Your thoughts to the ideas must feel from the vantage point of how consciousness feels FREEDOM – GROWTH – JOY. Make your ideas feel like freedom, and in freedom growth, and in freedom and growth is to feel joy. Then you will have it, this is the satisfaction we are all seeking.

To be in the satisfaction state is where consciousness creates the desires to come into a reality.

What is satisfaction, and how do you know? Satisfaction feels good and feels natural, whereas to make satisfaction a place to get something or to prove worthiness or to prove to another is not satisfaction.

When in a state of satisfaction, it will be enhanced to confirm your alignment of you with you, and this is where all the good stuff comes about.

If you have a desire, it is to feel satisfaction to the idea of the desire, not to yearn for the desire or to make it happen or to keep on asking, because this will keep the desire from manifesting.

How do you create a desire into satisfaction? If you have a property you are desiring, it is to observe through the eyes of your inner consciousness and express in thoughts and only think about the property or thing you want being satisfying ‘How wonderful the views are satisfying, how you can see for miles satisfying, how wonderful the sun glistens on the water, it looks like it is dancing, and changing shapes satisfying, how nice the cool breeze feels satisfying, how majestic it is at night when all the city lights are on, how the change from night and day is so picturesque satisfying, how nice to feel the fun creating with the architects and the builders, how fun it is coming together with ideas and seeing it building satisfying, and the kitchen it feels a joyous fun place creating wonderful delights, and friends gather and ooh and aah and enjoy the vista satisfying, and the pool to sink into on the hot days satisfying, how fun it is growing a garden, and watering the garden while observing the majestic views satisfying. This does feel nice, it feels satisfying, I think I will dream and imagine more’.

Now this can be to anything you want it is to focus upon satisfying feeling thoughts, not to make it happen or to yearn for it to happen, or demand it, just a gentle calm indulgent feeling to a desire, it was all about how good it feels, none of the above was asking, and not how good it would be or feel to have the thing you want, you must feel good before the things you want, even though you don’t have it or the means to obtain it, the means was already asked for and consciousness knows what you want and is working on it, it is not you working on it your only job is to feel satisfied NOW, and when you focus upon the means or money to get to the desire you have diverted away from the satisfying vibration.

The property house is not the means to you feeling satisfied, feel satisfied first and then the property will come, you must practice your thoughts and your vibration first.

The property you may desire or focusing upon may not be the one you shall receive, but another property that may be even better than the one you want, the whole purpose of focusing upon the property is to instigate a feeling within you, it is a dream desire, a focusing point, to attract within you a satisfying emotional feeling which sets the tone of your vibration, maintain this and in time all the satisfying emotional feeling things wanted will occur.

It may sound all ridiculous, but it isn’t, the emotions you create, create a momentum to bring the things wanted to you, and you are not the creator of the things you are the dream projector and the emotional clarifier to the satisfying feelings to the desires, and to who you are and want to be.

You have a cadre of nonphysical infinite intelligence who is working on your projects and will make way to you for an effortless ride to your projects.

This is where religion has destroyed multitudes of thoughts preaching a God resides outside of them and then they will find their rewards in heaven, and that Jesus is the only eternal person, you all come back you are all eternal you are spiritualised energy living in a human body, to explore and to expand consciousness. There is not one God but billions upon billions of Gods because you are all individual Gods, and every spiritualised energy that resides in the bodies also resides in the non-seen energy vibration and are all collaborating and collectively working on all projects that have enough emphasis to the ideas born from your thoughts.  

Your thoughts to the ideas must feel from the vantage point of how consciousness feels FREEDOM – GROWTH – JOY. Make your ideas feel like freedom, and in freedom growth, and in freedom and growth is to feel joy. Then you will have it, this is the satisfaction we are all seeking.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

My daughter was working at a gym, cleaning, but she was more than just a cleaner, she was virtually running the place, she was interested in a managerial role, but as it happens covid happened and because the owner was a lot of the times not connected to himself spiritually and then took on people who were just like him, to cut a long story short the years spent in that place was over, after a period of time and when gyms started to open again she was approached by another gym, and in a short time she was offered a managerial role, and with people of her own like-mindedness. This is to the above scenario you may think it was a managerial role in that gym but consciousness had another better gym in mind, and who are of the same energy vibration as her, this gym is taking off, whereas the previous gym is slowly losing it, and it all has to do with vibration, and how you treat your customers, your staff, and service persons, if you have not so nice mindfulness then there is only one way for you to change your thoughts the things you have will diminish until you change your energy vibration.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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