An experience you are having is your strong asking

to change your thoughts to that experience

it is what you are perpetuating with the thoughts to that experience.

The generations of families keep on perpetuating what they had onto their children, they have nothing better to say but with what they had, and then the innocents of the children take on their thought belief and become what they are instead of what they want to be.

Life is about the powerful focus of thought, and when you understand this, then you can bring anything you want to you.

To heal is by your thoughts and creating a new thought to what is wanted about your body, you create it in your mind, train your mind with appreciation of the cure before the outcome of the cure. Strange way to think this is the way to curing the body, and yet this is the way to all things of which you want for you.

It is thanking your inner consciousness in advance about the body you want and to feel it into the whole essence of you.

Before you can do all of this it is contingent in you to understand or come to terms that you are far greater than what you think you are, you are an energy field first and foremost, you cannot escape from this part of you or separate from this energy. Your energy is here for the ride in your body and for the long haul because it is eternal, either you acknowledge this part of you and go within and communicate with this intelligence or you will go without, and that is in you not attaining of a healthy body and mind, and all the material stuff you want to enjoy in this lifetime, of which you are living in now.

To heal takes great focus upon one outcome. It is not to look at the illness of what is not wanted and keep on perpetuating this thought pattern, it is taking your thoughts to the outcome only, and only focus upon the outcome.

But what most people start to do with there focus is to interject thoughts of should I take this medication, should I have surgery, do I have to downsize, these thoughts then take over and you have lost sight of the cure by the very thoughts you are focusing upon. It is taking the mind jump to the outcome and then to believe and focus upon this intentionally.

Many say it is the placebo effect or it is the neurons in the brain, this placebo effect is placing you from not seeing or feeling the ailment, but to the emotional feeling that it is working, so it must be working it is curing me, now your thoughts have elevated to its outcome, and you have created a new frequency with your inner consciousness, of which is in harmony with your mind thoughts of which is named neurons. This sensory system is always felt in your emotions, and the emotions are created by your inner consciousness guiding you, to either you are in harmony with the thought or not.

You have raised your vibration to synchronise with this intelligence, this is where the powerful cure comes from, and for you to receive it, but if you are unfocused then the thought is then immediately reverted back to the ailment.

Have you noticed a headache or a pain in the body, and when you are doing something to distract yourself from the headache or pain it goes away and then when you focus upon the headache or pain it comes back. This is how your thoughts create everything. You have this powerful emotional thought energy within and all it takes is to distract yourself and to focus upon a better feeling, and then the better feeling starts to emerge and the better you feel the better it gets, until your mind has forgotten about the ailment, unless you instigate it back up again.

Focus upon what you want, and you will feel better, and you can create anything with your thoughts.

Know this part of you implicitly, feel it implicitly, mold with it implicitly, or maintain it as best as you can. Maintaining is guiding you but implicitly is the opening to all the good stuff. Implicitly is when in illness it is projecting to the wellness and not seeing or feeling the illness and just completely knowing the illness is no longer in you, the same scenario to anything you want this energy is powerful and one must believe in this powerfulness with such absolute knowing to all the powerful wants you are wanting.

It takes complete control of your mind and all the thoughts to whatever you are creating. You can create small or big things it is all the same, it all comes down to two thing THOUGHTS and where you are perpetuating those thoughts and what BELIEFS you hold onto in thought, a belief is only a belief and is often perpetuated by thoughts and with those who have no understanding of a belief, but to tell the same old stories and then to gather groups about it and then to enhance it more until it becomes a belief, then they see something come into their experience, and then to say it is true, it happened to my great granddad and then to etc……etc….. It only becomes true because the more thought you give it, it then becomes an active vibration, and then the things you create in thought gather into your experience to affirm your belief.

When you have worked on your thoughts and know the emotions to the thoughts and where they are leading you too, you are now connecting to this powerful inner consciousness, and when you can maintain this new level of accomplishment you will feel this energy within your heart floating and a feeling of pulsation which floats up into the throat, and a feeling of a releasing in the mind you have reached the moulding of you and this inner intelligence, maintain this and allow what will become next for you from what you have been creating in your desires. Please do not ask, your asking was all done in the creating stage, it is now for you to have utter complete trust and believe in the outcome.  

Re-read my blogs and keep on re-reading until you feel your connection to your inner consciousness, don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it straight away, you will eventually get it and then everything you have read will have complete understanding and meaning.

My words are to enhance your connection, the rest is up to you for you to go through the processes, and you will feel a movement within.

Whatever you do enjoy it, don’t force it or make it happen because that process will just keep you away from it.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.


They have been taught to look at the problem, and through this looking at the problem creates the problem, they have not been taught to look beyond the problem and only seeing the solution. They prefer not to create false hope, to give out false hope negates their principles. Most of all they get paid by these pharmaceutical companies to prescribe these drugs, the more is sold the more these companies take advantage of more indoctrination of illnesses.

The only illness is the thought to the illness, change that thought and you change your outcome.

I very rarely go to the doctors.

But when I do, I gather the information and then leave it at the door, and just deal with it on my own, or I look up an alternative vitamin and believe in it, and I have never had the so-called drama of what it is. The placebo effect is really enhancing, and wonderful to work with.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.

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