Most everyone keeps on perpetuating what is by the influence of habit, and by your invitation of the influence of habit you added this influence onto you.

The thoughts you think create the outcome of your thoughts.

Most people keep perpetuating what is by the influence of habit, and by your invitation of the influence of habit you added this influence onto you.

When you say “Yes or No” to something

You include something you do and do not want into your experience.

Because it is the dominate thought pattern.

If you have a dream outcome for you, it is to build towards it, feel the energy flow towards this, keep on dreaming and building upon it, then go about your day, and when thoughts arise about your dream think some more until you have this feeling to stop thinking, and allow your inner consciousness to bring you more thoughts to the dream, keep on doing this process and allow your inner consciousness to build the matter into being,  you are the thought energy fuel that gives the greater part of you to create on your behalf what you want.

To receive your dream desire is all about focus, and then what type of focus are you in, a non-resistant state of focus or are you yearning for an outcome.

When you have tension and need it, the outcome just diverts away from you, it is all in the trust of a greater part of you creating your dream, and those dreams you have are being tended to in a vibrational atmosphere, you are the last one in this scenario, your only job is to dream and enjoy your day and when thoughts arise to the topic dream some more, if you are feeling exceptional and tuned in, you can add more emphasis to the idea, and when you feel this adding unto has lost focus then divert your attention to life until you feel the inspiration to give it more thought. If you are able to build upon your dream desire, then keep on building upon the idea, keep on building upon it, as your thoughts are the energy fuel to your inner consciousness who is working upon your dream idea. This universal consciousness is a collection of energies and when you have a dream that requires a few components to this dream idea, your inner consciousness brings in more energies to create this into a manifestation.

How does it happen?

Universal consciousness is eager to play in your game, they know who is ready and who to bring into the mix to place you onto the next phase, when you allow this intelligence to bring the pieces to you or together, then you will have a smoother transition along the way, you ask and then you will receive whatever is next for you. If you place enough thought to the idea it becomes greater or even better than what you thought it would be.

Have you noticed when you try to make something happen it normally does not work out or it fails, this is because you were not ready for it yet and you did not give it enough thought building for this intelligence to help in the creation.

Most importantly you do not trust that you have someone working for you and working on it, and you do not trust that you have this inner intelligence.

The resistance from going within is persistent disbelief of consciousness.

Media is an insult to the human population, they contrive stories into such hype and distorted projection and those not in tune within themselves draw into this type of un-creatable mayhem, they prefer the population to be in disease than in ease, they live of the minds of their distorted views and drive this into those minds who have adapted to their controversies, they are the greatest conspiracy perpetrators of such misinformed truths.

The thoughts you perpetuate is the fuel to create more, be very mindful to the fuel you are giving to your thoughts. Because your inner mind within will go where you are flowing, and you will feel it in your emotions, and because you are so unaware of emotions you just go with the flow and create and enhance it more, until such stage your inner consciousness will say ENOUGH, and will then enhance an illness or physical evidence for you to change that thought and if you don’t change that thought there is not much left for your inner consciousness in your body, and then makes the transition to leave the body to create itself in a new body.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Unlikely source of an inspirational message a few years ago

I felt I was going to receive an answer on Wednesday and the solution came in by an unlikely source on Wednesday, an indigenous lady came into the voluntary organisation I help in, of which I had met her just the week before, she said ‘I wanted to see you aunty’, I just knew a powerful message was coming to me for me,  I asked ‘Why do you call me aunty’, she said ‘We are all one, and that you are powerful’, and then she said ‘You have the voice’. This message was so powerful; I had just received my message to trust in my path.

After my near-death experience in 2007 I was a sponge and wanted to know more

I wanted to learn how to meditate and make connection after my near-death experience, I joined a group, and the lady involved with the group asked me, ‘Why are you here’ ‘I want to learn’ I said, for her to promptly say ‘You are far more advanced than us’ I thought she was totally on a different planet! She had felt what was in my frequency vibration. Follow the clues and signs you receive, and then build upon expanding you.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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