To trust is to just be, to be you, to be mindful, to awaken the inner you, to tap into the inner you, to dream and imagine and allow this communication between you and you. This is where consciousness sees how you are being, and if you cannot handle the gap, it will give you more of it.

Everything you are living you invited it into your experience. It is where you are most vibrating a frequency too, and your inner consciousness will show you more of what you are attracting to you, to either clean it up or to bring more to you on either end of the scale. There is no such thing as NO! The more you say NO! the more it becomes because this is your dominate thought pattern.

This is a typical scenario to most everyone.  

Let us look at your energy vibration, and it is up to you to feel the emotion behind your action, and what your inner consciousness/god is portraying to your thought flow, and in effect is saying to you, you think it, here is some more of the energy frequency you are projecting. You may refute it, but you are projecting and attracting what is coming to you, you can NEVER get away from the attraction, but you can be mindful of your thoughts and the emotion behind the thought.

This was a circumstance for a person who applied for a job, and it did not work out, and the reasons for this scenario.

When you are projecting a sloppy vibration, and this is in the vicinity of insecurity, worried, fear, anxiety, money, and you apply for a job, this job was also on the same vibration as you, fear of the contract, insecure about their finances, not trusting in their product and company, little belief in future growth, this list is endless and you were all on this same vibration, and the consciousness/god part of you was telling you, we will show you where you are on this emotional scale and what you are attracting.

Now why did you attract this job, you do not trust in consciousness/god you were not refilling your time in the gap in time, but trying to create and take action, looking at what you will get from the other components that being your projection of insecurity and self-doubt is evoking from them in you, and the god part of you said, you put out, we will give you more of this energy stream, to show you where you are with consciousness.

The cause and effect you got what you wanted, and what happened didn’t happen, your thoughts and emotions were in the vicinity, I have had this job before, and didn’t want to go down this road again, what if there is something better, then doubt, not my choice but I need the money, I have to put my business idea on hold, so what you evoked within you was past experiences, and self-doubt.

This is the same as your flat mate, all the above is the same energy vibration, you must rise above this, and trust your inner consciousness knows everything you want and knows when you are ready for it, the only player who is not in the mix is you, the more you force it the more it recedes, and when you force something you only get the same experiences over and over again, you must rise above it.

Now let us look at your business, you were excited and working upon it, you were feeding this imaginative inner you with all the fuel from your eager emotional energy projection, and then you cut it off, by saying it needs this, it needs that, it will take too long, this is not up to you, your inner consciousness is gathering all the cooperative components to your idea, and will inspire you to take your venture forth. But what you do, and most everyone does, is you build your house, you lay the foundation, ‘but I can’t see the walls, we have to stop! I can’t see the walls! how do we put the roof on!’ You have a powerful team building with you, by your emotional thoughts, and if you are on the right path, you will feel it in your emotions, and if it feels really good you will feel eager and enthusiastic, this is your energy flow working in unison with you.

Then you go into depression this is separation from your inner consciousness, it is saying they are not joining you and that is why you feel the negative emotion it is always a departing from you and you. Consciousness is only on the positive emotion, and eager for more expansion and is consistently happy and living in joy and waiting for you to flow the energy to them.

Don’t go looking for something because of your anxiety, you may be bored within the gap in time, but this is where consciousness sees how you are being, and if you cannot handle the gap, it will give you more of it.

Consciousness is powerful and you are insignificant to the whole picture, your singular significance is by what emotional thoughts you are creating, and expanding upon, and how in tune you are with consciousness. The more in tune the quicker the route to your manifestations.

It is a learning experience to expand thought to beyond what is.

This person recognised the scenario and changed the thought, and then brought in a better feeling.

Now this circumstance happens to most everyone, it is a fine line to trust in what you are putting out and what you are receiving.  

You must deliberately set your thoughts and intentions to receive from the greater part of you and stop making things happen because you shall receive what you last left off from, if you want more of it just keep on going the way you are or look to creating something new.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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