Your body is a nucleus of powerful vibrational energy, and when you can gather your thoughts to this, only then you will know who you are.

Consciousness does not come from matter.

Consciousness creates matter.

Consciousness is collectively infinite.

Consciousness is the Universe.

Your thoughts are a small infinite part of consciousness, focused upon establishing the connection between the collective consciousness and you while living in a physical body.

Your thoughts are an infinite part of consciousness creating matter into being or into a reality of existence to observe and feel and touch.

The more powerful the focus of a thought, creates it into more until it becomes a matter.

The more positive the thought, the quicker the route to where you want to be.

Consciousness is an immensely powerful accumulation of vibrational energy, it pulsates a frequency, this frequency is attached to every living and nonliving person.

You can sense it, you sense it through intuition, through knowing, through thoughts, through inner vision, through dreams, through inner sensory feeling touch.

It is mind bending of reality to what you know off to acclimate to something unknown, but really you know it, but are not acknowledging it because you have been programmed to believe it is airy fairy, or get a life, or it is the devils work, or you are crazy, and yet those who portray these things are really in awe and want what you have.  

When in a quiet mind do you hear a vibrating buzz in your head, why is it that your mind can buzz, this buzz is your pulsating energy emitting a frequency, and the more you connect the more you will tune into this frequency, and the more you tune into this frequency the more you will live a fulfilled life, because you were eager to live in this life time to know you have this connection and you knew that you could be and do what ever you wanted to be through your thoughts and then tuning into those thoughts and living in contentment and satisfied with life, because your vibration can feel your vibration and when in this place and believing in your vibrational part of you and acknowledging it becomes a powerful breakthrough of thought. Or people may call it a quantum leap, quantum leap is a breakthrough of thought, it is to elevate yourself even higher to receive the inspiration of a thought into your future event.

When your thoughts absorb emotional feeling energy, there is a transition to elevate this energy, when the emotional thoughts lose energy, there is a transition to lower the energy. This is in either end of the spectrum the positive or the negative, you must monitor your thoughts to which end of the spectrum you want to elevate.

Your body is a nucleus of powerful vibrational energy, and when you can gather your thoughts to this, only then you will know who you are.

The body has many vibrational frequencies, the vibrational energy is a frequency and this contains many frequencies pulsating within and collaborating and joining your intentions your thoughts into realisation, it takes a collection of collective intelligence to bring together events through your asking, and to bring about the asking is all about how you are asking, or where your intentions are, or how are you being, or where you are on in the emotional frequency to receive the outcome, or it requires more time or the timing is not ready for it yet.

Most people live in their negative mind because it is the most practised mind, it is the familiar mind, it is so familiar they bring up prevalent thoughts of a past issue and then to ponder upon it, then to elaborate upon it, then to accuse all others on it, then to feel unappreciated by them, this takes place all in the mind, the other persons were not in your mind when you thought the thought, they are doing their own things, but you invited this past issue into your thoughts, and what happens when you roll a snow ball it gathers, and it gathers, and then you are in a lot of disturbed thoughts, and it all came about by one thought.

These disturbed thoughts have no relevance, it happened back then, did it create an expansion of good new thoughts, or did it make you feel this heavy feeling in your mind.

You must monitor your thoughts, to monitor your thoughts begins a clean up, but not a clean up of old thoughts, but to re-focus your thoughts to new thoughts.

How must one monitor the thoughts? It is not easy when you have thoughts rampant in your mind, but if you really want to connect to this super intelligence within you must monitor your thoughts, consistently.

When you think a thought look to the thought did it enhance you or did it feel not good emotionally, then it is to focus on a thought that feels good, read a good book, watch a funny movie, go for a walk and look out into the environment and talk to yourself, I like that house, I like that garden, I like that car, I like that colour, I know it sounds silly but this will re-focus your thoughts. If you cannot get to do this thought change method go to the alphabet A is for anew, B is for beauty, C is for calm, D is for destiny, this re-focuses thought, or count from ten down and then up and so on anything that changes the focus of the thought. In time you will feel the shift within.

I have the ability of seeing my thoughts instantly and if is not a thought I want to perpetuate I change it instantly, and I have the focus of no thought, this is why I can hear the low frequency buzz in my mind and all it is, is the vibrational part of me acclimating with this intelligence, and so much so that I am receiving thoughts of what is to become for me, this I will relay in a future post.

Your reality of where you are standing right now is the observational choices to what you want, and you gather from these choices to project to a future event into your future.  The most famous people had a thought and thought upon of the idea and believed in the idea that it became an emotional thought, and it is then in collaboration with consciousness to establish this event into their existence, this is having the power of creating with the hidden aspect of you and it is all created by monitoring thoughts.

The above is all about creating you to have a breakthrough, and in layman terms.

Who are we; this is the most asked question, and this question cannot be answered through religion for it is not taught who are you, it is hidden in some of the texts but not spoken about, to speak about it will change the direction of all the followers.

You are; A dense body of which is a small proportion of you.

Your greater part of you is energy, this energy is forever pulsating, it does not depart from the body until you die, this energy is released from the body and reinvents itself into another body, it is eternal.

And why? Your pulsating energy stream is eager and ready to expand it’s consciousness to grow more, and when the body is depleted of energy growth it begins the process of closing the mind, and for those over indulgent minds of negative thinking is to be released and to go within, this is what you see in society the dementia and the Alzheimer’s person’s releasing their thoughts, until the energy can release from the dense body.

To overcome such a mind resistance of this kind of releasing is at the time of conception and through one’s life is in how negative and out of synchronisation from the inner self, that you project out will be the process of the leaving of the body, the only cure for this affliction is to look at your thoughts and how you are being in the presence of oneself and in the thoughts that have been gathered.

Thoughts and how you feel in the emotion is the creating of you, it is not you-you physically it is the other you the inner energised consciousness of you, to understand this is the major hurdle to all of life.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

My dad’s dementia

My father was most of the time in a negative place, very smart but I believe very frustrated in himself, he was a lot of the time self-destructive to others meaning his family, I from a young age saw through him and his games, whereas my other siblings were afflicted by him and took a longer path to some form of clarity that it was not them but him. Because of his attitude of thoughts of which were incredibly negative, he created a momentum to his future event, before he got to this stage he talked about euthanasia, and he would always say ‘I don’t want to be like that or like them, I don’t want to be a vegetable’ what you project you will become, he listened at one stage to my words but his thoughts were rampant to where he did not want to be, and he perpetuated his outcome. That you give thought to will be your future event.

You must, I will say again it is imperative to monitor your thoughts to what you want, not to the not wants. Because it will become your future event.

My head became very heavy.

Through receiving the apparition energy of Jesus and then the projected thought of the bible quotes, (I have never read the bible, don’t believe in it) to read them and to see the hidden agenda from these organisations of not teaching who we are in some of the text, I started to see more misinformed quotes they don’t talk about, how they defiled women and for fathers giving men to use their own daughters and the abuse of young boys, and murdering his concubine and then cutting her into pieces, and the lords making servants touch their gentiles, and the killings and murders, and the quotes of a very distorted version of God and Gods wrath.

I could feel this energy weighing heavy in my mind, in fact I started to get sleepy.  I thought monitor your thoughts take notice of this feeling, I decided to take a break and quiet my mind, and when I was refreshed all the evidence of what I read I let it go, and I sat down and wrote this powerful blog. I believe in my thoughts the apparition of the energy of Jesus wanted me to see the misinformed texts and that is all I needed to know, and I think also for my sister, because I finally have her back from this born again christian brainwashing.

I have to say if this destructible information, in what they call the holly bible is in fact projected as ‘the only way’, it is no wonder the court systems are failing, and we have the mayhem in society now.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.



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