Communication from within is always reflected Look to your children or relationships they will become as you are being If you feel abused, it is you thinking you are the victim. Vulgarity creates more vulgarity. Angry creates more angry. Fear creates fear. Fun creates more fun. Happy creates more happy. Feel to which feels better. You will feel it in your emotions to what feels better

What ever you are living is a mirror reflection to what you are feeling, being or thinking, NO EXCEPTIONS.

The mirror effect is you looking at you. What comes to you is the process of focusing upon reality and your thoughts, and the thoughts you are perpetuating.

If you want to know who you are, just look at what you are creating, if life is coming to you in a satisfying way then you are in harmony with the larger part of you, if your life is not the way you want it to be then look to your thoughts, and where your thoughts are mostly residing, or what you are observing around you, if it is creating a good feeling of which inspires you then this is a good observation, but if you are observing things that bring you down then this is a detriment to you, and will only bring you further away from the larger part of you.  

When you go to the movies and it did not feel good, and then you re-lived the movie over in your mind again and again, you then create an emotional feeling, this emotional feeling starts to take form, and if you took this further into more emotional feelings you will create an experience to come to you by your focus, this type of observation is not what you want to create. Negative observation creates more negativity, whereas positive observation creates more positive, and more doors to open for you.  

What is this larger part of you?

You are of two parts, the human body and the spiritual inner consciousness energy, most people disbelieve that you have a residence within you that is living, breathing, observing, eating, and loving your body and everything you are doing and thinking, it is what religion calls God, of which is you, you are not separate from this, you are all individual Gods of which is spiritualised energy, and your whole purpose is to expand your consciousness, and expansion is created with pure positive thoughts and pure creative imagination to what you desire.

When you can bring your thoughts to this and observe what your thoughts are creating and how it creates an emotional feeling within, when in pure happy thoughts and inspiring thoughts you feel the energy within, and it feels exciting this is your connection to your inner consciousness, and when you feel negative or angry, or unhappy, this is the indicator from your inner consciousness saying change your thought because it is not joining you on that thought pattern.

You must feel your emotions, it is your guidance system and indicator to how you are being and doing. Most people do not understand where or what or how emotions come into play in one’s life, now you know, you are not alone. Feel what your emotions are telling you, and then adjust your thoughts to better and better, because the better feeling, the better it gets.

One thing you can never discount and that is to live and extraordinary life while you are living in your body, and your emotions are your guiding light to this inner intelligence who is willing to guide you to all that you want.    

You already know how consciousness communicates to you, have you experienced when you think about someone and suddenly they are there, or have you experienced thinking about someone and the phone rings and it is the very person you were thinking about, have you experienced you saw someone in your peripheral vision and no one was there, have you felt the inclination to do something and you were compelled to do it, have you read or seen something and you resonated with it so profoundly, and wild horses would not stop you from doing what was so compelling, have you experienced inner eye vision, have you experienced out of body experiences, have you had thoughts that opened up to more thoughts and you were off and running, have you experienced a voice within and heard it, have you experienced goose bumps, these are all connection to the energy stream of your Inner Being, and this list is endless.

Trust you are so much more than what you think you are. The only way to discover this inner essence is to project a thought question and focus upon this thought for your inner self to transmit an answer, it may be instant or in time, it all depends upon where you are on the vibrational scale of faith, trust, happy and being satisfied where you are. These are some simple questions; ‘Show me a sign.’ ‘How may we work.’

Signs may be projected by a swooning or floating or twitching feeling within or goosebumps, you may see lights in your inner vision this list is endless and only you will know the feeling, and when you feel this just relax into it and adjust your body to except more of this feeling, and in time you will have established the art of communicating to this inner consciousness.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought, and mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.

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