Are you a verbal spewer and expect change?

Most spew ugliness and expect change, you cannot change until you recognise the feeling within.

The more out of control you are the more a feeling to this will be enhanced, this is how illnesses are created. You have two parts to you the spiritualised energy and the human structure, this spiritualised energy is coming from pureness of thought and thought to others, and when you are not residing on this higher frequency your inner consciousness says ENOUGH because it cannot coexist in this environment, it is toxic to consciousness and it will never lower its frequency energy to join you, it is the first indicator to change your thoughts and to look to better thoughts.

You must be mindful of your thoughts and emotions it is the communication between you and you and is telling you what and how you are doing, you can feel it in your emotions.

Your thoughts that gather enough momentum create more and this is to either end of the scale meaning the positive frequency or the negative frequency, and these frequencies are felt via your emotions, and when you are fully in tune you can feel when your emotions deviate from the pure positive aspects of your thoughts. This is where if you are in tune will recognise this feeling instantly and to change that thought to that thought to a better thought.

It is interesting to see in others and what they are creating, most illnesses are due to the spewing of emotional thoughts you are having, and normally the illness will be enhanced to what you are perpetuating. I was told a man was always spewing verbal abuse and he received tongue cancer. A lady I know was always ridged in her views to the extreme and she received bone marrow cancer where her bones turned to steel. A woman observed her friend with MS and perpetuated an emotional feeling to this illness and received the same illness, you cannot catch MS but you can if you perpetuate enough emotional thoughts to it. This is creating a momentum to thoughts and then to keep on perpetuating an emotion to the thoughts.

Nothing can come to you if you are not creating an emotional feeling to it. If you see the vaccine as bad then it will be bad for you, if you see it as good then it will be good for you, it is all about where your thoughts are on the topic in hand. If you have anxiety to anything then don’t do it, it is your inner consciousness either telling you, you don’t need it or to change your thoughts to that topic, you must discover your emotional feelings first to understand what it is telling you, and if you still don’t understand what it is telling you, just let go of the topic and your inner consciousness will give you a feeling what to do, and you will feel it within. You must understand what your emotions are telling you FIRST.

Then you might say why do accidents happen, these happen through a number of reasons, it is either your thoughts and what you are observing and had focus upon, or it may be you are to change your direction, or it is what you chose for you when you wanted to leave the body, there are numerous reasons to what happens and only you will know it after the experience. I knew my accident was for me to start anew way of thought, and connecting more with this intelligence, I always knew of something greater, but I really never knew it until the accident, when I received this intelligence through visions and thoughts.

Be very mindful of your thoughts and how you feel in those thoughts, because the better feeling it gets the better it gets.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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