The better feeling the better it gets.

Trust-Believe, in the feeling emotion.

Words create, and can enhance into a feeling, it is the feeling of which creates an emotion, and the feeling emotions create the things into form or manifestation.

Play the game with small things and ask your inner self a question and watch what happens, don’t expect it to be instant unless you are completely in alignment with the larger part of you, it may happen today or in time.

Ask for a confirmation, for example if I see a triple eight today, I know it is confirmation, and if I see another one then I am focusing in the right area, and if I see another one then I am on the right path. Play the game but remember to overplay the game consciousness will play a game as well. Play the game and feel it within and how you felt in the confirmation, this is how you can tell if you are on track or not.

For me I started to see an adventure of a new project opening, it felt really good within, and then the next day I had confirmation via you tube the very thing I had been focusing upon, and then it expanded to even more to the project idea. I think about it I put things into it and take some out I am building more and adding more and feeling completely joyous about the idea of it, and it feels good, and when my thoughts go to the money and how it will come about I can feel this feeling inside deviate to not feeling good, re-focus back to the dream and keep on building the idea and feeling how it feels to the idea of it, and you can feel your emotions rise again, this is your only job, and your inner consciousness brings the money, or the way to the money.

This is how you create what you want for you, you must feel it and then feel how it feels to the idea of it, and the better feeling within the better it gets, and ideas and thoughts and guided inspirations come to you in many forms, then you know you are pointing in the right direction. Just because you received the inspiration thought idea, and it does not happen instantly, remember it is building more to the idea of it, I know it seems silly and a waste of time in the human aspect of living in the realism and to get of your airy fairy dream, if only you knew this is how it all comes about, you imagine your dream you feel the dream idea with no yearning or anxiety then it must grow and become a realised manifestation for you to live in. Consciousness works with you to anything you want to express yourself into. Consciousness is you may say selfish because you feed it first and consciousness nurtures it, and when it has grown enough you get to have it.

You must feed consciousness first with your dream idea, and you focus upon the imaginative dream idea and feel how it would feel to have the thing you want, and if it feels exciting then keep on feeding it with more thoughts.

It is the same as building a house you all have an idea, then you envision the structure the internal ideas the colours the happy feelings, the basking of feeling freedom, and joy within the walls, and the views, the garden, and so on, and then like most of you, you give up, you don’t know where the money will come from, this is the prevalent formula to most everyone. Did you know when you feel your dream, is creating, and you are inspiring your inner consciousness, and it takes complete trust and believing that consciousness knows where the money is, and it is consciousness job to create this for you, your only job is to feel how it would feel to have the things you want. If you are completely aligned with your inner consciousness, it will come very quickly, but if you doubt and get despondent it will just take longer, because you do not trust or believe that you have this powerful partner working with you and for you.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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