A temple referred to the human terminology is a place of worship, or a place where God dwells, without even considering that each individual human being who resides on this earth is the temple.

A temple referred to the human terminology is a place of worship, or a place where God dwells, without even considering that each individual human being who resides on this earth is the temple, and that God of which is your consciousness your inner intelligence resides within this temple, you are the house, the temple for this spiritualised pulsating energy, but most everyone wants to believe in something greater or unseeable that resides out of them, and that it can only be obtained or worshipped in a church, or a place of worship.

This is a perpetuation of a thought that became a belief created by those who wanted to have power, economic and dominion over other people’s beliefs and thoughts, without even considering where or how this thought became a belief and why?

You all are powerful creators to create and understand your thoughts and how these thoughts create. You all came to reside in your Temple to understand clarity in thought and how the thoughts feel within your temple and how those thoughts interact with your God/Consciousness/ infinite intelligence/inner being/spirit, it does not matter what word you give it, it is to just know you are it, and it does not require religion to find what you have naturally within you.

When you daydream or meditate or just letting your mind be still you are connecting to your inner consciousness, and this inner consciousness in this non-resistant practised mind state will receive an inspired thought or an idea for you to follow.

You must ask yourself, where do these thought ideas come from, your brain does not have the capacity or the where with all to come up with the idea, because you did not supply these thoughts to your brain.

Did you know you are of two parts working as a whole part, the greater part of you is a pulsating energy, connected to a greater energy field and chose to reside in your body to live and experience life through you, this part of you knows what you are ready for, and will inspire you to an idea, and encourage you to the next and the next. This is the part of you where you receive these wonderful thoughts or solutions, and most people disregard this part of you, that you are fields of energy and this energy is powerful and creates your desires to become a realised manifestation, so the quicker you acknowledge this part of you the quicker you will move into the direction of where you want to go.

Re-read all my blogs on how to understand your inner consciousness, and if you allow your thoughts to focus upon who you really are, you will feel an energy within or hear or see in the inner vision of which is undeniable for you to start believing. Your inner consciousness is calling you, all you have to do is believe.

When I first received thoughts, visions and outer body sensations, I was enamoured and then I started to receive a lot of down loaded information, and then over time they became less, because a bond had been formed with me and this inner intelligence, my connection had raised to become more where I had to focus upon thoughts and interaction with others in their differing opinions and keeping my nose out of where it did not serve me, and monitoring thoughts and focusing on new thoughts and then raising my energy vibration, so much so that I can write a blog with downloaded thoughts and feel absolutely pumped, and why because I received the thought and my inner intelligence is speaking through me in words.

This collective consciousness is wanting the human population to wake up and let go off past belief of thoughts, it is time to let go of those trappings because they no longer serve you and only hold you where you are, and honestly what has change, technology has grown but mans thoughts are so misconstrued in old beliefs.     

‘Ye are all Gods’ you are never separate from it, think about it!   

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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