to a psychologist for losing the plot.

To gather new knowledge and understanding if you were to believe in this unseen world, your inner unseen world will guide you, and you can all do this, you all have experienced it but have no idea how it comes about or how you experience inspirations or feelings, or dreams and visions, or hear words or blocks of thoughts, or how survival instincts come into play, or how near-death experiences tap into something so wonderful, and how instant goosebumps occur to acknowledge your thought. Where do you think this is coming from? You are all consciousness, and your body is only the house for this consciousness, it can only experience life through your eyes and senses. You may ask why it wants to reside in a body and live these experiences, it does it all for expansion of its consciousness and you were all very excited to live out these expansion experiences, to further enhance who you are. You are all so much greater than what you think you are.

Active old thought brings it to you.

Thought is always where you last left it.

Find resistant free thoughts.

Relief feeling always comes from forward thought.

Everything you are living you invited it into your experience.

It is where you are most vibrating a frequency too, and your inner consciousness will show you more of what you are attracting to you, to either clean it up or to bring more to you on either end of the scale.

There is no such thing as NO! The more you say NO! the more it becomes because this is your dominate thought pattern.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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