CONSCIOUSNESS/GOD about covid & vaccine

Until or unless you begin to know or have knowledge of the existence of the inner part of you of which is your spiritualised energy of which man calls God, this God/Spiritualised Consciousness resides in everyone, you are all of that, and is your guidance system to all things.

Until or unless you begin to know or have knowledge of the existence of the inner part of you of which is your spiritualised energy of which man calls God, this God/Spiritualised Consciousness resides in everyone, you are all of that.

This is the first step to understand you and your part in this time and space of living in your body. We all came to gather expansion knowledge for your spiritualised energy to grow and expand upon to expand the universal consciousness, and you were all eager to take on this role and to continuously tap into this stream of energy to grow from and with your thoughts. You turn on a light switch and the electricity flows, you put fuel in your car to drive, your emotional thoughts are the energy charge and connection to God/Consciousness, and with this charge of energy it will flow to what is wanted, and create with you, any negative thought is boomeranged back at you because Consciousness only flows in pure thought. The more negative the more it becomes and will eventually break out in some form as an illness, and WHY? Consciousness is letting you know you must change your thought.

You before you were even born knew the universal laws and understood these laws, and have direct correspondence to this intelligence, and you knew while in an energised non-form that you could create your thoughts to feeling better to receive the things you want, you knew what is being observed is ALL PAST TENSE and you knew you were here to create new thought. But most everyone looks at what is and observes what is, WHAT IS – IS PAST TENSE it was already created, you are here to create NEW THOUGHTS, and you knew everything is created with focused forward thought, and that the past is old thoughts it is a has been. It is while living in a body you separated yourself from this intelligence, you must find the way to keep up with you and your inner you.

The many reasons you separate from you is the living of life and observing everyone else’s point of attraction and making those your truth, instead of you observing and deciphering what feels your truth. Nothing is true until you discover the emotional feeling to make it your truth. If a person said to you, they have a headache and you are going to have one as well, do you believe them, if you take on their thought and feel it into your emotions you will receive the headache, but if you brush it off it does not exist within you. This goes for everything you observe, be very picky about what you are observing.

Let us look at the covid, it was created years ago and perpetuated by those select few for economic reasons, they had an energy stream well underway for the unsuspecting population, without you even realising that these select few created something so vulgar is in fact for the purpose of the population to not look at what is, because it was already created, but for the population to ONLY LOOK AT WHAT IS WANTED, OF WHICH WILL OVERRIDE WHAT IS HAPPENING these rogues are in fact teachers, because the population are disregarding an inner intelligence with disbelief, and have a habit of looking and observing what is, and those old thoughts caused the things. You are here to change that thought and create a new thought and make contact within.

Then the population pushes against the ailment of which creates more because you are focused upon what is, then you listen to the media who will bomb blast you, and negatively exploit facts to scare you more into the dilemma. They for the most part are not in connection with God/Consciousness MEDIA, PARLIAMENT AND RELIGION WHO CONTROLS THE NARRATIVE ARE NOT CONNECTED TO GOD/CONSCIOUSNESS. STOP LISTENING AND OBSERVING THEM.

If only you all realised God/Consciousness ONLY RESIDES in pure thought, pure energy, positive thoughts, expansion thoughts, joyful thoughts, happy thoughts, expressing love for all, happy to encourage growth, all of these are pure positive feeling thoughts, and when you deviate from any of these feelings you are not connected with God/Consciousness. The indicator to this connection is all about understanding your thoughts to your emotions. Think a thought and focus upon that thought does it feel good, or does it tie you in a knot, focus and feel – focus and feel, understand your thoughts and how your emotions feel, when you understand this part then you will discover how your thoughts feel.

Now you will be saying how can you hide your head in a sand or be so blind, it is doing all of that is the way to new thought, it is to focus upon what the outcome you want for you and the population, because once you focus upon this thought with the emotional feeling behind that thought you have so much power with those thoughts. Those thoughts are the energy charge with consciousness.

But what happens most everyone focuses upon what they want, they then divert their thoughts to what they are observing, this thought counteracts the positive thought, it is a very fine line between the thoughts.   

The most important thoughts to focus upon for all, is we all came as individual Gods/Consciousness and our main objective is FREEDOM – GROWTH – AND LIVING IN JOY so the object of your thoughts is to only focus upon FREEDOM OF CHOICE FOR EVERYONE and seeing everyone living in freedom, freedom to do as they please, freedom in joy, just focus upon this feeling, and when you focus upon this feeling you will feel a releasing of a tension within, you have achieved communication with your inner self, who will create the way for this to be created, hold onto this feeling, and whenever you feel this thought think it again, repeat it over again. You must never counteract that thought with a negative thought because the way to freedom will take longer.   

Until you all realise you are all individual Gods residing in a body and are never separate from it and that you can create powerful things for you with this energy part of you who is eager to rock and roll with you, it is all a thought emotion away from you realising it, and Consciousness wants you to all connect, because most of the population disbelieves in God/Consciousness and that you even have an energy residing in the body, this is why these teachers good or bad come into being to create a strong asking and hopefully have you make a connection.

You all have, and you cannot dispute you haven’t, seen, or heard, or felt, or a knowing so deep within, or dreamed, or felt an inner awareness, this is all coming from your inner consciousness, of which you may call God or inner spirit, it is all of you because you are it.

‘God will save us’ is always bandied around and most everyone has no idea what it means.

You are God and your thoughts and emotions is what will save you.   

About the vaccine to take or not to take, if you feel anxiety to take the vaccine, it is best to leave it until you feel the resistance to the vaccine in thought to a better thought about it, it is creating an emotional thought and believing how good the vaccine is and how it is helping many.

If you feel wonderful about taking the vaccine, then do so.

If you feel it is detrimental to your life then don’t take it, it is always about how your thoughts are and how your emotions feel to that thought about it.

If you feel it is for mass eradication then avoid at all costs, because the word and thought of eradication may occur.

You are God and your thoughts and emotions is what will save you or create the very thing you are pushing against.   

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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