Resonate with the feelings within, and you to will create magic

The power of the magic is being the deliberate creator of expansion of one’s vibration, and this is created by the words that are being used in thought to create a vibration within which can be felt, it is the feeling place to feel and the clarity is in the transformation of the contrast into better feeling thoughts, not to avoid the negative thoughts but to transform and emphasis new better thoughts which makes you feel good.

Resonate with the feelings within, and you to will create magic, enjoy the journey, see each moment as an expanding experience, build up the momentum to your desires, dream your dreams, imagine your dreams as if they are already here now, imagination is where it is all at, feel at peace while you imagine, feel the peace with where you are right now, feel the peace within, feel the joy of others who are thriving, to feel their thriving is to bring in thriving, feel the joy with being all in oneness with every component of the universe, the world and all the physical persons on the planet earth, that truly is relating to the oneness of the Source. This is resonating with the Intelligence within.

Ignite the memory; connect to your Inner Consciousness that resides within, and the powerful energies of infinite intelligence that surrounds you, and you too will thrive beyond measure. Trust that there is a greater power that exists, believe in it, trust it, it is not hocus pocus it is real, it is so real that you cannot put a measure onto it, the measure is in what manifests through your conscious deliberate creation, place your desires out into the ether build upon and build upon and watch the birthing of your creations. Most of all love the process and prepare your vibration and then you will be the realizer of your desires.

Being a Conscious Deliberate Creator or Being the Default Creator

A conscious deliberate creator is aware of the emotions, is aware of the responses, is aware of the choices, is willing to feel good with the responses within the emotions to the choices and is aware of the responses which equal the conscious alignment between you and you. You become the deliberate feeler and you choose what feels good, and you can feel what motion is viable and you recognize it.

A deliberate creator chooses the alignment and deliberately brings into existence through emotions and imagination the desired path or alignment to what is wanted, a deliberate creator knows and feels the existence of the universal forces and taps into this resourceful energy to create and become more. The deliberate creator clarifies the emotions and knows what is being observed of what is, is what you will get more of what is wanted or unwanted.

Whereas creating by default is not aware of the choices, and not aware of what the emotions is telling them, is not aware of the responses to the choices. Law of attraction then responds to the responses of those choices that are made automatically without active consideration and or viable alternative choices and options.

The default effect is the absence of the willingness of feeling a viable alternative; it is a pre-set choice that will be used if no choice is created. 

Whereas the deliberate creator is willing to feel good, is willing to feel the emotional responses to the feelings of the choices.

What holds back a deliberate creator apart from obtaining the desired manifestations is the observing of the not having of it, and or trying to make it happen. It is to what emotion you are courting and is the indicator of where you are at. When you do not have what you want it is the practiced emotion of what you are focusing upon, the wanted and unwanted.

The trick is to change the phrases and build upon and build upon the good feeling thoughts, until your feelings are so in alignment that the universe will provide the improvement, what holds you away is then you observe what is, and it then becomes what is.

You summon everyone and everything to you because it is a practiced vibration you draw them to you for expansion to focus onto what you really want, all of the summoning has helped you to clarify what you prefer, and the trick is to focus on what you would prefer.

What happens is that you keep focus on what you don’t like or the dislike of someone or of a condition this just keeps the momentum of thought of more of the same; the trick is to change the thought to what you really want.

When you are unhappy the more unhappier comes to you, if you are happy more happy comes to you. All these emotions you summon them, because it is your practiced vibration you draw them to you for expansion for you to focus onto what you really want. Improvement does not come from others improvement. It only comes from you improving your alignment you solicit everything into your experience, for your clarity solicits manifestations of emotions which in turn brings about the manifestation of the things you want.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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