Most are looking for love and focusing upon finding someone to complete them. When completeness can only come from within. The completeness in any relationship is being complete and then having someone who will enhance your completeness this is the environment which expansion creates more and will be an arena of bouncing more ideas and creating together.

Everything is an activation of thought,

if you see hate this is an activation and the more you will see,

if you see love this is an activation of more love you will see,

if you see success this is an activation of more success you will see,

if you see wellness this is an activation of more wellness you will see,

if you see happy joyful this is an activation of happier and joy you will see,

if you see worthlessness this is an activation the more worthlessness you will see, it is all to do with the activation of the thoughts and in what you think and what you observe, this sounds so easy, and only people make it seem so difficult.

You create with the larger part of you first and then your amplification will enhance those around you.

What are you amplifying the negative or the positive thoughts, do you project a calm confidence, or a joyous love, or smiling from within and projecting out, or do you look angry, or miserable, when you are in any of these scenarios you amplify a vibration and you attract to those who are of the same character. Just look at what you have around you and see if this resonates with you, you may want to clean up your act or enhance what you want more off, you have the power to do this, nobody else can do this but you. You change you and you will amplify new trends new thoughts new surroundings this list is endless, but it can only come from you, you cannot change anyone else because you are not and can never be in control of anyone else.

Satisfaction and Appreciation is the key to all things, it is appreciating everything, the people in all their diverse ranges, they are all like you finding a way to find who they really are, it is to appreciate the relationships and what they bring to you, all relationships are clarifying for you to digest and see how you are doing, what comes to you is the indicator to how you are doing, if you are happy you will have happy people around you, if you are angry you will have angry people around you, if you want a home appreciate all the homes, if you want a car appreciate the cars you are observing, show your larger part of you enjoying the beauty of what others have and what you would like for you.

Success is when you have achieved the connection between you and you, and you reside in this satisfaction feeling, it is feeling it come into place is the process, it is tasting the energy, and you are excited and eager for more of this feeling energy, and just know you are in the process, it is what you have imagined, and how you imagined it to be, and how you felt in the imaginative dreams. Success is imagining it even though it has not formed into matter yet and feeling no anxiety with the not having of it, this is being a masterful creator, with your inner consciousness. It is to taste this energy, it is to know this energy, this is the process to all you choose to experience, it is to taste this energy first, until it just becomes a done deal.

All things come to those who have cleaned up the resistance they hold with all subjects.

It is not to hold or observe others as their object of behaviour or differences, but to look to everyone for they were all eager to take on another human body to expand their consciousness of energy, in effect you are all in the same boat, some are paddling against the flow or going with the flow, and they will all be guided to the next and the next. It is to look at all and appreciate them in all their diversities for they all come to clarify and to expand themselves. Some are very quick in tuning in, and others will take many eternal lifetimes.

What you are observing is only the bouncing of place to create what you are wanting for you, you gather information from what you are observing to make choices of what you want and don’t want, and then it is only to focus upon what you do want, to observe more of what you don’t want only creates more of what you don’t want, so life is to observe and focus upon what you do want.

Real life manifestations are not the objective outcome, the outcome is the process to the outcome, and how you are processing the connection, and how you are feeling in the way you are living, speaking, and doing, and how allowing the quiet of the mind to bring about the solution, or the manifestations to be revealed and realised, it is all about the journey between you and your own Inner Consciousness.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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