Where the energy goes

It flows.


Where the thoughts are directed

It creates a momentum and the more it becomes

The Kicker is

It flows to the wanted or unwanted

Your thoughts direct the flow

A belief is only a thought you keep thinking, if it feels good then you are in alignment with the whole of you, if you feel angst or off-ness of not feeling good, it is you separating you from your emotional barometer, this emotional barometer or inner consciousness is not following you on this belief thought, and the way you know, is in how you feel.

I like to teach the whole essence of who you all really are, it is showing you the arousal of the senses within, and to create the atmosphere for the intuitive side to express to you, impulses.

My teachings are on the highest elevation of consciousness, I see you all as individual God Consciousness you are not separate from this, even though it is preached that you are, you are not, the buck stops with you, and you are responsible for you, and you create for you, or you can un-create for you. Some of you are ready to take your thoughts to a new level and some of you are not ready for it, or at all.

The resistance to this consciousness, and not going within to discover this powerful resource is persistent disbelief of consciousness. When the resistance is so great, normally something will occur, a life direction to change your thoughts, these life directions is the time to reconnect to you. Consciousness is saying to you, you must change your thoughts, you must be aware of the emotions you are having to the thoughts.

To get to this intuitive energy field you must acknowledge that you are connected to something greater than you, it is your life partner who knows you, who knows what you want, who knows where you are to the outcome, who is aware of you always, the only part of this is your unawareness of this energy of you.

We have a gazillion of thoughts running rampant within our mind, out of these gazillions of thoughts only one will be of any relevance, the rest of the thoughts are in most part your own negative thoughts, and then you create miseries out of what is in those no relevant thoughts.

Every emotional thought holds a vibrational emotional memory, and most people have the tendency to reignite the memory, and then to capitalise upon it, without giving any due consideration to how the thought is playing out in the mind, it is to observe the thoughts and to change those thoughts, or just look to a new thought.

You must know your thoughts; you must recognise your thoughts and where it is leading you too.

Once you are consciously aware of who you are, and know this part of you implicitly, and feel it implicitly, and mould with it implicitly, or maintain it as best as you can. Maintaining is guiding you, but implicitly is the opening to all the good stuff. Implicitly is when in illness it is projecting to the wellness and not seeing or feeling the illness and just completely knowing the illness is no longer in you, the same scenario to anything you want this energy is powerful and one must believe in this powerfulness with such absolute knowing to all the powerful wants you are wanting.

It takes complete control of your mind and all the thoughts to whatever you are creating. You can create small or big things it is all the same, it all comes down to two thing THOUGHTS and where you are perpetuating those thoughts, and what BELIEFS you hold onto in thought, a belief is only a belief and is often perpetuated by thoughts and with those who have no understanding of a belief, but to tell the same old stories and then to gather groups about it and then to enhance it more until it becomes a belief, then they see something come into their experience, and then to say it is true, it happened to my great granddad and then to etc……etc….. It only becomes true because the more thought you give it, it then becomes an active vibration, and then the things you create in thought gather into your experience to affirm your belief.

When you have worked on your thoughts and know your thoughts and where they are leading you too, you are now connecting to this powerful inner consciousness, and when you can maintain this new level of accomplishment you will feel this energy within your heart floating and a feeling of pulsation which floats up into the throat, and a feeling of a releasing in the mind, and you can feel this energy within, you have reached the moulding of you and with this inner intelligence, maintain this and allow what will become next for you from what you have been creating in your desires. This is how I feel it, it may be different for you and only you will know what you are receiving to the flow of the energy.

Please do not ask, your asking was all done in the creating stage, it is now for you to have utter complete trust and believe in the outcome.   

People are creating everyday to the unwanted stuff, or they create by taking action to the stuff, and have you noticed in the most part it does not last or work out, this is always coming from the place to make something happen, and it is always from not giving it the thought creating power from you to this intelligence, this intelligence creates the end product, it is you who is the thought builder to it, and when you are ready for it you will receive the inspiration to take the action to start your creation, because this creation will work out for you.

To know when you are flowing with your inner consciousness.

When in a peaceful state.

At ease and no tension.

Eager for the day.

Eager on what ever task you are on.

Happy, and feeling Joyful,

Appreciation of life.

Satisfied with life.

Satisfied and eager for more.

Allowing others to be who they are.

Happy where you are.

Loving life.

All of these emotional feelings is where the creation happens, because what you are doing is acknowledging to your inner consciousness the state of your thoughts and emotions, and this is a match to this incredible intelligence. This intelligence does not reside on a lower vibration this is why you feel negative emotions, it is telling you to change your thoughts and your outlook on where you are and on life.

The happy emotion is the emotion of which the universal energies correspond to. This is the energy that energises Collective Consciousness, and you, without the happy emotion you will only co-exist to a means to an end, you want more than just to co-exist, you want to feel good, you want to express yourself, you want to express your intentions and your desires, and the way to express yourself is through the emotions you feel, the emotions you feel is the indicator of how to interact, it is how to know is this the way to go, it is the way to feel in any situation, when to say and do, or to ignore and look away, it is to discover the intuitive senses, and feel your way in the emotions, and when the emotions are feeling off, it is to feel the good feeling emotions back into alignment, and this can be done in saying and thinking positive thoughts.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

How your emotions and thoughts attract

I was a passenger in my daughters’ car, as she was driving, a car came on the inside lane and overtook her and cutting her off, she started to verbally cuss, then within minutes the same scenario occurred up the road again, then she let rip. I stated firmly ‘You know law of attraction you are creating this, stop your thoughts,’ For her to utterly dispute it, I said ‘Keep on going you will just get more of it’. Then she surprised me and changed her thoughts, instantly, and talked about another subject. You attract by your thoughts, add emotion to it and then you have just compounded it.

Now let us look at the above, the same scenario, this is for people who have no understanding about thoughts, mother and daughter could have both verbally cussed the drivers, and really brought upon a rampage of very distorted words into thoughts, or they came to realise the other driver’s impasse, but in private thoughts created thought rampage, and then set the tone for the day. Then there are those really disturbed energy persons who are in very negative thought patterns then take out a road rage, and really they created this in the first place by what ever thought patterns they are on, but prefer to blame the other persons, and most of the time those who cut someone off, may have been a simple act that made them do what they did, and you are not privy to what is happening in their situation, most of the time they did not hurt anyone, and they did not scratch the car, apart from hurting someone’s ego. You are dealing with a lot of different thought energy patterns, and the only energy patterns to consider is your own and what you are creating for these scenarios to occur, sometimes it may just be an alert awareness for you to rethink your thoughts.

What are you ready for?

I had a friend talk to me about Eckhart Tolle the book of Now, the friend was very confused, and did not understand it. When you are not ready for it, meaning taking thought beyond it can be confusing, to understand your inner consciousness requires a gradual process, and then you will read it later and you will understand the whole book.

You don’t go to university if you are in kindergarten, it can be understood gradually or quickly it all depends upon where you are in your thoughts to consciousness.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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