Dreams are the portal to your Inner Consciousness, they portray events, and they portray what you are feeling in your current point in time.

Dreams are a powerful tool, and the indicator of your life’s attraction.

Dreams can be inspired before you go to sleep, ask a question or to have an answer or an outcome to a situation, all you have to do is go into a quiet place before sleep and place out to your Inner Being for guidance, if the solution is available, instant feedback is relayed.

Feedback may come in the form of a dream or events soon to occur, or a symbolic thought or image will be portrayed to you in thought, or feeling, or as a vision, it is for you to believe in the vision or thought and more so, how you felt in that thought or vision. The answer is not only relayed by internal sensory, but by outside connections, infinite intelligence is a powerful intermediary to bring things to your attention, a series of paths will be revealed to you, it could be the radio will play a song which has the answer, or a song may be persistent in your mind, it could be a number plate, a bill board, a feather, or you hear a word and it vibrates profoundly within you, this is a powerful universe and signs are relayed infinitely at all times, you just have to be the open observer, and believe.

At times a path could open for you, and you have no understanding why this was a direction for you, this could be a clarifying experience for you to clarify into clarity to your point of attraction and how you are vibrationally up to speed with you, and how you identify and make or do better to the momentum of thought or dealing with an emotion, this is the momentum of your expansion of your Inner Being, and how in tune you are with you.

Dreams can be manipulated to make the story you want to create; this manipulation is done when you wake yourself up and go into the dream and change the dream. You have free will to go with the dream and with the momentum of thoughts to the dream, or to take another discovery path, always remember it is the imagination that creates the story to your path, if the dream felt very inspiring, believe in the positive thought of the dream, it is The Source your Inner Consciousness within is creating the momentum of thought to that desire.

Dreams are the portal to your Inner Consciousness, they portray events, and they portray what you are feeling in your current point in time.

Dreams can inspire events or to take an action on the event, dreams can be an instant manifestation or a prophesized event into the future to take place, or an inspired dream to believe in the event that will eventuate. It is for you to feel the quality of the dream and how you felt in the dream; these are the indicators of where your point of attraction is.

Dreams that have the nightmarish tones are portraying what is currently happening in your now and where your vibration is. These dreams can inspire better outcomes or better outcomes in thought and feelings and for better outcomes in where your point of attraction is here, in the now.

Let us look at some of your dreams, firstly only you know your dream, what you have to understand is how you felt in that dream. It is that feeling place and how it felt when you were in the dream, it is observing the pieces in the dream, these are the clues and the indication to how you are doing.

Dreams can come about in what you are observing, and the classic example is what you watched on television before you went to bed, because that thought process went to bed with you, if you go to bed angst about your partner you will wake up with that same vibration, unless you change your thoughts.

Some dreams occur, and you cannot understand why you would get such a dream, it just did not make sense. I have had some of these occur, it is my belief, if you consider our spiritualized energies are pulsating and never sleep, but are interacting and vibrating with other energies, and that these thought patterns are connecting on a vibrational level, and you have tuned in on another vibration of thought stream. Thoughts exist they are your nucleus of stored power, and any of these thoughts can be tapped into.

This is how plagiarism can come about and has been played out by many in opposite sides of the world using the same words or in song tunes. Anyone who is focused and is in a state of allowing to receive the intelligence of this source can receive ideas and inspirations from any thought vibration. So, in effect plagiarism is totally a misconception word, thoughts are not plagiarism, they are the receiver of a vibrational wave of thoughts. Whatever you are giving thought too, and want a solution too, you will be the receiver of, anyone can tune into these vibrations to further enhance who you want to become, these vibrations are all pulsating and are very much alive in thought and are coming from current mentors or past mentors. They are all just a thought away and to the degree of your allowance to receive the thought.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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