Your mind is full of thoughts, choose the thoughts wisely of what you want to create.

The influence on any subject that being health and well-being, relationships, money, environmental occurrences around planet earth, all these occurrences bring about emotional manifestation which you feel, they become more, the more you put thought to it, or speak it, the more it is.

Take attention to what is naturally flowing to you, not what is observation-ally flowing around you.

One must always be mindful and aware of one’s own thoughts, you would think it would be a simple thing to do, when you monitor and become mindful you will be surprised how your thoughts run rampant, and can grow into momentous thoughts, and in most cases, it just started with a simple thought, and those simple thoughts are normally created from what has already happened. Did you know what has already happened is old news but is being dredged up to support your thoughts.

Now feel how it felt when you dredged up the thought, you must understand how you felt, because most of the time a negative thought you will feel it to the core of your being of not feeling good, a heavy energy, if it was a good thought you will feel excited and enthusiasm.

Very simple guidance system but most everyone discredits this powerful intelligence of which is giving you the indication to how you are thinking, and then to change your thoughts.

Most think when something feels good it must be because of what you are doing, this is a normal human thought, if I were to tell you, when you feel good it is because this inner intelligence called consciousness or if you may call it God, is in resonance with you, it likes what you are thinking or doing or observing, or it may be an imagined thought, or a daydream thought. This is your powerful inner intelligence is agreeing with the things you are thinking and doing, and is giving you the indicators, for you to feel the resonance to this.

If this inner intelligence is guiding you, then when you feel a negative or a depressed or lost or angry emotional feeling, and you can feel the tightness within as well as the head feels explosive and very tight, this is your inner intelligence giving you the indicators to change that thought, or it does not see it the way that you are looking at it. When you feel like this it is to change the subject, or do something of which will alleviate this feeling, and you will feel the tightness then release.

This is how the stream of energy of which resides in all humans of which man refers to as God but is referred always to all people as something separate from you, this stream communicates to you and through you always, the happier and acknowledging this intelligent stream the more it will relay to you though thought or impulses of what is coming into your experience.

Now how does this life stream know what is next for you? you put all that you wanted to experience, and to expand your consciousness into an energy stream filing system, over many lifetimes, and with what you are adding to this stream right now, if you feel a good emotion in imagining what you want for you it begins to grow.

When you plant a seed in the ground you don’t ask the seed to be a plant, it needs to grow, the seed/desire is planted, then the plant takes imagined form and starts to grow, you tend to it, you nurture it you add more thoughts to it, you feel it and you know without a doubt it will bare fruit, this is how your imagined thoughts create. You must nurture your imagination and believe implicitly and then feel it into the very core of your being to the outcome. 

Why does it happen this way? The life stream of energy with all the collective inner consciousnesses devour the imagination first, they find the way to build your imagination first, you are the last part of this chain, if your thoughts were on the same wavelength you would have your desires quicker, this is why it takes time in the human world, because your thoughts are not on the same thought feeling wave as this super intelligence.

Because you are all spiritualised beings in a human form you were all eager to play this game and to feed this life stream, because your thoughts add the emotion behind the thought is the fuel to this intelligence, if you were not creating then life would not exist. Your purpose is to get up to speed with this intelligence, and the quicker you let go of the past trappings the quicker you will realise your dreams.

Thoughts, Thoughts that have a lot of emphasis to the thought and have been thought upon for a period of time, are then created into a vibration, this thought now has energy power and the more it is thought upon and with emotional feeling the more it grows, and it is gathered in the collective consciousness realm, it now begins to shape into form or matter and the more thought added unto it, it will become a realised manifestation. The little or no relevance thoughts are just that, no relevance unless you add to it more.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

My blogs

I think a thought, or a word, or a sentence and then before I realise it, I have written a full blog. This is working with my collective stream, and as I am writing I feel an all oneness with this energy, and sometimes I feel it takes over my fingers and writes faster than me, and I feel the flow of the thoughts, and everything I write has meaning and such resonance and it feels exceedingly good.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.



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