Are you ready to see a new truth, or are you closed off

Spirituality does not need religion.

Religion needs spirituality.

I debated after I wrote this passage, whether to upload my thoughts onto my blog page, as I am a spiritual advisor to uplift and carry thought beyond, but I am also a speaker to a new truth, as I was debating about this, a video was shown to me on a site, ‘when you ask you shall receive’, and I received my answer to keep on speaking and teaching to open peoples minds to look at what is being told, and then to see through new eyes, the change is happening, and those who are ready to see the change will enhance a new thought. At the end of this blog, I have attached a video by Dr Ray Hagins, who was a pastor and then went from Christianity to Spirituality because of the lies in the bible.

It amuses me how educated persons can be manipulated and duped into this religious hypocrisy, no matter how educated they are, they want to believe that there is this amazing God of which is separate from them, and to open one’s eyes and thoughts that the possibility that you are God or better still that you are spiritual energy in a human body and vibrating with this intelligence of powerful energy that resides within every one of you, of which is what man calls God, and to change this mindset that you are God defies any logical thinking.

If you evolve past this mindset your life will begin to have meaning

If only everyone realised that this energy stream does not die but takes on another form to expand its consciousness and those loved ones who they declare are dead and lost, are now living in another body, and are expanding their consciousness to evolve. Jesus is not the only one who rises again, and he has risen again multitudes of times, you all do this.

You have to thank religion for this hypocrisy that he is the only one to rise, and all those who are waiting for the great rising from the dead, for two thousand years, you are going to be waiting forever, because he has risen so many times and in so many formats, meaning a woman, a murderer, a gay, a lesbian, a homosexual you name it he has done it, and why? he is consciousness, and wanting to understand contrast and expansion and positive and negative emotions, you cannot expand unless you experience.

How can people believe in a false biblical facade it just defies any semblance of logic!

Then you have those who declare themselves as Christian, they are so indoctrinated and are given interpretations and miss-truths and guided away from parts of the bible to suit their requirements. (I don’t read the bible, but I heard about these and looked them up.)

Colossians 1.16 (KJV) for by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:

Colossians in effect is stating you are of two parts consciousness and physical and there is a visible and an invisible aspect of you. But taken out of context or interpreted to suit their agenda.

Isaiah 45.7 (KJV) I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

So, in effect God created evil, then God is the cause and author to all the atrocities that have occurred, he sounds a pretty evil God, and yet they all pray to him for help, this just defies any semblance of logic.

Yet again they are so blasé in declaring they are Christians!

There have been numerous past teachers while in the non-physical energy realm who wanted to create a new way to evolve thought, they strategically placed them over many lifetimes into the reality to create new thought, but instead you may say it backfired because the human aspect then began to hold them in such high regard as the only sons/daughters of God, and the only way to God, this thought didn’t evolve but kept most all in the same mindset.

It also amuses me how they declare ‘Jesus is the way and the only way, and we follow Jesus as the only saviour’ I am sorry but “what the hell! This just defies any semblance of logic.”  

So, you are saying you were born as nothing, no wonder most everyone is trying to find the reason of being or what is life.

I was given a bible by my father-in-law; he was trying to convert me into his way of thinking. I think it was the old testament not sure I threw it out in disgust, it was completely blood thirsty, in fact it was borderline satanic, slitting animals devouring blood, and rituals in every chapter, if religion started from this, how in God’s name did it get converted into a new format. Well, I suppose two thousand years and many stories and expanding the truths to meet what they were trying to relay, by the time they reached the fourth person the story just evolved to suit the time or the story. It sounds like the language of Chinese whispers it got lost in translation and lost all incomprehensibility.

Most everyone does not know what god is, they just get told there is this powerful person who will protect you, and trust in God. If you are good you go to heaven, and if you are bad you will go to hell. They don’t even know who Jesus is, he was created and recreated so many times, he is now white, if he came from the Arab states, he would be dark, it is always creating the story to suit the position and the time of the reality.

I did say to my father-in-law that this book is disgusting, and he said he gave me the wrong one, all I can say he gave me the right one.

What amused me, many years ago my father-in-law wanted me to baptize the children and I refused, ‘I said if they want to follow this path, I will let them decide when they understand what it is about and it is not up to me to make that decision for them.’ And he was more concerned about himself and he said, ‘I want go to heaven if I don’t bring the grandchildren to baptism.’ ‘Dad if anyone is going to hell it will be me and not you, I am the parent, so it is on me.’ is this what they preach I knew then it was a lot of rubbish.

I can stand before you and say none of these institutions know what God is, if they did, they would not be preaching and teaching that there is a separate God and that Jesus is the only way, but they are good at regurgitating, and I suppose they must protect what they are saying, because their money pit would disintegrate.

Right now, we have some very in-tune teachers, but are disregarded, they give them many labels, and most of the time it is to justify their inadequate thinking, they cannot get out of the mindset of the controlling thought patterns they have gathered, and what they think is the truth.

If you require these institutions to prop you up just remember you are only as good as what your thoughts are.

Talk to yourself that is speaking with God, think better thoughts that is thinking it better with God, doing better is creating with God, dreaming is creating with God, loving is loving with God, and the God part is your inner consciousness who is enjoying every aspect of your life, and the more you tune into this resourceful intelligence the more your life will take off into what you want for you, this is creating with your inner consciousness/God.

For those who defy these words is not working with God of which is your inner consciousness. You are all incredible, and you can become even more incredible by tuning into this hidden part of you, of which is you, and has lived many lifetimes evolving to be more.

You were all born knowing this, it is what and where you were born into, to observe the contrast to look to what you want, and then this all born knowing disintegrated with life, and observing negatively, and at some point, in time you then are seeking for something unknown, or there has to be meaning to life, and the only way to find it is in yourself, not outside of yourself.

I don’t like to use the word God as it can send many into thoughts of separateness or disbelief from the catastrophic teachings, but for the means of establishing a point, YOU ARE GOD AND NEVER SEPARATE, YOU ARE CONSCIOUSNESS, YOU DIE AND RISE AGAIN, and why? To raise your consciousness. Pretty cool to think you can project thoughts to what you want for you, even if you don’t bring it into existence now, you will in another lifetime, I think it is even cooler if you created it into existence into the life you are living now.

When you do receive powerful thoughts or visions it is to trust it is, what it is, and it is coming into being. Do not doubt it, because the doubt will place it on the back burner until you pick up that thought again and reignite it.

It is becoming very evident within me how I am feeling the energy within, and I know without a doubt I am on my projected path.

I am a Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.

I sincerely hope my words are resonating within you and bringing you closer to who you all really are.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Lawyer invoice

May 2008 during the meditation I received these wonderful golden hands this intense feeling inside of me was so powerful, this hand came down and I saw my lady lawyer and her law office team in the telephone book advertising ad, this golden hand came down and pulled her out, the message was loud and clear “It is in God’s hands” This was so powerful I felt this intense wonderful glow. Reason for this vision was the next day a letter arrived with her putting me before the debt agency; here I go again defending the reasons for why this account was in-dispute. I placed her into the law society for such misrepresentation, as some of the lawyers did say I was totally shafted.

What was amazing was the vision, and to trust that it was, and is, as relayed to me at that time in God’s hands. This vision gave me the confidence to do the paperwork and just trust, and it did disappear into the universe’s hands.

Dr. Ray Hagins Quoted (video)

The more I researched, the more I realized that the entire program that I had been indoctrinated into was a LIE. Now, I wasn’t feeling all this because of the truths that I had come to find out about.  No!  For these truths were UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE that DEMANDED AN UNDENIABLE and INEVITABLE VERDICT!  That verdict was that I had been lied to!  I was angry with all those who taught me these lies (my parents, my teachers, my professors, etc.).  The ONLY thing that helped me in this area was coming to the realization that the same dog that bit me, bit my parents too!  They were only teaching me what they had been taught.

This, however, that doesn’t apply to my seminary professors.  I met with the president of the seminary I graduated from, and asked him, “Why isn’t this information a part of the curriculum and course requirements for a degree in Sacred Literature?”  He said to me, “You don’t need to know about that.  Besides, it is not substantial data within the context of the mission statement of this institution.”  He had just told me, in a politically correct way, that I had been trained in one of the biggest LIES of all time and that I was supposed to perpetuate this LIE and train others in it.

I have actually pulled books from the libraries of other ministers, turned to the proof or source of the information in question and said, “Here, man.  See for yourself.”  They would look away and say, “I don’t want to see that.”  I have stood across the desks of several friends (who are pastors) and asked them, “Brother, why are you attacking me when what I have said is right here in the very commentary that you study by and use to prepare your messages?”  I understand that the reason they didn’t want to “see” was because then they, too, would be compelled to change, and that is definitely NOT an option for most pastors who can be voted out and/or removed from their pulpits if they do not preach and uphold the “doctrines” of that particular church or denomination. Dr Ray Hagins.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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