Energies are within and around us and are always eager to play.

Everyone has had this feeling or seen energies or felt or heard something, this is you pulsating vibrational frequencies with your Inner Consciousness. When you know you know, and when you feel you know.

Energies are everywhere, and in everything that you are observing is energy first and foremost, you are energy, water is energy, air is energy, animals, bird’s, insects, rocks, trees, this list is endless, you cannot get away from this energy, because it is in everything, and everything is created of what you are observing by energy.

How can all things be energy?

You may have a mediocre understanding of a radio wireless, the radio receives the energy vibration of the tune from a tower, of which is transmitted to the radio, the same process for a mobile phone, it receives the information from the receiver to the phone, you don’t go and find or look for the frequency all you know is the phone rings and you receive the call.

Did you know you are of the same frequency, what you have is the energy within you, who is your transmitting and receiving tower, this energy within corresponds vibrationally to all the other energies of which are in the same vibrational frequency as you, it translates thought in the non-physical as well as living in the physical, and when your thoughts and the emotion behind the thought is within the frequency of what  you are asking for then all these collective energies are energised to deliver you the impulse to what you are creating in your thoughts. Your thoughts are the energy, the fuel, the propulsion to this frequency.

What depletes this energy propulsion, is you trying to figure it out or in doubt, or think it is ridiculous.  

If we are pulsating energies where does it go too?

It goes nowhere and yet it is everywhere, it is intermingled into a vortex of which is eternally pulsating. This energy stream is created by thought, thought is the creation of life. All thought is pulsating and when enough emotion is behind the thought it becomes a vibration it enters into a frequency, this is the beginning of creation, and when enough emphasis is added to the thought with little resistance it becomes a realised thing.

How are energies created by your thoughts? 

Every thought with enough emotion behind the thought still exists. When you feel something and yet you don’t understand what it is, you have tapped into energy thought forms, these energies thought forms can only be tapped into with what you are creating or what is occurring within you. Nothing comes to you unless you are harbouring or creating the thought about the thought you have tapped into. These energies cannot assert into you, you have to be in the vicinity of the same thought for this to come to you.

Energies are within and around us and are always eager to play.

Have you felt or sensed someone beside you and yet there is no one there? Have you seen flashes of light in your periphery vision?                                        

Have you seen a halo of white light around someone either around the head or the body?    Have you seen inner visions in your mind’s eye, or psychedelic colours floating in and out?                                                                                           

 Have you felt strong urges or impulses that felt undeniably good, and you just had to go and do?                                                                                                

When you enter a room have you felt the energy and what the energy felt like, you intuitively know something is good or off in the room.                                                                                                    

All of this is energies conversing with you, and you are part of this stream. To enhance this connection more, you have to get to know it first and most importantly acknowledge it, because this energy stream is eager to create with you. It can guide you if you are in the vicinity to receive the answer, but most of the human population disregard this intelligence within and then the improvement you want in your life sits on the back burner for you to come back up to speed with the thought again.

When I am viewing in a non-focus or through lazy eyes at any object or even the television mainly the news readers because they are on the screen longer to bring the energy in, I can pick up the energy from the screen or object and shift the energy onto a wall, and I love to hold the energy object as long as I can, then sometimes it goes white to golden then to blue. You try this, and you cannot force it, it is always in a non-resistant vibration where you can play with the energies, and when you are more in-tune you will observe energies before you and not in the lazy peripheral view.

What are Orbs?

Have you come across photos and they are full of white blotches, these are spiritual energies enjoying the moment at the said photo Chute, but photographers dispute this and give it many scenarios of which is always incorrect, because they have no understanding of energies. They must understand energies first and then it will all fall into place.

I was once looking through a friend’s album perusing for orbs, and I came across a photo of a party, and in it were some amazing large orbs my friend was blown away because he had never seen them in the photo before.

Orbs when you look at them can have face images or messages.

I have incorporated some photos for you to digest, the photos with faces blocked out is to maintain the privacy of the inducted persons in the army.

I took these photos and was amazed at what was in the photo, two photos taken at the same time one is Orb less and the other was inundated with Orbs, and I was very curious with the Orbs near the two recruiters because their Orbs had arrows pointing at them.

This photo was inundated with Orbs, and I am curious with the Orbs near the two recruiters because their Orbs had arrows pointing at them.

Orbs I have circled on the mans head and cape and next to the skeleton face.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Orbs viewed with a partner in 2009

While basking in bed in the early morning, and observing the ceiling I saw a few orbs, I said to my partner can you see what I am seeing the lights of orbs, for him to point out them as well as more, and then the whole ceiling was glowing a profusion of orbs, it was incredible and even more, is that he saw them and that the energies were so incredibly high that the universe was making a full display for us.

Radio waves

I received a message for my nephew, which meant nothing to me but was to be revealed to me a few months later.

I received through clairaudient hearing ‘Radio waves, music’, and feelings of something to do with connecting to the universe. He applied to enlist into the army as a systems communications engineer. Wow! I can do it, get rid of the clutter in your head, and messages come in, thick and fast.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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