You all could have so much fun if you would just trust you have this greater part of you who is collectively working for you always.

Have you received a feeling to do something that felt so compelling, it could be to change lanes or to ring someone or to go to someplace, I mean literally anything, did you know that this inspired feeling is coming from your inner being or inner consciousness directing you to an outcome, this energy within is your spiritualised part of you who resides within you as you and will give you the thoughts or visions to what you are wanting a solution too. This part of you, you may call God, but this God word keeps you separate from its existence because religion preaches separateness from the greatest part of you of which is you, to refer to you all as being God would shut down these institutions.

These inspired feelings is you tuning into your energy stream of your inner intelligence who is living your dreams and knows what you want and when you are ready for it, the meaning of ready for it, have you dreamed and imagined the feeling of the things you want, or are you in a yearning feeling, or a frustrated feeling. To receive the thoughts for the next and the next is to feel satisfied and appreciate where you are, this is the vibrational feeling place for creating the things you want.

If you feel appreciative and satisfied opens new doors, because this inner intelligence can feel your vibrational emotional energy.

If you require consistent positive affirmations and require positive books or cards to create the feeling, this means you are the opposite of positive and are trying to conjure a feeling within. The feeling is being positive which brings about more positive feelings.

Life is an illusion because everything you perceive is created by energy, and this energy is coming from everything you see smell and touch, and your thoughts with emotion behind the thought creates an enormous amount of energy, and the more you are appreciative and are satisfied this energy stream manifests your dreams or desires.

But alas! most everyone disbelieves in this energy stream, and they listen to beliefs of peers and other misfortunes and mistruths and then keep on perpetuating the same outcome for them.

Understand your inner consciousness.  

Close your eyes and focus upon your breath, feel your breath enter your body in and out, just allow the breathing to be the main focus, you may in a short time or straight away, or in time, feel a feeling within you, it may be a pulsation, or a twitch, or a tickle like a feather down your face, any feeling pulsation is your inner intelligence acknowledging you, you may say in thought I feel you, stay focused upon your breath and bask in the feelings you are receiving, enjoy it, you have just made connection to the spiritualised energy part of you. Do this daily to quieten the mind, in a quiet mind is where the mind chatter stops and your inner intelligence can make contact, to your next step or solution. You must get to a place to lessen the mind chatter, the mind chatter is not your friend, it delays your outcomes.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

I received coins and the letter W in my inner vision, and the feeling I felt was I had won some money on the lottery. Can’t explain it, but it is a feeling. When I checked my emails and saw a congratulations email I knew what I received in my vision happened. There is nothing more satisfying when you receive a thought or vision and you just know what is about to happen, happens.

You all could have so much fun if you would just trust you have this greater part of you who is collectively working for you always.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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