The arousal within either enhances good feeling thoughts and emotions, or the arousal within gives the indicator to a not good feeling thought and the emotions you feel to the negative thought.

You are a vessel and within this nucleus vessel

 Is HOW YOU BE while in this space of NOW.

It is how kind, love, happy, joy, satisfied, appreciating, projecting, YOU ARE BEING

You are a nucleus of NOW looking forward

You are a nucleus of projecting desired imagination

You are a nucleus of thought, thought is a vibration

Vibration emits a frequency to your inner consciousness

This frequency of your thoughts BECOMES


This inner consciousness will play out only to the joyful thoughts

A negative EMOTION is your inner consciousness not joining you on that frequency.

A fantastic guidance system, and it is all within YOU.

Guess what it is FREE.

Your emotions are the indicator to how you are doing and how you are feeling.

We have two emotions, the emotion that feels good and the emotion that feels not so good.

What are these emotions and why do we have them?

If you have come to understand the two aspects of you of which is your energy spiritualised aspect of you and the human side of you, the spiritualised energy part of you communicates to you through way of emotions, when you feel happy and energised this inner you is having the good feeling with you, and you have aroused the connection between you and your inner you. When you feel not good this is the energised part of you not joining you on this path, either by your thoughts or what ever you are verbalising, or watching, or gossiping, this is the powerful indicator from your inner energy is not joining you and giving you the indicator to change whatever you are thinking or doing.

Pretty incredible guidance system, but most everyone discredits emotions and does not understand what the emotion is relaying to them for them, and what they are for, or how they play out in your life.

The arousal within either enhances good feeling thoughts and emotions, or the arousal within gives the indicator to a not good feeling thought and the emotions you feel to the negative thought.

Before you can overcome obstacles or create you must arouse the hidden aspect of you. This part of you is eager to work with you and for you, it wants to enhance your life that you are living in now, it knows what is attainable and what you want, it is only you that is the missing piece, and why it is the missing piece, because you are mostly only interested and fixated in what is happening now, and focused upon where you are right now. You are creating thought by other thoughts who have no idea themselves, of who they really are. You prefer to follow other persons beliefs and then to perpetuate those beliefs and then make them true, without even considering what started the belief in the first place.

Well! I read it in a book and it said this, so it must be true, and then it happened to my great granddad, and he told the story and I remembered that story, then I started to get what he had, and now my child has it and so  on and so on………..Did you know all of this is created by thought and then perpetuated to all until you made it become true, then it is called hereditary! when in true essence this would not have occurred if you had just stopped that train of the topic, because a belief is only a thought that you keep on perpetuating.

The thoughts you perpetuate is the fuel to create more, be very mindful to the fuel you are giving to your thoughts. Because the arousal within will go where you are flowing, and you will feel it in your emotions, and because you are so unaware of emotions you just go with the flow and create and enhance it more, until such stage your inner consciousness will say ENOUGH, and will then enhance an illness or physical evidence for you to change that thought and if you don’t change that thought there is not much left for your inner consciousness in your body, and then makes the transition to leave the body to create itself in a new body.

Education should change.

This arousal should be taught in schools and should be a recognised time to quiet the mind to arouse this communication, then the relationships between people would improve, life would expand, and you would recognise that everyone is here to connect to themselves and that each and every one is responsible for themselves and not seeking others to fulfill them, it can only come from within.

The greatest physicists’ painters, writers etc, all left the education system early, because it does not work out, education can hold these connected persons back, because they had connected to the greater part of themselves and wanted expansion, not depletion to what they were ready for.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.


The great creators, all started with an idea or a dream, they did not lose focus they held upon their dreams, and then they all received the realised manifestation of their dreams.

My daughter’s art

My daughter just wanted to draw it was her dream, she went to polytechnic to take her art further, and all the teacher would say ‘I want you to do it this way’ this teacher depleted what was inspiring in my daughter so much so that she put her art aside, and then to take it up again many years later, her drawing and paintings are outstanding. This is why education can be catastrophic to some people who know what they want, you all have your

own individual spiritualised energy within who is guiding and projecting to you for you, and teachers have their own inner guidance projecting for them, and they are only projecting what they want for them and not for you.

This is to all things.

When you buy a house, or a car, or anything, normally the seller is looking at what they like for them and not for you. You must come to feel your own energy within, and you will feel it within the emotions of what is the right choice for you and not for them.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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