It is as simple as your thoughts; you have a choice, to change the thought pattern.

We all have a yin and a yang.

We all have a dark and a light side, a negative a positive,

an opposite to a thought, it all depends on which one you are courting.

It is the duality in the wants and unwanted

It is what you give your attention to.

Whatever seed you plant will grow.

Most everyone goes to bed and wakes up in the same thoughts as when they went to bed, these thoughts become murky and what happens to murky water it becomes stagnant.

If you go to bed in happy, appreciative, and satisfying thoughts, then this thought is what you will wake up in and your day will flow.

Most people with the murky thoughts have no conceivable understanding that these thoughts that they are perpetuating and creating mayhem with are the detriment to their life.

You can speak and teach consistently about how your thoughts create, but it is off no point if you do not come to understand how these thoughts create and then how you feel these thoughts in your emotions, these emotions are the indicator to where your thoughts are residing.

These thoughts and the emotion behind the thought, are your life force.

What everyone is doing is being familiar with their thoughts, without any regard to what the thoughts are, or more importantly where is the thought leading them too.

You must understand your thoughts and where the thought is taking you too, and you always feel it in your emotions, and when you identify the thought and what it is replicating within you, it is to change the thought or look to a new thought, do anything that feels good to reverse the thought you are creating.

I am mindful and consistently monitoring my thoughts, I can feel my thoughts in my emotions, I can feel when to take a break or not, I can feel what feels good or not, I can feel what to eat or drink, I can feel what feels good to write and I can feel how my inner consciousness feels to the words.  I live my life on purpose, and why do I do this, because to live your life on purpose is collaborating with the inner consciousness who is eager to enhance manifestations of where my thoughts are focused upon. Living purposefully is where all the good stuff comes from.

How to live purposefully?

Monitor your thoughts.

Feel your emotions to the thought.

Meditate and unblock the murkiness.

Do only what feels good.

Think as long as it feels good.

Say it better.

Do it better

Think it better.

Imagine what you want to do or live. Did you know the imagination is the beginning of creating your wants.

Avoid conflict – gossipers – this separates you from you.

Avoid detailed negative media, too much detail allows it to become a vibrating thought which creates an emotion, which then starts a creation. Do you want it then stop observing it. 

If you want it keep on observing it.

Acknowledge Consciousness.

To focus within draws you to more life.

Focus upon acknowledging this inner energy.

Talk to it, it loves acknowledgement.

Quiet your mind, try to focus on no thought.


Imagine your desires.

Dream your desires.

Acclimate with Consciousness.

Think purposefully.

Feel the energy within.

Feel the impulses.

Acknowledge a new thought.

Feel the love, you will feel it in your emotions.

Monitor your thoughts.

Feel your emotions to a thought if it is a right thought or not.

Allow others to be who they are, you cannot change them, they have their own inner influencer, and it is not you.

You be who you are and if they want to feel good, they will follow your lead.

Just know you are more than what you think you are.

You are spiritualised energy in a human body.

The spiritualised essence of you is your greater self.

Your greater self is waiting eagerly for you to communicate and acclimate with you.

This greater self is what man calls God; it is Consciousness.

Thoughts of wanted gather into a propulsion, add more thought it becomes even more, focus, upon good feelings and just know it is done.

Consciousness knows the right time of the delivery and to where your thoughts are to it.

Energised thoughts are forever. If you don’t focus upon what you want it will be created in another lifetime.

You are eternal your body dies, and your spiritual energy is eager to take another run at life.

What turns Consciousness away from the thought desires is.

Incessant praying.

Incessant asking.

Incessant yearning.

Lack of focus.

Where is it.

Why hasn’t it come.

Little trust – faith and belief.


Thoughts running rampant.

Negative thoughts.

Angry – frustration

Not believing in the spiritualised greater part of you.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.


My granddaughter is sometimes in her own murky mind,  I observed her this particular day where she started off moody, then she went to school and something flew in her eye and then that evening she was stung by a wasp, that you wake up in, will just bring you more to confirm where you are on the emotional vibrational scale, it is law of attraction if you keep on perpetuating negativity the universe will show you more to your emotional thoughts.  

This took my thoughts to some observations and comparisons.

I thought back to one of my daughters and how moody she was, she was not brought up with the internet at that time, but she read a lot. The other daughters were full of life.

A family member was of the same character, always seeking to find something, and was depressed back then.

Now I am observing my granddaughter in this same trait, and she is on the internet a lot.

It is I have noticed not to do with what they are on, or reading, unless it is off a low vibration, in these cases it was none of this.

It is always to do with the person and where they are residing in their own emotional thoughts, period!

It is a disconnection from the inner self the inner consciousness, it is taking the negative emotional path instead of the positive excitement path.

These persons are seeking to find themselves, and it is not taught in schools or in religion. To find oneself is always going within and trusting you have this powerful engine within you, and will guide you, but it cannot guide a negative thought but will give you more of the same, until you change your thought.

RE-READ – RE-READ you will turn your life around.

RE-READ all the blogs tune in, it will happen.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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