All thoughts are magnified and that is liken to itself is drawn.

You will hear the parents say to the child ‘This is just the way it is, get over it’ this is the parent’s bondage and their own thought process, the child has its own intentions, and the child knows better, but for the bondage of the parent it then is drawn into that thought process and they will become as you are being.

The generations of families keep on perpetuating what they had onto their children, they have nothing better to say but with what they had, and then the innocents of the children take on their thought belief and become what they are instead of what they want to be.

When you feel to another not doing, meaning it could be done better, or treated better, it is not them it is you and your thoughts to the subject.

When you see a mother not doing for a child it is you that is not allowing them to be and do what they are doing, you may see it is not right but it is you that is not right, it is your perception of which is distorted, because you are not allowing others to be or do who they are doing, if their was abuse of course you would act in the love of your inner consciousness protecting another, but when your thoughts are rampant in your own principles of what they are doing as in the course of what they are doing, you are the one who has lost focus, you must allow them to be and do, and if you are in any way or form in closeness with the other, you be kind, nice, mindful, and then the other would see the comparison and then may make a change, you lead and be full and mindful, and the others will follow by your example.

But if you were to interfere you just build up walls and resentment and then those who are not in harmony in themselves will take their acts upon a child or another. It is a separation from themselves, and what others are doing is none of your business, if you make it your business you will feel it to the core of your body, and if you do not take heed then an outbreak will occur within the body to tell you consciousness does not go with your thoughts.

You look after your mind and thoughts first and then you will lead by example for others to follow.

Wars and killings are against all the principles of consciousness. You are all part of consciousness, your energy stream is collective, and you are all connected, when you hurt another, you are in effect hurting you.

We have in Australia a system to repatriate the less fortunate into more affluent suburbs to intermingle within the community, the reasoning behind this had the good intentions, but in the attraction of consciousness it created segregation because those who are vibrating at a higher level of consciousness, would not subject themselves to lower their vibration, but it would hope the less fortunate would observe and raise their own vibration to create a better outcome for themselves, because they have little understanding of consciousness they then misinterpret what could be into rage, jealousy, anger, frustration, and when on this vibration nothing better can occur. You cannot make someone to be what society is trying to make them be, unless they want to be it, and hopefully observe what could be for them. This brings me to a time when I was walking up a hill, and this person I was walking with started to spew about the houses encroaching up the hill, without this person realising the more you spew negatively too something then what you want for you cannot come about, because the more you push against something the more it is held back from you. Consciousness is expanding and you must keep up with it.   

All the above is only to do with what you are focusing upon and the thoughts you are creating, and where the thoughts and emotional feelings are pointing too.  

Everything in life is about you and how in tune you are with you, and where your thoughts are residing.

When you say to your children get a haircut and get a real job

Leave them alone, when they feel the inspiration or urge to do, they will do, the only reason children become obnoxious is the rebuttal coming from the parents, society and others making them do something they are not interested in.

Another scenario is when you did algebra how many of you said what good is this, it is not me, why do I have to do it, does this ring any bells!

The geniuses who created amazing ideas were the ones who soaked in a bath, who left the disciplinary regimented teaching structures of the education system, the teaching organizations want you to be like them without realising you are not like them and that you are all individual creators. When the time is right, and they have a strong asking for an idea or what to do, it will occur to them for them.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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